Monday, October 13, 2014

My New harmonization

Dear Beloveds!

How about the intensity of this Eclipse? Wow! The body is speaking to us so loudly in all ways, and the messages are all about the current changes that we need to bring into our physical experience and embodiment in order to leave behind the old phase of achieving and shift into a more feminine phase of being, which is to do less and achieve more only by the higher vibration of our physical temple, which is the vehicle for our Ascension. The body is the mechanism of change. This is being done for many of us at this time, and although we are beings who need both, the inner and the outer ... our New flows through much less resistance at this time. To be creative and self expressive is great, but only when this is experienced in perfect balance and under the complete navigation of our Soul's benevolent guidance, which is never forceful and intense. The only intensity comes from our Human perception, and it lurks where any form of resistance still hides. We need to observe for this in the subtle notions of our guidance that flows through our Life experiences at this time. I was recently more deeply invited to explore this new level/DNA upgrade, and I call it my harmonization in the New.

There was so much going on at this time, and it's becoming almost impossible to keep walking both in the old and the New. I was guided to embrace a whole new way of organizing my life. Simplicity is calling me. This weekend was just for me and nurturing my Soul dreams. I AM being so magnetized by my favorite Twin lake lately, and today I was just sitting there for a while and not doing anything ... just writing Soul poetry and breathing deeply.

We are all receiving body messages at this time, because each Eclipse "hits" (moves) us in all directions, and as a new Life force is awakened in our bodies, we will feel everything that still resists that change, in order to make the proper adjustments. No one said that being Christed in physical body form is an easy assignment, but this is what many of us have undertaken in this amazing ascending lifetime, which is precious beyond words. 

We don't become Christed in all of our body over night, and that is why we need to have deep compassion for the process of Ascension integration and welcome all the Life's changes as they come ... embracing each as a necessary step in our Soul's alchemy journey. The proper balance of the middle path is to live in between cycles of inner contemplation and solitude as an introvert, and sharing/radiating as an extrovert. We are walking the times of great change, and any changes that we are feeling in our bodies at this time, are only there because we are being upgraded in our Light yet again.

We are still in between the Eclipses. What came through our aware Self and was processed through our feelings is not moving through our bodies as a new Solar Light influx, and a new Cosmic wave of Divine Love. We might feel this as "tantric" pressure in our bodies, which is almost like a Light body "orgasmic" energy. This is something very hard to describe, because it can only be felt, and each of us will experience it differently. As long as this pleasant sensation is being felt in our lower chakras, it means that the energy is moving through us and the integration process is in blossoming. The Light of the Lunar Eclipse (the shadow) is moving towards the Solar Eclipse (the light). During this time, we are going to be asked to make the proper steps in our Divine guidance to align ourselves with more of the New, as we always do. This process continues to flow and expand in order for us to become nothing but pure Joy.

A beautiful Magenta Ray greeted us again, on our way to a Mountain top. The Magenta Light is all about the Higher Heart activation where we begin to move our Ascension Light into the body and begin the process of Soul embodiment. It is pure Divine Love of our true Self!
This is us, integrating Soul Joy by riding a ski lift and going to the Mountains! 

And then going back down to our village ... it was so blissful.
I have experienced major inner shifts with powerful revelations during this Eclipse, and so much is falling off that I have simply outgrown. With each step of Soul embodiment, something old is being replaced with more of the New. Now I almost see the next action steps in order to bring my Divine purpose into the next phase of further alignment and integration. I AM doing many more things that I adore than I used to, and what remains underneath it all is my Core devotion to the Truth of One and living it ... the embodiment of it. In order to walk my path as a disciple of the Absolute Truth in Divine Love, I require a lot of devotion to Ascension and keeping it ever more simple and focused. 

The more focus intensifies, the more things simplify. So many things can distract us on our path if we are not focused, and the more we are vertically aligned, the more the horizontal simplifies as well. I AM not into dissipating my energy anymore, so I will simplify a lot! That is why I AM no longer guided to share much on my personal Facebook profile, because I will focus more on my web pages and share about Ascension only on my Facebook page "Ascension Pioneers" ... for it was created for that reason and devotion. The more we expand, the more things also need to fall away. That is the current step Spirit is guiding me into, so if You desire to stay regularly updated with my posts on our devotion to Ascension and Principles of Truth, this is how it will be from Now on!

There is no separation between light and dark. They are simply two sides of the same coin, as they bring us the experiences needed to move into the neutrality of Divine Love. 

I was having many powerful revelations during this Full Moon Eclipse ... devoted to simplifying my Life in the New. The Full Moon is usually a time of letting go an beginning a new cycle ... moving on. I have an orchid plant that is completely in Unity with me, and she is as I AM, always sending me Soul messages. She was so full and ripe during my last cycle of expansion, and then she began shedding her blossoms one by one. This cycle was pretty wide, and she had many blossoms. Exactly at the time of the Eclipse, her last blossom fell off, and I knew this was a message of the last remaining chapter of this cycle being let go of ... and I began entering a new one. And guess what ... my orchid companion is also growing a new extension for her blossoming. Then the next morning I woke up in what I call a "Cosmic orgasm", and a new energy wave entered me. This was all a profound confirmation of this!

The Eclipse was in Aries. Aries is a major activator of change and new beginnings in action, and something is being deeply stirred within us. I AM sure that all of us are feeling it in our own unique way ... in the area that is the most important in our Ascension journey at this time. 

I have an interesting example to share. I had issues with my main web page on the day of the Eclipse, and they made me contemplate about the alternatives and my new web page in the making called "Serapina Light". I wrote to maintenance of the server, and they said it's not the server. Right at the time of the Full Moon, which occurred at 12:51 here exactly, this shifted. The error issue was gone on its "own", which was pretty weird, and yet such a strong Spirit message. It was not about the physical occurrence itself ... the main message was deeper and it got to thinking about the new expansion in how I will share in the near future, because I have simply outgrown the old cycle in all ways. Each wave of change then requires action on our part, so what can we do today to make each step more refined and authentic? Our journey of Ascension does not happen over night ... it's a thing of constant devotion and commitment ... and many many expansions within infinity. All are good shifts, no matter how bizarre or weird they might feel at a first glance ... there is great depth underneath everything! Life is becoming our guide!

Here is my latest video update about changes in our internal guidance system:

Recently I was birthing a new aspect of my Self, and I like to think of those as add-ons to what I already AM and express in my Soul embodiment. This phase/level began on my birthday in September, and then I was guided to integrate it for a few weeks, so I took some time off to just Be and enjoy my Nature and the Mountains. I was constantly in need of applying greater levels of balance to my reality ... the balance of "work" and play ... the individual and the collective.

We began this new energetic month of October with Venus shifting into her ruling sign Libra, and the energy of Libra together with the Eclipse season is bringing up a lot of opportunities to walk as spiritual adults, masters of the Self, while anchoring the energy of a Lighthouse for everyone moving into physical Ascension at this time. A lot of focus and strength will be needed.  

We are in a new Creation cycle. In the name of that, we created this huge rainbow spiral on our Mountain beach. It welcomes the Light of the Sun and the High consciousness of the Mountain Vortex. It is also sending You greetings from our personal sacred space!

The time of the Libra New Moon is a very potent one. It gives us the extra push to make our life more organized and balanced, to move beyond the known and expand into something new, while integrating more balance of our true Self from inside out. This is also a time of simplicity and harmony, when we remove all the excess energy and what no longer serves us. Through this, our relationships are coming into greater balance as well. 

We can even clean up our sacred space, so that we allow the new influx of fresh energy to enter. Ascension is all about constant devotion and commitment to our Self in the physical body, so it's time to get up and ... just do it! This is a time of great expansion indeed!

So how was my own integration and harmonization phase? I have been creating and sharing so much for the past few weeks, and it's been non stop hyper for me. Then the guidance came ... it was time for me to take a short break and integrate the energies after the Equinox and entering the Eclipse season.

I was so enjoying this phase and my September Nature break which continued a bit in October. Sometimes we don't even know how much we needed a break until we take one. I was having the time of my life and allowing myself to receive all the Gifts from the Divine, by offering this wave of abundance to myself. The energy was that of Libra and perfect balance ... total alignment!

Speaking of Libra ... this is how the clouds looked like here on the day of the Libra New Moon. They reflected the energies so beautifully, and I instantly saw the "coming together" and blending of energies in them. I was driving and when I looked up into the sky, I simply needed to stop and make a picture of this. It looked almost surreal and it felt like the pieces of the Grand puzzle are slowly but steadily coming together. 

And then there are the Mountains ... my Beloved Ones! This Mountain Elven was climbing the Mountains again, so I was away more than usual. We finally had beautiful and warm Fall weather after a rainy Summer in the Alps.

I was really enjoying this Nature/Mountain break in my sacred space. I did some more Mountain climbing ... came to the top of the second tallest peak of Julian Alps! 

There was so much beauty all around, and each moment was so precious. The Art of Self mastery is to make the most ordinary things seem like the most ordinary and create Magic wherever we go. 

The Art of Ascension is to keep the focus on every detail in devotion ... and Mountain climbing sure offers great physical training for that. These times are so beautiful ... offering us the opportunity to bring more balance into everything that we do and all of our Soul exchanges.

I would love to share one of my biggest passions with all of You ... Mountain climbing. My Human self loves challenges, exciting elevations and amazing views. What is yours? 

To be on top of the world ... that is how it feels! And these are special and sacred moments just for me and my own Soul experience. I AM so happy when I climb the Mountains. Today I received so much, so I would love to send out one big wave of Bliss to all of You, Family of Light! Keep on shining bright!

Another passion of mine is to find crystalline stones. Lately I just can't help it anymore, as crystalline stones just find me on their own. I have realized that I find them on each hike now, and they can be as covered with dirt as they want, I will still notice them ... as they will gently offer themselves to me. This is the "before" photo. 

And this is the "after" photo where You can see how they truly look once they are uncovered. 

I love to spend my of my Nature breaks by hunting for crystalline Mountain stones for my Serapina Art, and anchoring the Light of the I AM. What a day of perfection! These are simple days of perfection!

Each one I find is different and unique, some are pure white, some are more sparkly, etc. 

"1, 2, 3 ... can You guess what You can see?" I found this in the Heart of the Mountains today ... rainbow coal ... as light as a feather! I love finding surprises in the Mountains. 

I also visited another beautiful Mountain peak in Italian Alps, above the Twin lakes that I so adore, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I realized how it's never about the "size"/height of the desire, in my case a Mountain peak ... it's all about the energy that is radiates. Sometimes we can visit so many different places, and yet we discover the most Magic in something that we would not even expect ... it's just there and it just happens ... and we feel so blessed. This peak has the most amazing view, and its energy is just so beautiful. I felt completely welcomed and embraced by the natural kingdom, completely like the Queen of Her own Mountain. This surely was a profound experience!

The message of this time is about towering magnificence, a journey of embodiment of Higher Light ... entering the presence of the truly great and sublime Divinity. This moves us beyond words and the mind. This makes us enter the space of the Higher Heart and the Presence of Cosmic awareness where all is known and felt. This cannot be felt any other way but to really allow ourselves to be with our Self and become the loving Hermit on the journey of entering the realms of Self mastery. 

A journey of the I AM embodiment cannot be entered into in a liner way, it is not something we can do or achieve, it's not a matter of time ... it just Is. It is so pristine and pure that it makes us feel absolutely amazing without any external resource or need.

Lately I AM choosing to wear the colors Red and Gold ... which are the colors of the I AM embodiment ... also Red and pure White.

I AM anchoring the Light of the I AM.

Visualizing my next path of the journey.

Receiving crystal clear directions forward.

I AM that I AM.


I finally managed to get a photo with my favorite dog in the village. She popped up at the end of one of my videos. She is so sweet and so pure ... a real dog Angel! Lately I kept seeing her around ... what a nice confirmation of my Serapina Light path!

She is creamy white with some golden locks ... such a perfect representative of the Angelic kingdom and the Light of Seraphim! Can You see the Angels accompanying Her?   

I also enjoyed my sacred cozy space that I co-created myself ... a bit more than usual. Sometimes You just have to indulge yourself ... in pure Being. The more we do so, the more Magic and Miracles of daily life in Ascension we will notice. Still down and listen! 

The intensity and depth of Love that we feel from within will always mirror our experiences in reality as we know it. We are the master creators. There is nothing that comes outside of us, and the Love that we are and emanate comes back to us a thousand fold if we know how to anchor it through the Grand Central Sun, the Sun of all suns, and ripple it out by loving All Life in Creation ... All That Is ... no exception or condition ... only pure Divine Love.

Each day we move deeper in our true Self alignment, the Soul Reunion of our Beloved Self. When the yin and yang dance together as One, everything can be brought back into balance and harmony, and everything ceases to exist but pure Love. The depth of this inner Union can only be felt and experienced in deep Silence, which is the reverence of our Divine Self through the sacred breath of Life. We are Love returning to itself! 

Love has many infinite forms in Existence. I love enjoying a beautiful sunset in the Mountains. I experienced this particular one after reaching the second tallest peak of Julian Alps. It went from white to yellow and to pink. We had an immense Solar flare that weekend, so it was pretty intense to absorb the Light directly from the Sun. It is so important to fully absorb, balance out and integrate ... to become a fully Divine Human in the New.
On this note, I still notice so many individuals speaking about leaving this planet and moving out into the Stars. Those of us who are here as Ascension Pioneers have not come here to go away somewhere else, though. We have come to make this Earth a star of its own and to consciously participate in the awesomeness that is taking place here Now, with the planetary Ascension. We have a deep pact with this planet and we have a high level of respect for it. 

We are not here to check out, because we are here to deeply check in, blossom into our true Self and show this world a reality that is yet to become and fully blossom. We are here to once again seed and anchor the highest Source potential for the New age (like in the ancient days of the Great Atlantis), and although it's not always an easy task, we understand how Creation functions and we are ready and committed to do our part in this Divine equation. 

This path is not for everyone, as it requires a high level of awareness and compassionate understanding of what is taking place on grander levels of this experience and Divine experiment. This planet is so beautiful, and those who have been here ever since the beginning of its Creation, know why it is so very important in the "Galactic history" and origin.

Every Soul's calling will be different, though. Not everyone came here for the same purpose. With so many people talking about leaving or escaping somewhere else, we can only truly hold the space for our own inner knowing and not get scattered in confusion or comparison. For an Ascension Pioneer, the purpose is not to ascend back to the Stars, for bigger parts of us are already there and already ascended ... constantly and always. 

This is where we draw forth our love and wisdom in awareness, and this higher awareness is what fuels us to keep moving and expanding this reality into what we already know from the higher realms. We guide into Ascension because we already understand Ascension. We are not just in contact with Star Beings ... we are these Star Beings ourselves, becoming more and more Divinely Human each day. This is why we are here, as a race collective of Divine royals, who know that Home is always where we create an awareness and sacred space of Source Purity, wherever we may be or what the experience. Those who truly know this, are the so-called Cosmic Masters. This is us ... Ascension Pioneers. We know our calling and why it is to be here Now!

So ... during this time and transition, I was Mountain climbing, Nature exploring, and creating tons of Soul Art ... and yet, I AM still preparing for my next New web page, which will represent my next level of Soul embodiment ... Serapina Light.

This new energy flow/embodiment is running through me naturally. Pieces of different puzzles need to slowly come together, and I realized how each one is precious. I devoted all of my commitment to it without any pressure of hurry, so that it's pure Creation flow in Spirit Light. One of my fellow talented Soul artists said to me recently, that jewelery is pure energy, so we surround ourselves with what it's channeled through it.

True liberation through personal Soul freedom brings us the desired success, which leads to inner Divine reunion. When we live our true freedom, we live our Soul's authenticity, and as we do so, we open up to a new level of living in the energy of success. This New is no longer about identification, but rather true giving and receiving from the Heart. When a desire is Soul based, it will always lead us deeper into our true Self Reunion and awareness. This is a time for many of us to come into our full power and Soul potential, to blossom beyond the standard and move into the "New" extraordinary. A deep sense of Union flourishes from within when we live through an open chrysalis and a chalice that always overflows.

This is it. Not to do, but to feel.

The feeling that is all so deep.

The feeling that the Magic brings.

The feeling that can set us free!

I wish You all magical inner expansions as well!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my video about harmonization in the New: