Friday, March 21, 2014

My Magical Elven Soul Art

Dear Beloveds!

This year I truly began to awaken deeply in my Elven Soul Art. I cannot stop, and I AM plunging deep into the realm of magical discovery. Each day I wake up completely excited and inspired, and my hands are itching to begin creating something new. It feels like a magical fairy tale to me. I also have a new Elven Art project, and I wish to share it with all of You. I AM currently working on some new long term projects! The first one is an Elven Tree of Life, which will be a natural and magical Twin Soul Essence Tree of the Divine Self. I already see the vision of it perfectly, and it will come with some rainbow crystals and beads. It will stand in the doorway of my room, and anchor my Elven/higher awareness. When I AM done with it, I will also begin creating crystal wands, and they will also be done with handmade-carved pine tree branches. I found a new passion, and I really love to carving things!

I AM happy to announce that my Elven Soul Art will now include working with all 4 elements; water (the stones), fire (crystal wands), air (painting with the brush) and earth (the trees). The fifth element is the ether, which is captured in my Elven Soul jewelery. Spirit showed me this yesterday as I was carving, and I felt such a shinny glow from deep within. I AM so happy and proud with what my own hands were carving all afternoon! There is this old partially abandoned wooden house where I often come and spend hours of time ... creating with magic ... feeling like a true Elven Spirit in its own land. This is where a lot of my Magic takes place.

I AM kissing my new babies ... I love my Elven Art from the Heart so much, and I could never go back. Elven Art completely sucked me in and I AM waking up highly sparked up and inspired each day. Spirit and my own Divine remembrance showed me that the Elven Beings create through the aspect of Beauty, so that all of their creations are Divine and in Oneness with all Life in Creation. This is how they celebrate the Wisdom and Love of Nature and All That Is.

This is the most recent story of my new inspiration! Lately I was thinking about how I was guided to start creating crystal wands one day as well, and that this will be this year in Spring. This week I was hiking in the hills, and I was just randomly watching out for branches. They were all old and dried up, which did not interest me. Then I stopped by my magical tree, and I suddenly found this fresh pine tree branch, laying on the floor right next to it. This year we had lots of heavy snow, so a lot of trees fell down and did not make it. I knew this one was meant to come home with me, as I just felt it strongly in my Heart. But I need to also note that this tree did not fall, it's still alive, growing tall ... it only threw away some branches.

Then I came to this abandoned wooden lodge where I often hang out, and I found an old axe. It was all rusty, but I manged to chop off the bottom part that was too long. When I came back home, I knew that it will actually become an Elven Tree of Life, as I instantly saw a vision of it. Later I was browsing online, and I found this perfect gemstone beads to make it a Rainbow one, and I ordered them. Then this Tree of Life will be able to grow new life and so the crystal wands will be next.

The next day I was guided to carve it, and I went to my Mountain beach to do it out on the Sun. I did this for a few hours, and then it was all sparkly and exposed. Pine is my favorite wood, so light and beautiful to look at. The Spirit of a tree is actually leaving the body for quite a while before it finally dies off, so the cells can still be alive with consciousness, and that is why I was communicating with it the whole time. I finally did my job right, and now I have yet to polish it and lacquer it for resistance. When it will be ready, I will put it in a beautiful mug and fixate it there, while putting some glittery stones on top of it.

I will be showing my work of Art in stages of its evolution.

I AM happy to share the first part with You ... the original branch! It was so beautiful when I found it, and its branches are so evenly arranged.

I AM happy to share the second part with You ... the carved branch ... all peeled like an onion! Radiating!

I AM happy to share the third part with You ... this is the second branch that I was carving yesterday, and it will join the other one, because it will be a Twin Soul Tree of Life. It will work its magic perfectly, by anchoring the awareness of Unity consciousness and polarized opposites existing as One Divine Essence!

The final stage is the entire tree, which I will show off once it's complete. I will share the Elven Tree of Life in its entirety once it's finished!  Lots of magical work awaits!

I AM beginning to build something destined/true to the Self this year. I was already preparing for it in many ways. Last year, one of my Divine companions who is also an astrologer, told me that my North Node will come into play for me this year, and this always represents higher destiny. I feel how my multidimensional Elven path is influencing me from deep within, and when these internal shifts overflow us, change is inevitable. I AM enjoying so much, when I AM just creating and building a firm foundation for my deeper purpose, which will be connected with gatherings in Nature/Mountains and my vibrational/Creation Soul Art.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn  

P.S. Here is my video about my creations: