Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Winter Fairytale

Dear Beloveds!

Ha! So there You have it. I thought I was going to focus on my Art Blog, but Nature had other plans. I did not expect such a nice weather, and whenever it gets like this, I just need to get up and go. And by this I mean ... I need to Be outside, with my Nature ... amongst my Mountains, by the mighty Mountain rivers and embracing the tall trees. Gosh, how I love it, and now the snow has turned my Mountain village in a beautiful Winter Fairy tale after all the snowy chaos that we had a while ago. Nature sure knows many faces, and it's all good. We can enjoy each and everyone of them! This is a story and a sharing about how I enjoy mine!

We did it ... the weather here shifted! Nature here finally blessed us with the Sun, warmth and bliss. It feels like it's been so long, so I was mostly out running, walking, and just enjoying myself and spending time with my inner Being. I was as happy as a child, crying from pure happiness to witness this. As You know, the weather always mirrors the collective consciousness as well (not just natural changes), and since many people still put much of the negative into it, the weather patterns then reflect this imbalance. We finally had a weather shift, and I was enjoying the end of Valentine's week outside and just Being myself ... a playful child of Nature! When I think about what I associate myself with the most, out of all the things I so love on this planet, being outside in Nature definitely comes first before anything else.

Lately my Facebook is working very slowly as well, so it's very challenging for me to share much, because it takes so long. This is a sign that it's good to spend more time within at this time, and a lot of it is also a current reflection of Mercury retrograde. We are in a wave when we are going along with the shifting pace more slowly, so that we can gain more awareness of the actual happening of our expansion and deepen our inner senses! For me it also means spending more time outside, just Being with my Presence and deepening my Self connection and alignment.

Gosh, I had such a powerful sporty day yesterday and I enjoyed it so much. First I had to shovel the snow from my car, and it was quite an intense workout, but my body is used to it by now. Then I went for an intense run on the snow, all the way to my favorite Mountain valley. After a short break at home, I decided to go cross country skiing as well, because the day was so beautiful. After I was done, I finally felt how exhausted my body is, and I returned home with a smile on my face. This is a pleasant kind of exhaustion, which feels very blissful. You can read more about Soul hyperactivity in my article here!

Now I want to share a bit about my latest Winter Fairy tale experiences!

On the first sunny day I went for a snowy run, and it was so much fun, and highly energizing. I got lost in the snowy landscape for hours. I came all the way to my favorite Mountain valley, surrounded by Mountains ... listening to the great Silence and the occasional sound of an avalanche. I had no camera or anything, so these moments were just for me. No doing ... just Being and embracing. I realized how much I miss this, and how much I miss the view from up above ... my highest Mountain peaks. I began to cry, for I was so deeply moved by their infinite beauty. I realized I now need to use this great beauty to be with my Nature more. So I took a short break from work to enjoy the Sun and do some cross country skiing. 

We had a Full Moon in Leo last week, and its effect was strongly felt. The Leo is a very energizing fire sign, so this was also reflected in my current experiences. This was one of the more intense Full Moons for me. I always have intense or even weird dreams when the Moon is full, which is usually when the Moon's energy is really strong. I also have detox days at the same time. In case You haven't known, when the Moon is full, the most direct connection is established between it and our Earth, and the power of the electrons can be most easily felt. When the Moon is full, we are the most attuned to the flow of these particles around its ovoid. The connection is crystal clear, and it helps us with many things; detox, letting go, manifesting, increased intuition, sacred rituals, etc. I already did some Moon gazing right before the Moon was full, for I felt this one really powerfully and it just called out to me.

I spent a few moments moongazing on the balcony. It was amazingly beautiful. We finally had crystal clear skies, which is perfect for the time of observing the Full Moon. This was so beautiful to observe for the Valentine's day/eve. She was fierce! At this time, we were also invited to embrace these qualities/aspects in our own life and write a beautiful story of Love for ourselves and those we truly love. Remember the powerful Divine Spark that You are and share it with the world! 

My Spark is so ignited when I AM outside. I AM so happy that I can finally cross country ski again. Ever since we moved here last year, I was hoping for this so much, and the conditions were never quite ripe. Now the time has finally come, and I feel so blessed, and grateful that I can gift myself with the best Nature Gift for myself! I don't like to just ski on tracks, I prefer going off track and create my own paths! That's just how I AM!

I was enjoying cross country skiing for the past few days. I was able to go for the first time ever since we moved to this Mountain village. There is no better way to serve the Whole than through being totally happy and living in resonance with your Soul's authentic desires. If You won't listen to your Soul and follow its guidance through desires, You won't emanate the same happiness. One of mine is to spend most of my time outdoors, making love with all Life and just emanating out waves of Bliss, when I live as a completely free Being of The One and All!

When You rejoice, all of Creation does as well ... and the whole Universe expands a bit further!
This is the beauty of our Mountain village, once it transforms into a snowy fairytale, offering us to explore it and benefit from Nature's delights. Today we first went cross country skiing for a couple of hours, and then we needed to go for a hike, for it simply wasn't enough. So we decided to finally create first tracks in deep snow that would lead all the way to our usual hill destination.

It was quite challenging, because we were knee deep in snow most of the time, and it took us approximately 3 times longer than the usual hike. But I so loved it! Being highly physically active was always one of my main things, and I love endurance and body work. I like to inhabit a perfectly healthy and active body that can offer me to use it for anything that I feel personally guided to at the moment, and because I love to explore Nature, I need to stay vibrantly healthy. This year I AM in the best shape ever, and I just love it, it's like being reborn in an entirely new body. Time to be active in all ways!

Tears of Joy for these days. The energy of freedom is growing, and I AM so happy and blessed to finally feed my inner Magical Elven child with the Light of the Sun, the sprinkles of snow, happy laughs and spontaneity of my Being when I AM out in Nature. These are extremely physically active days for me, and I was always this way, since my body needs to be very active. I could move for hours and hours, and since I miss my mountaineering, I AM now enjoying other physical activities. Happy days! 

I found this wooden observatory for animals, and these are always my favorite to climb to! As always, I could not resist!

This is one of my favorite things to do: Climb to a Mountain top or at least an observation point and then just observe. I AM an observer by nature, and I love to live in a state of awareness. Watching Nature in her Grace of Perfection and Glory of Divine Creation ... I could never get enough of that, for it's unique in each Now moment. I was crying a lot these days, and these were tears of Joy ... feeling Love for all Life! Embracing deep Presence and Being!  

The Key to each Soul's personal Ascension is complete freedom. In this state of awareness, You become aware of the fact that You are the creator of your own experiences, and that there is no external law above You, except for the internal/natural Law of Divine Principles of Creation, through which You were also birthed as a sovereign Soul. Your uniqueness was always meant to fully shine through Self expression and You were designed to co-create with these laws of Nature and the laws of the Universe. 

Freedom of Being is one of the main keys of my Life's embodiment which I share a lot about, alongside Purity and Self empowerment. And how to better speak of freedom than living it myself? I AM free ... You are free ... we are all free! Now and for all eternity! 

This is how I ended my first cross country skiing day. I was perfectly exhausted in a physical sense after being outside all day ... which is my ultimate favorite! There is nothing like that feeling ... and nothing else matters but the experiences and the feelings of Beauty that You have gathered within You. That is why I AM always full, and that is why I also constantly need to empty myself out through selfless service. What is full, seeks to be emptied out and vice versa! I love so much, that sometimes I feel like I could literally explode. 

So I either stay physically very active, or offer my Love to be shared through what I do. This is what keeps my energy recycling, moving in and out from Source, my Beloved I AM. That is just how I AM, and I have finally embraced my true nature, although it can be quite hyper and overwhelming for most. I AM sitting on a bench, perfectly happy and still. The greatest Perfection is captured in a single Now moment!

Lost for words!?! The sprinkles of Purity and Divine Perfection speak louder than words. The feeling side of Life speaks in volumes, and in pure Human emotion, there are endless stories of Beauty that cannot be captured in any other form than than. The purity of feeling would get lost. 

That is why I can only share, but never re-capture the moment that was, when all was just deeply felt. And all was perfectly whole and complete. And in Truth, so is every moment ... every Now! The only Truth is ... Love can only be felt and that feeling can only come from within. 

As a powerful contrast, I also captured the falling snow at night with flash on the same day, and I caught a little orb on the right. When I zoom in, the color of it is pure white. These are energy Essences of Purity. How wonderful is that ... snow does bring Purity! New level of Purity always brings a new level of openness and new beginnings.

This week I keep receiving messages about whipping the slate clean, new birth, new level of becoming, a new phase of the Soul journey and harvest/blessings before beginning anew. With all of this, often comes a change in our personal direction, and that is why it's important to get out of our own way and embrace what Is beyond our comfort zone. This has a strong sense of a new Star birth, which is a message that I received through my weekly Spirit guidance. I also received a message about interconnectedness of it all, and You can see the entire message here!

I also decided to try something new and ordered something for my Soul this week. This is my new shinny toy! I got these snowshoes via personal delivery, and I can't wait to use them for the first time. I wanted to have these for a while now, and I finally decided to treat myself with something for my Nature hikes in the soft snow. I AM so excited, and also because of how they look. These were a model for women, they are white (my favorite) and also have some pink and silver, so very feminine indeed. Adventure is about always trying something new and different!

I also recorded my Valentine's message of Love for all the Ascension Pioneers out in Nature, in our Winter fairytale land: 

 Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. And here is my latest Nature video update, straight from my Mountain paradise: