Saturday, April 5, 2014

My flower companions & the world of color

Dear Beloveds!

Lately the flowers really speak to me and I AM getting a lot of messages from them and the world of color, sound and Light language. I AM guided to observe their sacred geometry, which is their unique language of Light and Divine symmetry through perfect proportion. All creations that are Divine are perfect in symmetry and proportion, and when we source our co-creations from the Soul, we follow those same Divine patterns of Light.

This daffodil beauty is white and yellow-gold, and it has a white 6-pointed star formation of petals, which is the perfected balance of Divine feminine and masculine. This flower just radiates with harmony and balance!

This week even began with flowers, as I also did my weekly Spirit message with the Flower deck, and the message was in perfect alignment with what I was personally experiencing all week long, and what flowers often share through their reflections. You can still read the message here

This week I was spending almost all of my days on my sacred Mountain beach! I also bought these new pants full of lively colors and flowers, so it was definitely a flower (Nature) week for me. The pants are for kids, but they fit me perfectly, and what is the perfect vibration for the Soul will always find its way to us! You know the feeling? How everything is always totally aligned!

I also wish to play our game "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?" with flowers! So last week I saw this one perfectly white flower growing amongst all the yellow and purple ones. This is at this place I like to often visit. I was guided to explore the property a bit, and I found this one flower, which stood there all along ... in all of its Grace! The message for me was about discovering pure Beauty in the midst of something new that is not yet fully explored ... and has yet to be!

White is also my personal Ray of incarnation, and it's the Ray of Purity and Unity consciousness. White is all colors, which is directly linked with the Rainbow Light. That is why I work with the Rainbow a lot in my Soul Art.

The question Now is ... what does this flower represent to You? And can You see anything in it? Whatever it is, know that this is your Soul's message at this time and so it's perfect for You because it comes from deep within.

I also wanted to photograph these flowers for a while now, because they are so different and unique. When they are not yet in bloom, they look like tiny mushrooms, and then they expand into this miraculous Beauty. They also grow in groups ... tightly together, and I stopped by these who grew in 2 groups of 2 ... forming tiny little pairs.

Their message is that of Unity consciousness and living in a community of those who share our Soul journey of Ascension!

This is another flower that shares a message of Purity, a life of simplicity and Bliss, and the water element adds to a peaceful flow of embracing our feeling side of Life.

Live in Love ... walk in Light!

If we only knew how to open up to the splendor and the beauty of the moment. Passion and sensuality is everywhere, and when we live as wide awake, we make love to All Life only by walking through a forest, smelling the flowers and breathing the fresh pure air of the Creator of All That Is! Allow yourself to be seduced by the beauty of the flowers and their subtle and yet profound messages.

How wonderful and miraculous this Life is!

Now ... do You love the world of color as much as I do? Then I highly recommend a reading with this Aura-soma tarot online deck!

This week my Soul guided me to find it, and after I did a reading with it, the cards just called me so much. I was looking into Aura-soma and wanting to expand in the Art of color, especially through my Elven Soul Art, and wanting to assist others through their unique Ray of Soul purpose and I found this deck. There was only one deck of cards left. I felt so called! I really felt it could help my own Divine remembrance of the sacred knowledge of color rays that reminds me of those ancient days of Atlantis and the High Priesthood. It also reminds me of the Elven Higher Realms, and so the thought of it did not leave me alone. Do You ever feel so strongly called to something? Only our Soul knows the real reason why.

It is a retro deck, so these are usually hard to find and really expensive. I was really challenged, but I passed the test/initiation and I managed to order the cards. I AM really looking forward to expanding through the Art of color and Soul alchemy, and to expand my conscious service and Love emanations. We are all being called to this ... how to focus on making our Soul emanations more conscious and highly vibrant!

What instantly raises your vibration?

The list is endless and I could go on and on, from Nature escapades to my Elven Art, singing and dancing, recording videos, reading books full of Divine remembrance, being of service through assistance, etc.

But in the grand scheme of things ... it is all about awareness. Every single thing that we do, it is about how we do it, and this is about how aware we are when we are doing it. Raising our vibration is about deep Presence and a state of Divine Love that it brings through that Divine connection of who we truly are as pure Source consciousness.

Here is my latest video about conscious Soul emanations in the New:

I love Spring so much ... the grounds are full of dandelion, which is perfect for detox, eating in the Light ... and eating wild! Each season in Nature knows exactly what our bodies need the most. Dandelion is definitely one of super foods and it's multi-purposeful!

Grab a bag and get some! Cleansing time ... inviting new level of freshness!

All Life is coming up to the surface Now ... can You feel it? 

Look at them ... they also grow from the sand on the beach! Amazing! They are building their own microscopic worlds and we are like giants to them!

I definitely love the world of flowers ... from the biggest to the smallest ones!

Do You? 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Here is my video about our expansion through sound and Light language: