Thursday, October 23, 2014

To love unconditionally

Dear Beloveds!

Lately I AM seeing the number 108 everywhere. That is the sacred number of infinite Divine Love, with a figure of 8 symbolizing an infinite loop of abundance when we are in Divine flow. When we live in a Divine flow of Creation Love, our Cosmic Heart is fully open and we experience ourselves as an unconditional Being of pure Love. To love unconditionally is to always give away of ourselves, meaning that we are focused on loving service to all Life in Creation, never holding back from who we truly are and sharing all that we are in free flow. With no holding back and self sabotage, Love can only flow, for it has no other chance. In practical terms, this moves into every sphere of our living reality in pure existence, from how we deal with money and physicality in general, how we are in relationships and creating a bright new world for our New.

Monday, October 20, 2014

My New Light influx

Dear Beloveds!

We just had an X-class Solar flare this Sunday! This one was huge, because it also culminated and harnessed the energy of all the previous flares that we have received during the Eclipse gateway! There is so much coming to the surface Now, right before the Solar Eclipse, which will counter balance the energy that we received from the Lunar Eclipse ... each of us in our own unique way. The Eclipse serves like a gateway, and I recently received a short visual from Spirit, on how we can bring our personal shifts more into focus and Soul alignment. When we hold a stronger focus, our shifts have a greater power and clarity. Working with the energy of focus is not the same as working hard, stressing over something and worrying. Focus merely serves as an anchor point, so that we hold the Light of awareness for the Soul to come more into conscious embodiment.

Monday, October 13, 2014

My New harmonization

Dear Beloveds!

How about the intensity of this Eclipse? Wow! The body is speaking to us so loudly in all ways, and the messages are all about the current changes that we need to bring into our physical experience and embodiment in order to leave behind the old phase of achieving and shift into a more feminine phase of being, which is to do less and achieve more only by the higher vibration of our physical temple, which is the vehicle for our Ascension. The body is the mechanism of change. This is being done for many of us at this time, and although we are beings who need both, the inner and the outer ... our New flows through much less resistance at this time. To be creative and self expressive is great, but only when this is experienced in perfect balance and under the complete navigation of our Soul's benevolent guidance, which is never forceful and intense. The only intensity comes from our Human perception, and it lurks where any form of resistance still hides. We need to observe for this in the subtle notions of our guidance that flows through our Life experiences at this time. I was recently more deeply invited to explore this new level/DNA upgrade, and I call it my harmonization in the New.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Entering into the sacred feminine

Dear Beloveds!

I AM tuning into the sacred Divine feminine principle all week long, and I AM allowing all the male and dominant/controlling to be stripped away. More inner balance is being born. In the celebration of this, I was guided to create the sacred Divine feminine Elven circlet for myself. I instantly saw a vision of its color and geometry, with a lunar symbol in the middle (the Divine Goddess archetype), with two opposing spirals for balance coming out of the center, representing perfect balance. One side of the crown flows through silver (feminine, lunar), and the other one flows through gold (masculine, solar) ... which again represents perfect balance. I love the Goddess Principle ... the Love of all Life in Creation and celebration through the wild untamed nature of our Being!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mercury retrograde: Let the Beloved speak

Dear Beloveds!

Our "lower mind" communication planet Mercury goes retrograde today. This is the last of all three of its retrogrades this year, and it is a Libra/Scorpio one, so its focus will be on relationships and depth. For me, it represents the deepening of our Beloved Union. Libra is about relationships and harmonized balance, while Scorpio is about the underworld, depth of feeling and Union. Through becoming more open and vulnerable, we can enter a deeper level of Self harmonization in Unity, so that the Divine Love can pour through us. This is another one of those air/water retrogrades, so the focus is to balance our thinking and feeling side of life, and enter a deeper level of Self discernment and trust! We are here to become Divine Beloveds and to enjoy a Life full of Bliss! During this time period, which is actually a cycle of expansion, we can ask ourselves some pivotal questions on our journey of Self Mastery!