Monday, December 15, 2014

The 12-12 portal & Soul integrity

Dear Beloveds!

We just celebrated the 12-12 portal of Light. We are in another important cycle of our Soul expansion and Divine receptivity. Such times are also meant to honor ourselves, our own spiritual evolution and the evolution of the collective. The entire month of December is actually meant for us to take some time to reflect on all that transpired and how that made us grow. The more Gratitude we feel for that, the more we live in deep Self alignment. The true meaning of celebration is to rejoice in One Spirit and Heart of our Soul and Humanity at large, as One Family of Light.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moving into 2015 & harmonizing Unions

Dear Beloveds!

So far December has been intense but lovely ... and we are invited to celebrate more! There are such harmonizing energies all around us right Now, and as we tune deeper within, we may feel them in our own unique way. This is partially because of the Fire trine energy, which are all harmonious aspects between planets. This implies harmony in our personal reality as well, as long as we align ourselves with it, as nothing just happens ... we make it so! On December 6th we celebrated a Gemini Full Moon, which was able to bring so much internalized Love in our lives, if we only open up to all that is new, abundant, expanded, innovative and unifying. Remember it doesn't matter how big or small, as long as it implies progress in our New Self. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The rise of the Divine Goddess

Dear Beloveds!

During this time, my Divine feminine is deeply reemerging, in a new way and stronger than ever before. She wants to dance, laugh and create. She wants to make love to all Life in Creation in a playful new way, like she never tried before. She is remembering itself as a wild Goddess that can never be tamed. I have merged my inner masculine and feminine a long time ago, but this current transition I AM moving through is different. It deals with realizing that I have a feminine body for a reason, and learning to fully accept a more feminine way of Being in my own body. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Serving the land & Creation

Dear Beloveds!

The weather has shifted here in our Mountain portal. We had our first snow, and then sunshine after weeks of rain. The skies have cleared, and I was called to spend most of my days outdoors. I had my first run in the snow this year, and I felt so empowered and at peace. I was feeling the Joy of the land, which told me that She receives new information with each precipitation, and so do we. I was guided to write about the importance of Nature and how to serve the land through Divine Love, and why this is so important in our Ascension, for the land and us are One.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Mountain grid pilgrimage

Dear Beloveds!

What an introverted time this has been! Firstly, I was guided to climb my Mountains at the end of October and enjoy a sacred retreat there, with a desire to come back after and do some magical work. But in the end, I was left without both of my computers (my laptop and my mom's old computer), so I was simply surrendered to Being in full Spirit Presence. This was a time of growing into our sacred feminine Essence and to Be in Union with both of our polarities, the sacred feminine and masculine as One. Too many times we are still guided to constantly experience our life through constant action and control, rather than the feeling side of life, which will always give rise to a new/higher level of awareness. The mind and heart are One, but we often act as our guidance only comes from the mind. When the Light and Love are integrated in an equal balance, we birth forth immense Wisdom.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Divine Mother speaks

Dear Beloveds!

This week I was "on the go." We had holidays, and I was also guided to hike and explore, so I was not guided to be online and share as much as I usually do. I feel this was an important time for Self reflection and spending some time alone, preferably outside in Nature, because the Scorpio energy is very intense and we need to find our own inner comfort and depth of feeling. This is a time of inner preparation, because when the energy really moves forward (Mercury moving out of its shadow retrograde), we will all be asked to take another leap forward ... and we need to prepare for this time ... each in our own unique way. The latest consciousness upgrade which we received during the Eclipse Gateway needs to unwind naturally, so that we can receive new guidance in perfect flow.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

To love unconditionally

Dear Beloveds!

Lately I AM seeing the number 108 everywhere. That is the sacred number of infinite Divine Love, with a figure of 8 symbolizing an infinite loop of abundance when we are in Divine flow. When we live in a Divine flow of Creation Love, our Cosmic Heart is fully open and we experience ourselves as an unconditional Being of pure Love. To love unconditionally is to always give away of ourselves, meaning that we are focused on loving service to all Life in Creation, never holding back from who we truly are and sharing all that we are in free flow. With no holding back and self sabotage, Love can only flow, for it has no other chance. In practical terms, this moves into every sphere of our living reality in pure existence, from how we deal with money and physicality in general, how we are in relationships and creating a bright new world for our New.

Monday, October 20, 2014

My New Light influx

Dear Beloveds!

We just had an X-class Solar flare this Sunday! This one was huge, because it also culminated and harnessed the energy of all the previous flares that we have received during the Eclipse gateway! There is so much coming to the surface Now, right before the Solar Eclipse, which will counter balance the energy that we received from the Lunar Eclipse ... each of us in our own unique way. The Eclipse serves like a gateway, and I recently received a short visual from Spirit, on how we can bring our personal shifts more into focus and Soul alignment. When we hold a stronger focus, our shifts have a greater power and clarity. Working with the energy of focus is not the same as working hard, stressing over something and worrying. Focus merely serves as an anchor point, so that we hold the Light of awareness for the Soul to come more into conscious embodiment.

Monday, October 13, 2014

My New harmonization

Dear Beloveds!

How about the intensity of this Eclipse? Wow! The body is speaking to us so loudly in all ways, and the messages are all about the current changes that we need to bring into our physical experience and embodiment in order to leave behind the old phase of achieving and shift into a more feminine phase of being, which is to do less and achieve more only by the higher vibration of our physical temple, which is the vehicle for our Ascension. The body is the mechanism of change. This is being done for many of us at this time, and although we are beings who need both, the inner and the outer ... our New flows through much less resistance at this time. To be creative and self expressive is great, but only when this is experienced in perfect balance and under the complete navigation of our Soul's benevolent guidance, which is never forceful and intense. The only intensity comes from our Human perception, and it lurks where any form of resistance still hides. We need to observe for this in the subtle notions of our guidance that flows through our Life experiences at this time. I was recently more deeply invited to explore this new level/DNA upgrade, and I call it my harmonization in the New.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Entering into the sacred feminine

Dear Beloveds!

I AM tuning into the sacred Divine feminine principle all week long, and I AM allowing all the male and dominant/controlling to be stripped away. More inner balance is being born. In the celebration of this, I was guided to create the sacred Divine feminine Elven circlet for myself. I instantly saw a vision of its color and geometry, with a lunar symbol in the middle (the Divine Goddess archetype), with two opposing spirals for balance coming out of the center, representing perfect balance. One side of the crown flows through silver (feminine, lunar), and the other one flows through gold (masculine, solar) ... which again represents perfect balance. I love the Goddess Principle ... the Love of all Life in Creation and celebration through the wild untamed nature of our Being!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mercury retrograde: Let the Beloved speak

Dear Beloveds!

Our "lower mind" communication planet Mercury goes retrograde today. This is the last of all three of its retrogrades this year, and it is a Libra/Scorpio one, so its focus will be on relationships and depth. For me, it represents the deepening of our Beloved Union. Libra is about relationships and harmonized balance, while Scorpio is about the underworld, depth of feeling and Union. Through becoming more open and vulnerable, we can enter a deeper level of Self harmonization in Unity, so that the Divine Love can pour through us. This is another one of those air/water retrogrades, so the focus is to balance our thinking and feeling side of life, and enter a deeper level of Self discernment and trust! We are here to become Divine Beloveds and to enjoy a Life full of Bliss! During this time period, which is actually a cycle of expansion, we can ask ourselves some pivotal questions on our journey of Self Mastery!

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Fall Equinox experience

Dear Beloveds! 

I trust that You had a happy and blissful Equinox experience. May we walk through this Gateway with honor for all that was and the Grace of what Is ... in the awe of what is yet to come. We are opening up to the Eclipse season, so it's a powerful time indeed. Spirit is guiding me to take a break this week and spend more time outside in Nature, hiking and climbing in the Mountains ... or just relaxing. I was creating so much in the past 3 weeks and it's time to allow myself to receive and integrate in Flow. Let us hold the vision of the magical New together ... wherever we are in the world! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Moving into Divine partnerships & true Love

Dear Beloveds!

We are right in the middle of the Equinox, and lately everything is swirling around the topic of true Love. No wonder, as the New Moon coming after will be in 0 degrees Libra, which represents new beginnings in our sacred partnerships. There are so many facets to true Love, and yet it is so simple and profound to feel and experience when we live in our personal Source Vortex. It is our natural state of Being as a Soul, and it's a natural birthright for everyone who desires to experience it. One thing that is really important in true Love, is the question whether we love the situation/thing/individual as they are, or are we merely infatuated by it. A lot of relationships in the old were based on adoration and infatuation through codependency instead of pure Love, which always flows through our Soul first. When the two are equal partners, their Love always flows through Source first, and that is how they honor each other's Divinity and all Life in Creation. How do we know that we are merely infatuated with something or someone as we move deeper into Soul Love?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Birthday initiation & Serapina Light

Dear Beloveds!

It was my birthday on September 15th, and this year I passed a very sacred initiation. I took this day to enjoy a beautiful sunny day that I was given for my birthday after days of clouds and rain, so I went to my favorite Twin lakes. I was there before, but this time I have seen the world with different eyes ... it's like I was fully reborn. I feel so blessed, and new beginnings await. During the past few weeks, I was in a letting go and integration phase of something huge in my Life, and on the day of my birthday I passed my initiation and finally moved on for good ... I AM ready to soar up high again! On this day, Serapina Light was finally fully born through Me! I never felt more alive ... ever! There was such a deep sense of Presence through me, which was never experienced this way before through me.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moving deeper into Union with Self

Dear Beloveds!

This Summer I was experiencing a deeper moving into the Self, Divine Reunion from inside out, and so much came out to be revealed to the Light of Truth, and work to be done in regards to merging the Divine and Human self as One Essence ... a Divine Human Being. That is one of my main purposes on this planet, and for this to happen I have to go through everything myself, through many aspects, connections and relationships that I experience myself ... on my path of Divine Love. I AM remembering how it is to be a true Divine Goddess, an alchemist, a Priestess of the Divine ... to walk in Union with Spirit and the world of matter. Well, these are all my experiences here ... and through them the Divine Wisdom pours through.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moving deeper into Divine purpose

Dear Beloveds!

What is Divine purpose? It is who we are, and it's everything ... all the limitless possibilities that we can co-create. It all begins with playing with different ideas and options, and then choosing how deeply aligned we wish to be with either of them. Everything flows through our Soul alignment first, and our inner voice will always show us what that is. This Summer I was experiencing so much growth and Soul expansion. For some of us who have come to this plane of Existence to volunteer for the necessary Divine work to be done, the main challenge is not how to be more Divine, but to be more Human in our ways. When we open up to more of our Self and all that it has to offer, we open up to our Divine purpose more.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Summer of Divine Love

Dear Beloveds!

The Fall season is slowly beginning, and although this Summer was so short ("speed" and weather wise), it was so full of Soul growth and expansion. This was my Summer of Divine Love. It came totally unexpected, and yet it was something that I deeply felt long before, that my Soul needs to experience ... in order to move on to the next level of my Divine Human embodiment. I needed this step to birth a new level of myself. I needed this to become more of my Self, to merge my Divine with my Human Self, both as One Now and always.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving into a new lifestyle

Dear Beloveds!

There is a huge opening taking place Now. Everyone who is ready will benefit from this energy in their life, and we have been walking into this blossoming the entire Summer. It was the perfect Summer of Divine Love, with new levels of our initiation. If You are experiencing new waves of abundance, new offers and opportunities, vivid dreams and confirmations to your inner feeling, then You are riding that wave of the New! Walk through this immense doorway that began as we entered this new energetic month and enjoy sharing it with the world! Become a ripple in a pond and move into the vast ocean of the Infinite! We are meant to co-create a New paradigm and bring the energy of "Heaven" down to Earth, which means living as the living embodiment of our pure Soul.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mountain retreat & Summer adventures

Dear Beloveds!

I AM all prepared for my Summer vacation in the Mountain wilderness. This has been such a hyper time for me, with so much going on and so much culminating. The integration of the New Light has been ongoing, which is pretty intense for a Pillar. This week I was running through my favorite Mountain valley here, and I had such profound realizations and insights coming through. I was also shown just how much I (and all of us as One) expanded after this year's June Solstice. Spirit showed me a "previous" version of me, and the New Self with so much Grace, Peace and deep Presence in body. Lately I feel so patient, accepting and peaceful with everything and All That Is. I just feel so illuminated with the Light of One Love, and I only wish to serve within my White Ray and share this Bliss with everyone in Unity!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A walk into the wild

Dear Beloveds!

Do You love adventure? Do You know that adventure always leads to expansion of the Soul? I AM a Sagittarius by Rising sign, and so my nature is always to explore, to be adventurous and to discover new places of Nature Bliss. Sagittarius is the archetype of a worldly being, the one who is always open to endless explorations and adventures, new spiritual perspectives and teachings. This sign is also all about Truth, and in the combination with the Gemini energy that we were recently experiencing, we activating the Truth of our communications and sharing. We are offered an opportunity to step from the mundane reality into the worldly energy of all-expansiveness. We are becoming aware that only we are held responsible for creating the kind of reality that we prefer and desire ... making it a magical one.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New insights and pathways

Dear Beloveds!

The Light of this year's Solstice brought an immense opening. This is a "portal" of great depth and "size", if we can even call it as such. The proportions are vast! Can You feel it? Our deepest patterns, rejections and deeply rooted beliefs bumped right into our face, for us to finally deal with them and say "Yes" to something new and exciting. The New is all about uncharged territories, a breath of fresh air and that which is still unwritten. The New is the deep void of the unknown and those who are brave enough to say: "I don't know, but I AM willing to go there anyway, because there is nothing but constant expansion," will always experience their Soul by living it beyond fear and doubt. There is only Magic in the New, and there is only stagnation in the old.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Solstice & White Ray of Unity

Dear Beloveds!

Happy Solstice!!! Our Sun now moved into Cancer, which is a pivotal point in our journey through deep feeling. There is so much going on at this time! Our messenger planet Mercury went into a stage of Gemini now, and He is still moving retrograde. Remember that He began this journey in cancer, but most of the retrograde happens in Gemini, because this is where the pivotal retrograde is actually happening, and where major breakthroughs in awareness are possible. We can now go back to the time of the New Moon in Gemini, and see where we placed our focus at that time, what we intended to grow and expand. It is during this time that we will be receiving more guidance on the "how to", which means that we will be focused on nourishing our dreams and desires. This week I received a message saying: "Nurture all that You love," which is perfect for this. A lot will come forth during the time of the Cancer New Moon on June 27th. We are asked to remember what is truly important at this time ... friends, family ... Divine companions and the experience of Life itself. Our Human aspect is so very important!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Connection to the elements & Holy Spirit

Dear Beloveds!

I love living my Life in Nature's Bliss. The Beloved energy is on High at this time, and I AM merging with the Yin/Yang nature of my Soul completely. I AM deeply connected to the Holy Spirit, the sacred Light of the Shekinah, which is the Essence of all Life in Creation. People often ask me what I mean by saying: "I AM guided by Spirit." I AM not referring to the "other side", the so-called spirit world. I AM always referring to the Holy Spirit, as I serve it in my Divine purpose in all ways. This awakened Presence is especially felt after this intense weekend! I was experiencing so much heat in my body, and I felt how we began to integrate those Solar Flares which took place a few days ago, just around the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Whenever they come to the level of our physical body, we begin to integrate the New and at that time we might feel a lot of body heat, tiredness and fatigue. At that time our body needs lots of rest, heaps of fresh water and good healthy food. I still woke up feeling like hungover from all these flares, and so I need to take it easy, but I AM already moving ahead as well through my hyper Being, so new things will be coming this week and You can expect them shortly.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Magic of June & Gemini energy

Dear Beloveds!

The month of June is my favorite month of all, most definitely! Here is something more about the energetic month of June! By now we already know that this is a 13/4 Universal month, which is a number of the Mother Goddess, Divine Magic & Creatrix, meaning all Life in Creation and the Holy Spirit Presence in All That Is. This month we have the ability to connect to our renewed life purpose in a deeper way, and so we will be invited to make some choices that will affect our actions following those choices. We are all preparing for something new, and although it feels frustrating at times, because the energy just keeps on rising and culminating, we are all learning and integrating patience. Things become ripe in their own given timing. Sometimes we feel so close to something, and yet there can be something more that needs to be embraced and embodied. Everything is made manifest through the Divine decree of Perfection and Faith/the law of Trust is in direct correlation to that. Everything is pure symmetry in fact, and it all works through the law of Divine harmony in Grace.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Merging with the Unicorn Light

Dear Beloveds!

We are connecting with the Light of the Unicorns at this time, and we are also consciously merging with that Light of Purity and Divine Grace from within our Self. Spirit showed me this at the end of last week! We are merging with the Unicorn energy, which follows the embodiment of other main Soul Essences that we have been integrating on our path of Ascension. At the beginning of this week, I was in the Mountains, doing an automatic writing about Unicorns. Just as we arrived to our destination, my mother instantly saw a Unicorn figure in the Mountain snow. This was yet another confirmation of this simple Spirit guidance, and they are making their presence known everywhere. We then did a short meditation with their energy as we sat there, surrounded by the Mountains. It felt so peaceful and nurturing, so we both sort of drifted away somewhere.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Becoming Masters of the Self

Dear Beloveds!

Lately a lot of us are embracing the path of Self mastery more than ever before. This is all about commitment and devotion to the New and the path of Divine Love. How does it look and feel to become a Divine Human in the New? Well, it's very simple actually. The process of becoming a Divine Human by the Primal Source design is a natural one, and during our natural Soul alignment, we simply lose interest in many things of the old, because we are simply attuning to a higher frequency. This is not a controlled or forced process, and it happens through Soul choice. Because of this, we desire to be in higher energy spaces, while creating our own sacred spaces wherever we go. Nature becomes our sacred Home and where we spend most of our time, while co-creating with Light wherever we are, and wherever we might travel. We do everything through conscious awareness, so dense activities simply no longer interest us and we do not engage in past activities or dramas any longer. Our diet/cravings change completely as well, and we wish to be surrounded only with beautiful things and create Divine Beauty ourselves. This has nothing to do with being more/less spiritual, because it's all about experience. This experience is what we choose consciously through our devotions to the Light of our Being and Divine Magnificence, and we don't just know of it ... we walk in this alignment with all of our spiritual integrity. We change from within to without, and we feel like we finally truly belong ... deeply rooted in our Source Self.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Living as Divine Grace

Dear Beloveds!

How does it feel to live in a state of Divine Grace? We are all Humans, but as we walk our path of physical Ascension, we are getting more in touch with our natural state of Grace, and so many things touch us deeply on this journey. At such times, our inner senses awaken, and we become more present in our God Self/Spark. I AM often crying out of mere happiness and gratitude for Being right here and right Now. This journey of being a volunteer Soul here on Earth is not always easy, especially when You witness so much darkness, control and manipulation everywhere. And yet ... there is Light. There is always Light for those who see, and who live with Magic in their pure Hearts. There is always the Beauty of Nature/Creation and the Grace of the Divine reflected as Heaven on Earth. It is moments like these that make everything totally worth it ... so let's make them an eternity!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The miracles of Life

Dear Beloveds!

At this time I AM feeling completely different than I ever felt before. It has been an ongoing feeling for me for a few days now. I can hardly describe this feeling with words. It would all seem rather confining and limiting and it would only remain at that. Words fail us all at times, even those of us who constantly write and express ourselves from our Soul. At this powerful time, I AM birthing a higher aspect of my Self, which is even more expanded and it sees things through a much broader perspective. I felt so void from deep within, but at the same time so whole and connected. I could not feel any lower emotional states, just a deep Presence and inner Stillness. It is New, and yet it is not. It is ancient and deeply familiar. It is who we are in Truth as pure consciousness. Everything feels deeply connected as One, and although I AM very detached from simply anything and everyone, I feel a deep sense of Union with my Self and All ... it is just not personal. It is another level of expanding and blossoming into a state of becoming transpersonal and entering a new level of Soul transcendence. I greet You in Divine Grace ... the Law/Love of One!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The path of Illuminated Self & Dragon energy

Dear Beloveds! 

We are walking into the years of physical embodiment and our journeys are becoming more complex, while the reality keeps being more simplified at the same time. The current years of transition and body integration will be intense, and this will seed onto this planet with the slowing down and conscious merge with our Souls. Do You remember how Mars went retrograde back in the beginning of March? It was the first indicator of balance and Self mastery through conscious action during this fast forward moving year. This is all happening in the bigger scheme of things, and it is linked with our need to learn to balance and slow down. Tomorrow, on May 19th, Mars finally goes back direct, and we will be able to see what is worth moving further, and what no longer feels right.

My Spring Re-treat

Dear Beloveds!

I was recently taking a short personal May 1st (ongoing) Holiday for a few days, to enjoy my personal Nature re-treat. When I AM guided to these, I never know whether it might be only a few days, or whether it might even be longer. I was getting messages about this for a while, and at a certain point I needed to take heed, as I was guided to completely surrender. It is very important to do this every once and a while, to completely reboot our system and embody a new level of our Soul expansion in the New. My Heart was longing for this so much. It began with my very first Mountain hike of the Spring season, and I instantly felt how much I've missed this. I AM going through an intense inner shift at this time, so was not even up to me ... my Soul always guides the Way! During such times, I AM usually away or offline more, only catching up on my personal services or nothing at all. I AM a very hyper Being, so it's challenging for me to just surrender and Be. But even I need it. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My sacred spaces

Dear Beloveds!

I AM gladly announcing that the hyper Polona Aurea Dawn is back ... after a few days of personal retreat and some hiking. Yeah, baby! My life is that of constant devotion to selfless service, so I need to constantly balance myself within. This is how I can better be of service, through being whole and balanced/integrated and grounded. My Love has expanded yet again. I AM my New shifted Self again, and the whole world is wonderful. full speed ahead!!! I AM lately guided to retreat more, and this is what Spirit is currently showing me for all of us. When we retreat into our personal sacred spaces, we open ourselves to the New all the more, and we can hear inner voice of the Soul louder and clearer. I have many of such of sacred spaces and they mean the world to me. I AM the happiest child of All That Is!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feeling secure in our Divine purpose

Dear Beloveds!

How about that strong wave of New frequency that we have been processing and integrating in our bodies during the past few weeks? It might feel intense, or we may be pulled in many different directions, but we have to know that it's all happening in Divine order and that it's all a process of transition. A blessed change awaits, we need to merely shift in our perception. I was receiving much feedback about this from others as well, and I would just like to get it out there as simply as I can ... relax, everything is fine!!! Rest assured that You are not dying, your body is not going to fail You, and all will be okay. It always was before anyway. Remember that physical Ascension is always like an experiment, and we choose how much Light we will process and embody at this time. If something is too much for the body to handle it, the Soul would not offer it. Our bodies were undergoing a massive change these past few weeks, and it culminated with the Grand Cardinal Cross alignment. I wish to share a bit about what is transitioning and how this is affecting our daily lives.

My living in the New

Dear Beloveds!

What is living in the New like? You have probably noticed me using the words "the New" constantly. What does it really mean when we use the words the "New?" I AM using these words to describe our ascending reality, for we are all flowing along with it, and it’s all happening in the Now, and in the Now everything is brand New. There are no assumptions, definitions or labels, and we are all learning as we go along the way. This is the basis of surrender to our Divine Self and the expansion of our Soul, which is a constant journey. Can You feel the latest shift in energy that is a result of our expanded awareness? Have You leveled up? When I say "leveled up" it does not mean that You need to be at a certain specific point of awareness or comparing your journey of Soul awareness with anyone else. No, what I mean is attaining and embodying yet another level of higher frequency within yourself, as You embody more and more of your true Self, and the White Light of Creation that You are meant to bring forth to this plane of Existence as All Life in Creation expands.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My renewed Divine Destiny

Dear Beloveds! 

I have leveled up yet again in my embodiment, and my level of awareness has again increased exponentially. I AM sure that many of You feel the same, and it's as if nothing can stop our expansion at this time, as that is how limitless it is. I AM entering a void of so many new things/Divine potential at this time, and whenever this transition is that strong for me, I AM guided to make renovations on all levels of my Being. At this time so much is coming through, but it doesn't have a specific shape or form yet, so it cannot be shared, for it just exists as pure Divine potential. I AM just a humble Hermit at this time, experimenting, unfolding, becoming. I AM speaking Light language, drawing sacred symbols and singing songs of Creation, which are all contributing to this process of New Self encoding. At such times things are falling off like crazy, but we must not fear our greatness as we embrace the next level of awareness in body and take the next step of physical Ascension. When we are done with our experience on a certain level, a New one will come, and it will be even greater and more magical. We only have to have Faith and Trust! Enjoy this time ... it's intense, but it's oh so precious!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My expansion into new adventures

Dear Beloveds!

I AM currently on a path of Soul expansion through the world of color. I AM a Self student of Aura-Soma bit by bit, in a natural spontaneous flow. I just feel how something New wants to be birthed through me, and I AM being pushed into it by taking some more time for that and to reflect and observe what comes through, while leaving some of the old behind. I went through a phase of so much work and preparation lately, and Now I AM just guided to feel through everything I was doing and creating, to explore my options and expand further. This is how it is, an artist always needs to reflect on its masterpiece after creating it ... and this is how we bring consciousness into all that we create through awareness. I also worked with my Aura-Soma oracle, and it showed me the archetype of the High Priestess, so holding the space of the sacred feminine energy, and allowing all else to enter on its own by simply being aware.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Renewed Soul purpose & higher dimensional guidance

Dear Beloveds!

Lately I AM being guided to do less and Be more, and focus on my conscious Soul emanations, which are shifting big time!!! I AM strongly feeling a shorter break from everything as well, so I will be taking a short personal retreat to focus on grounding more the New! What is really coming to the surface of awareness at this time, are our conscious Soul emanations in the New. What does it mean to be more higher dimensional? How does our Soul expansion into the higher frequencies look like? We are all invited to explore these aspects now, and answer some deep questions about out Life journey at this time.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My flower companions & the world of color

Dear Beloveds!

Lately the flowers really speak to me and I AM getting a lot of messages from them and the world of color, sound and Light language. I AM guided to observe their sacred geometry, which is their unique language of Light and Divine symmetry through perfect proportion. All creations that are Divine are perfect in symmetry and proportion, and when we source our co-creations from the Soul, we follow those same Divine patterns of Light.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

My body integration & higher expressions

Dear Beloveds! 

This has been an intense time of body integration for many of us. Please know that our mission begins with us. We cannot save a planet, and we cannot raise the Light in others until it is raised in our own temple. While we can talk about high ideals and awareness and guiding others into it, becoming the living example is always the greatest teacher. To show the way through our own embodiment is what we do as Ascension Pioneers. This is a Divine assignment that never ends, as we can always expand more, and so we are also able to assist more. The path of Ascension is a cyclical journey from Source into density in order to grow and transcend and back into the consciousness of Source in order to fill it with new awareness about itself as existing Creation. This is how we contribute as One. We expand, we serve on that level of expansion and then we report about it and bring our experiences back into the Whole of All That Is. It takes higher understanding to remember why we are here specifically, and then it also takes a great deal of humility, strength and courage ... to Be all that we truly are and all that we have yet to become in our constant and infinite expansion.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My need to retreat

Dear Beloveds!

As an Ascension Pioneer and a Pillar of Light, I AM very hyper-active, so it's important that I constantly live in a balanced state of doing and re-treating. Lately I was working a lot, with the release of my Elven Soul Art Blog, and many other things, like huge expansion in my Art journey in general. This took a lot of time and effort, which can never be seen ... only behind the scenes. I do a lot of work on my journey, and although I don't call it that, and I use the word "devotion" instead, it was all very time consuming and I spent practically all my attention on how to get things done. After many days of hard work and intensity of hyperactive energy, I was guided to take a short personal retreat and spend my time in Nature to recharge a bit.

My awakening Spring & new astrological year

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to Spring ... my favorite time of the year! Everything is blooming and blossoming! We just celebrated the March Equinox, and the frequency is rising yet again. The Sun now went into Aries, and I AM already feeling that Aries energy moving me forward and I so love that energy. I AM in a highly active and productive energy and it feels like I can do so many things all at once. Besides everything else, I was spontaneously guided to clean and organize some things around the apartment. It felt so cleansing and like it opened the door for more of the New. This is what the Spring energy feels like, and when Aries comes into play it's all about action, power and intense energy drive. Aries (ruled by Mars) also speaks of our desires, and since Mars is now in Libra, these desires are moving around creating more balance and harmony in our ascending lives, and striving for perfection in our relationships.

Friday, March 21, 2014

My Magical Elven Soul Art

Dear Beloveds!

This year I truly began to awaken deeply in my Elven Soul Art. I cannot stop, and I AM plunging deep into the realm of magical discovery. Each day I wake up completely excited and inspired, and my hands are itching to begin creating something new. It feels like a magical fairy tale to me. I also have a new Elven Art project, and I wish to share it with all of You. I AM currently working on some new long term projects! The first one is an Elven Tree of Life, which will be a natural and magical Twin Soul Essence Tree of the Divine Self. I already see the vision of it perfectly, and it will come with some rainbow crystals and beads. It will stand in the doorway of my room, and anchor my Elven/higher awareness. When I AM done with it, I will also begin creating crystal wands, and they will also be done with handmade-carved pine tree branches. I found a new passion, and I really love to carving things!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My path as a wayshower

Dear Beloveds!

Recently I was asked how I find the time to do all that I do. Well, it is true ... I create a lot, and lately this is expanding more and more. I AM taping into a vast ocean of Divine potential. The key is, that I exist without the confines of physical limitations such as time, etc. Of course, we are always moving even deeper into transcendence, but the reason why I have so much free space to create as I do, is because I allow myself to live limitation free. I believe only in the freedom of Being. That is why I don't limit how much I can create and how to do it. I just flow with the natural rhythm of my Soul and its guidance. Spirit has shared with me one day in meditation, the keyword for what I AM. It gently whispered to me: "The giver of life." We are all givers of life, but do we live it? Do we activate that aspect and seed/Source potential of our Divine Self and bring it into conscious co-creation?

My bubble of Love

Dear Beloveds!

It's been a while since I last shared here. I was so busy with my latest Elven Soul Art Blog, so that kept me pretty busy/focused. Lately I like to be outside all day long and stay in my Love bubble. The weather is so nice and the Sun is so warm. I just put my things in my backpack and I go hiking. Then I sit at this lodge and create. Recently I was doing some interesting reading, and I was creating new sketches for the Beloved oracle. I improved some previous ones as well, and now I already have 8 new ones to paint! I began taking my jewelery kit with me too, although there is so much of it! But it's totally worth it!!! Spring is very close and we are blossoming beautifully! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Winter Fairytale

Dear Beloveds!

Ha! So there You have it. I thought I was going to focus on my Art Blog, but Nature had other plans. I did not expect such a nice weather, and whenever it gets like this, I just need to get up and go. And by this I mean ... I need to Be outside, with my Nature ... amongst my Mountains, by the mighty Mountain rivers and embracing the tall trees. Gosh, how I love it, and now the snow has turned my Mountain village in a beautiful Winter Fairy tale after all the snowy chaos that we had a while ago. Nature sure knows many faces, and it's all good. We can enjoy each and everyone of them! This is a story and a sharing about how I enjoy mine!

Monday, February 10, 2014

What is true Love? My Valentine's message!

Dear Beloveds! 

With the Valentine's week, there are always a lot of expectations coming from people, so we will be asked to stay strong in our power this week and hold a space of Divine Love for everyone who still perceives Love as coming from outside of them, or live in the illusion of separation, which can bring a sense of loneliness, isolation, desperation and even despair. We are asked to do this because we can, and because we are Ascension Pioneers who live in alignment with Universal/Agape Love from inside out, from our sacred space within ... emanating and radiating it out. May our Love touch the Hearts of all those who still feel alone and wander in lack of Faith!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My snowy "chaos" & bliss

Dear Beloveds! 

This weekend we had quite a snowy chaos here where I live, and it all began last Friday, just as all the energy was moving forward. Although we have so much forward moving/shifting energy at the moment, with the Venus direct movement, a new Chinese astrology year of the Horse, the recent New Moon in Aquarius, and the latest powerful Solar flares with some CME's, and a Rainbow energy shift deeper into our multidimensional Self, we have had a slow moving energy here where I live. Remember that the energy of the planet and the particular regions are not always in perfect sync, just as our Ascension timelines always vary as well. This means that the most important timeline there is, can always be found within, as all is being formed/created from inside out. So as You go about your daily reality, be observant for some typical Solar activity and body integration symptoms, such as lack of focus, disorientation, emotional sensitivity, body fatigue, etc. Thread your path smoothly and be kind to yourself and all of your bodies! The flow of Life always goes up and around.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Venus & Divine union with Source

Dear Beloveds!

Today I got a double message from Venus. The first one was right before waking up, and she was saying something about still being retrograde, but nonetheless, the passion of the Heart is to be ignited at all times. Then I got it in my Goddess oracle as well, where the Venus card represents the "Lovers" in traditional tarot. The message is about igniting our inner passion, the flame of Soul creativity and preparing for all Divine relationships based on purity and Spirit integrity. The message couldn't be any clearer for me, and this just follows along the lines of what I AM receiving for the past couple of days through the "Two of cups" ... the archetype of intimate inner union.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Year of the Horse

Dear Beloveds!

This week, we are moving into a Chinese year of the horse, and at the same time there will be a New Moon in Aquarius on the 30th of January, plus Venus going direct again on 31st. This ushers in the potential for new beginnings in a big way, with more freedom and clarity of the "big picture". The month of February will be a fast forward moving month and the first one to begin this trend, and so this is when our year will actually begin to unfold in greater ways. Until then, we are still preparing with whatever we need to adjust and assimilate until a faster pace begins. Even some astrologers are saying that the month of February will bring in a new speed and intensity. In order to be in alignment with the New, we have to be New from within. What does that mean? It simply means that we need to be as authentic in our Soul as we can. When we reside in Soul, we are well prepared for Self mastery and attainment.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My next expansion

Dear Beloveds!

Did You feel a huge shift this weekend? The shift deals with our internal expansion, and how we see ourselves and the world around us, how we value our personal desires and the way we view ourselves as always being there for others instead of ourselves first. This is about our own guidance for the desires we wish to make real. There needs to be more focus on that now, for we are all sort of moving up the ladder and entering a new level of our Being. I have felt this shift strongly for the past couple of days, because I began to desire more personal freedom. Sometimes being online and sharing so much can have its consequences, and it shows on your personal life, especially in not always having enough time/devotion to your own personal projects and goals. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My path of least resistance

Dear Beloveds!

What Magic we can create, if we step away from all the "need to" and "must" and stop resisting ... while fully surrendering and embracing the flow of Life completely, and realizing that personal freedom to express our Soul comes first, and should always be our top priority on our Ascension journey. After the most recent wave of integration, I stepped deeper into pure allowance of what Is, instead of creating resistance of the flow in the Now. And after the intense shift, I AM having the most amazing days of peaceful bliss and creativity. Here is an example of just how much we can create in a day, if we stop resisting the flow of what Is and wants to be born out of us!!!