Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Mountain grid pilgrimage

Dear Beloveds!

What an introverted time this has been! Firstly, I was guided to climb my Mountains at the end of October and enjoy a sacred retreat there, with a desire to come back after and do some magical work. But in the end, I was left without both of my computers (my laptop and my mom's old computer), so I was simply surrendered to Being in full Spirit Presence. This was a time of growing into our sacred feminine Essence and to Be in Union with both of our polarities, the sacred feminine and masculine as One. Too many times we are still guided to constantly experience our life through constant action and control, rather than the feeling side of life, which will always give rise to a new/higher level of awareness. The mind and heart are One, but we often act as our guidance only comes from the mind. When the Light and Love are integrated in an equal balance, we birth forth immense Wisdom.

For me this personal story was a loud message of entering an inner Silence and Magic Soul retreat. We are in a powerful new energy influx. We just had a Full Moon in Taurus, which is also called the manifestation Moon. This doesn’t only mean manifesting physical things, but new Soul gifts, on a new level of our profound awakening and expansion. As we entered the Magic of the recent Moon, we were washed over by a great wave of the sacred feminine Essence, as the Moon was full in the sign of Taurus, which represents the energy of Venus/Cosmic Heart of the Great Divine Mother and Love pouring from the constellation of Pleiades. We also had some Solar flare activity, which is a constant Now. Our bodies are strongly showing us that Truth.

We are Now deeply merging with that which we used to resist and resist, in order to fully enter the Union of the sacred masculine and feminine. We are also walking through the 11:11 Gateway today. This brings us another amazing opening. The Truth about Ascension is, that it's a day to day choice to choose a life of Spirit and not the lower/denser states of Being, and then bringing that Spirit Truth into matter in each New Now moment. We do this through devotion to service in Divine Love, and what better way to Unity than the 11:11 portal of Unity consciousness. Please remember that it always lives in us already, and that we are just melding into it in our Human form. This year it's especially powerful and potent as it adds up to 11 in Universal day as well!

November is always such a deep and powerful month … so transformative! We can take a moment to absorb the perception of the sacred feminine, to really move into it on a deep feeling level … looking at how everything speaks to us beyond words and doing/action. As we simply observe the the main messages that we receive from our own Soul through our higher senses, what do we see? Do we feel any overlighting patterns and repetitive structures? Do we feel the softness of the Divine feminine? Do we know our Power of Being?

When we are not able to feel fully and deeply, this is our main reason for any resistance that we may feel, and when we think of it as resistance, we know that it’s all about perspective. It’s completely different if we look at it as a blockage, because this sounds rigid and fixed. In Truth, there are no blockages, only perspectives that are not in tune/aligned with our natural state of Oneness/Divine Love. The more Love we allow ourselves to feel, the more we integrate it into our Being, and so more Light will flow through us. Love and Light are always reciprocal and used in an equal manner for the acceleration of our awareness.

Yes, we are walking through a powerful Gateway at this time, and our Ascension makes us feel both more Divine and more Human at the same time. Why? It is because we are here to merge both experiences in Oneness, without any separation. This does not mean that we don’t acknowledge our Human experiences, pain and discomfort. It simply means that we stop resisting them, which also means stop controlling them. Control comes from the old distorted masculine approach, which is purely action based and it only touched base without ever moving under the surface of things, where the awareness of Great Ones/Masters of Light dwells.

Now we have such a great potential to move into the feminine side of embracing things … not only through action and constant control … but in embracing things and feeling them, whether they be positive or negative by our own measures. If we sometimes take just one moment to sit with our feelings, including pain that we may feel, we will see that suffering only comes from us not acknowledging what wants to be felt. If we deny this, it merely means that we did not move deep enough, where only Love resides. The Wisdom of the compassionate feminine was often neglected in our societies, and we were taught to be good, efficient, productive and sufficient.

This hardened us. We have closed our gentle Hearts and closed off our soft vulnerable feminine Self. And with this, we also deprived ourselves of the feminine principle of Power. Through softness, we actually grow stronger in Essence and become more and more vivid and powerful. How does this happen by merely being in Self nurture? Because in embracing our sacred feminine Principle, we embrace all Life in Creation and its perfection, no matter what it be. By allowing ourselves to just feel and not try to do and achieve as a perfect "man and woman", we actually truly become perfect in our imperfection. And as we fully embrace this, then we begin to integrate our true Divine nature, which is pure Perfection already.

Well, I always aim to live in perfect moderation, to honor my inner and outer cycles of expansion and service to the Light of One. A huge part of my inner journey is Mountaineering, and although it seems that it's only an inner retreat, a lot more is going on behind the scenes ... of my High Mountain Alps purpose. I was enjoying my Mountain break at the end of this October, and apparently I was being guided to the Italian side of Julian Alps this year. Spirit is expanding and upgrading my Mountain grid purpose, and I feel truly honored to do this Light work.

As You might know, I was on a personal Mountain holiday until November began, enjoying their Essence until it became almost impossible to climb them ... at least as high as I love to be. After enjoying the sacred Mary's hill pilgrimage, I climbed one of the tallest peaks in Julian Alps, in Italy. It was such a magical experience full of everything, but mostly it was full of high on energy. I had such a strong flow of energy running through me when I returned, that I could hardly sleep at night. The thing with this particular peak is, that it was calling me to visit it for a few weeks now, but something always came in between. It was almost as if all the conditions needed to be perfectly ripe. Then all of a sudden I was finally feeling ready to go and do it! The weather was perfect, but I did not know what Mountain conditions might await me, and I had a weird dream the night before, but I felt in my Heart that it's just something I need to deal with ... fear of the unknown. I knew I was going to face this one head on ... step by step! The Mountain was just calling me.

My first tiny miracle happened when the gate at the beginning of the Mountain road was open instead of closed, so I managed to drive a bit higher than it's usually allowed. That saved me quite some time! Then I came to the Mountain valley, and the second miracle awaited me. The view was so remote and so spectacular. I did not stay there long, but the moment felt like eternity. This is how beautiful it is there. Then I went to the lodge, and I was dining together with an Alpine Chough. I was teaching it how to eat with me in intimacy, and the learning happened so fast, for we truly bonded. Then I pushed through the climbing part to the top, and just before reaching it, I found the most amazing Mountain crystals. This was spectacular, because I was "cleaning" the whole way up (picking up trash) and I knew that as a replacement, I was going to find something amazing. And the voice of the Soul said: "Don't worry, there will be crystals." And there were crystals.

Right after my pockets were full, I went for the final climb, which was one of the most challenging experiences for me ever. The rocks were so icy and it felt quite risky, but when I already saw Mother Mary's statue in all of its White glory, I knew that I AM meant to climb to the top. I did not come all this way to give up just before the end. And I didn't and I could not even feel fear, only Peace and inner knowing that I AM always safe ... if I only take it step by step. There was no one else on the top, but after a few moments of enjoying the view, 

I said to Mother Mary: "But why won't You send me someone today, at least to make me feel safer?" And in the next few moments, a man came and we met ... and we talked. He "saved" me, meaning that he me made me feel safer and much more cozy. We went down together all the way, and we exchanged some interesting conversations. It was such a rich experience. I would not have done it any other way, because through each such an experience I grow in my Power of Spirit and I embody more of the Self.

May this personal story inspire You with all the "Mountains" that You climb every day! 

I fell in love with this Mountain valley. I AM definitely coming back here, probably in Winter time.

I AM sharing this beautiful energetic picture full of high vibrations from the Alps!

Not everything can be put into words, especially that which truly holds inner Magic for us. Our own inner Divinity is found in deep Silence and Source intimacy. In Truth, we don't need to seek comparison or approval with anyone or anything, because it doesn't really matter, does it? Our own Ascension path will be ultimately different either way. What can truly serve us is the knowing that if someone else can do it and is purely Self realized, so can we ... because we are all powerful co-creator Source beings. As for seeking approval with the people that we know, it also doesn't serve us. 

The thing is that the ones who are meant to and willing/ready to tag along our path, always will, because it will be their own personal choice. It's not that we can make it so or choose for them, because it needs to be their own will and strength. The rest really doesn't matter, because eventually our path of Love in its expression is our own to walk, isn't it? We are the most powerful in our influence when we speak our own truth of confidence, live by the Law of One/Truth and walk our talk. This is how we emanate Truth even in deep Silence ... or should I say, especially in deep Silence. There is such profound Love in between words, in deep Silence, and not everything can be put into written word.

It was so with my own experience. I was hanging out with Mother Mary on top of a very high Mountain. This whole time was in the name of the Divine Mother for me ... so blissful and so much Love expanding through the Heart! Each Mountain that I climb brings me a new energy upgrade, which is then reflected in my awareness, and it kind of shifts something important in my life forward.

And how about meeting real live creatures on top of a Mountain? I love cats, and Now Mountain cats especially. They are like me, independent and enjoying Mountains so much! I named this one "the little Buddha cat."

And then my favorite part is meeting and greeting different stones and rocks, crystals. Look at this amazing Mountain stone! It represents Angelic wings shaped as a Heart, so it's the Heart of an Angel!

This one is for all my Beloved Divine companions ... Human Angels!

And this was the most beautiful piece of Mountain crystal that I found in Italian Alps when Mountain climbing. This one comes from way up high, because it was found almost at the top, which was 2666 meters above the sky! To me it represents reaching an important culmination point ... a milestone in my personal Ascension journey.

My collection of Mountain crystals is getting really big, and I can't wait to organize so that they are all available on my upcoming new web page coming soon.

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

Rocks speak beyond words to me. Who is holding who? Is the ice supporting the rock, or is the rock supporting the ice? Could it be that they both need each other in order to form such utter Perfection? I see strong pillars of White Light, which need the grounded support in order to fully stabilize and ground the "I AM" Light in physical embodiment.

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

After this big climb I was called to another adventure. I visited yet another gorgeous Mountain peak, which called me out when I was on St. Mary's pilgrimage.

There I was introduced to another gorgeous Mountain valley. These are almost my favorite, especially with the Fall colors and the Magenta Ray of Divine Love appearing again. I AM definitely coming back to this one as well.

I AM sharing this beautiful energetic picture full of high vibrations from the Alps!

I was hanging out with some Mountain goats as well, just observing them and their behavior. So amazing they are! 

Oh, to fly and fly away!

On top of this Mountain, I even met some nice men who took us on a lovely car ride down, through another valley which had the most spectacular scenery and breathtaking views. We could only thank the Divine for these amazing gifts!

Life is so full of sparks ... everywhere!

The pilgrimage did not end there, though ... oh no! 

We walked through the valley of water ... into the most pristine places of the Alps!!! 

I just walked and walked, not really knowing where I would come to. 

This was my "last" Mountain pilgrimage during this short holiday that I took for myself and my inner renewal. The days were shortening, because were are already in November! This month we have entered a fresh energy of new rebirth, patience and planning. Our perseverance and determination will be strongly needed, though. I was integrating this Essence in our Mountains. I was having so much fun in our Beloved Alps, and the weather lasted until the last day of my Holiday, which was absolutely perfect ... in complete Soul alignment! I was climbing these two Mountain saddles and a difficult path led me to so many new explorations and perspectives in awareness! 

When I was climbing these two Mountain saddles, a difficult path led me to a natural gift of Source ... these pure crystalline rocks. They almost remind me of a "desert rose", so perfect in their glittery nature.

These will soon become available along with all the other Mountain goodies that I find on my pilgrimages. 

This crystalline find was pure liquid Magic of Creation. Again, the symbol of the Rose was with me, which is also a symbol of the Divine Mother.

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

Yes, so much Magic in the Mountains! I already miss them. The Eclipse Gateway brought us another new level of awareness and made us see things that are going on around us in a totally new perspective. If our perspectives are changing, it means that we are flowing with our internal shifts, and that we are aligning with our greater truth. We are walking in the Truth of One when we are living as One with all the Universal laws with great integrity and spiritual maturity. This Eclipse gateway truly brought many of us so many profound lessons in that maturity and how to develop our Human potential in the New.

This month the planet of spiritual Love in Union, Neptune (in Pisces) also goes back direct! What does this mean for us? As Beings of Divine Love in Human experience we need to begin to understand that the whole purpose of Creation is to perfect our Divinity in form. We are Humans Now, and we have feelings and we are not insensitive robots. That was never the purpose of creating a Human form. That is why we need to welcome the aspect of vulnerability and openness. Without being open and pure hearted, we cannot move forward into the ascended New. Thinking we got it all figured out, especially concerning external matters and other people, will never get us out of that egoic rut that keeps us stuck, spinning in an infinity loop cycle that just keeps on repeating.

It is all about high perspectives in awareness! This is what I love to climb ... remote Mountain paths that are so steep that make your head spin. I cannot explain the feeling that this gives me, but I always think: "If I can do this, then I can withstand anything." My Divine purpose requires great strength and focus and this kind of Mountain climbing surely helps me with that, because strong body stamina can house a strong Spirit.

Yes, Ascension is a Soul based choice. It is the kind of choice and sacrifice that makes us always choose the reality through the eyes of Spirit first. This has nothing to do with being "spiritual", as are the popular words being used in the "new age" community. To live a life in dedication to Spirit means to be loyal to Spirit above all else. This means to transcend all denser levels of Being and move into Oneness with Source.  

I wanted to share this beautiful energetic photo of a magical Mountain lake at the time of the setting sun. I still don't know how long it will take for my computer issues to be resolved ... or if I will need a new one soon. Until then, I AM sending You Light waves from our sacred Mountain space!

I know that You are also strong enough to create your life by the choices that suit You. And sometimes You need someone who believes in You more than someone who can talk, approve and confirm. I send You Love from that space today and always! I believe in You as I believe in my Self!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn