Saturday, May 31, 2014

Becoming Masters of the Self

Dear Beloveds!

Lately a lot of us are embracing the path of Self mastery more than ever before. This is all about commitment and devotion to the New and the path of Divine Love. How does it look and feel to become a Divine Human in the New? Well, it's very simple actually. The process of becoming a Divine Human by the Primal Source design is a natural one, and during our natural Soul alignment, we simply lose interest in many things of the old, because we are simply attuning to a higher frequency. This is not a controlled or forced process, and it happens through Soul choice. Because of this, we desire to be in higher energy spaces, while creating our own sacred spaces wherever we go. Nature becomes our sacred Home and where we spend most of our time, while co-creating with Light wherever we are, and wherever we might travel. We do everything through conscious awareness, so dense activities simply no longer interest us and we do not engage in past activities or dramas any longer. Our diet/cravings change completely as well, and we wish to be surrounded only with beautiful things and create Divine Beauty ourselves. This has nothing to do with being more/less spiritual, because it's all about experience. This experience is what we choose consciously through our devotions to the Light of our Being and Divine Magnificence, and we don't just know of it ... we walk in this alignment with all of our spiritual integrity. We change from within to without, and we feel like we finally truly belong ... deeply rooted in our Source Self.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Living as Divine Grace

Dear Beloveds!

How does it feel to live in a state of Divine Grace? We are all Humans, but as we walk our path of physical Ascension, we are getting more in touch with our natural state of Grace, and so many things touch us deeply on this journey. At such times, our inner senses awaken, and we become more present in our God Self/Spark. I AM often crying out of mere happiness and gratitude for Being right here and right Now. This journey of being a volunteer Soul here on Earth is not always easy, especially when You witness so much darkness, control and manipulation everywhere. And yet ... there is Light. There is always Light for those who see, and who live with Magic in their pure Hearts. There is always the Beauty of Nature/Creation and the Grace of the Divine reflected as Heaven on Earth. It is moments like these that make everything totally worth it ... so let's make them an eternity!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The miracles of Life

Dear Beloveds!

At this time I AM feeling completely different than I ever felt before. It has been an ongoing feeling for me for a few days now. I can hardly describe this feeling with words. It would all seem rather confining and limiting and it would only remain at that. Words fail us all at times, even those of us who constantly write and express ourselves from our Soul. At this powerful time, I AM birthing a higher aspect of my Self, which is even more expanded and it sees things through a much broader perspective. I felt so void from deep within, but at the same time so whole and connected. I could not feel any lower emotional states, just a deep Presence and inner Stillness. It is New, and yet it is not. It is ancient and deeply familiar. It is who we are in Truth as pure consciousness. Everything feels deeply connected as One, and although I AM very detached from simply anything and everyone, I feel a deep sense of Union with my Self and All ... it is just not personal. It is another level of expanding and blossoming into a state of becoming transpersonal and entering a new level of Soul transcendence. I greet You in Divine Grace ... the Law/Love of One!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The path of Illuminated Self & Dragon energy

Dear Beloveds! 

We are walking into the years of physical embodiment and our journeys are becoming more complex, while the reality keeps being more simplified at the same time. The current years of transition and body integration will be intense, and this will seed onto this planet with the slowing down and conscious merge with our Souls. Do You remember how Mars went retrograde back in the beginning of March? It was the first indicator of balance and Self mastery through conscious action during this fast forward moving year. This is all happening in the bigger scheme of things, and it is linked with our need to learn to balance and slow down. Tomorrow, on May 19th, Mars finally goes back direct, and we will be able to see what is worth moving further, and what no longer feels right.

My Spring Re-treat

Dear Beloveds!

I was recently taking a short personal May 1st (ongoing) Holiday for a few days, to enjoy my personal Nature re-treat. When I AM guided to these, I never know whether it might be only a few days, or whether it might even be longer. I was getting messages about this for a while, and at a certain point I needed to take heed, as I was guided to completely surrender. It is very important to do this every once and a while, to completely reboot our system and embody a new level of our Soul expansion in the New. My Heart was longing for this so much. It began with my very first Mountain hike of the Spring season, and I instantly felt how much I've missed this. I AM going through an intense inner shift at this time, so was not even up to me ... my Soul always guides the Way! During such times, I AM usually away or offline more, only catching up on my personal services or nothing at all. I AM a very hyper Being, so it's challenging for me to just surrender and Be. But even I need it. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My sacred spaces

Dear Beloveds!

I AM gladly announcing that the hyper Polona Aurea Dawn is back ... after a few days of personal retreat and some hiking. Yeah, baby! My life is that of constant devotion to selfless service, so I need to constantly balance myself within. This is how I can better be of service, through being whole and balanced/integrated and grounded. My Love has expanded yet again. I AM my New shifted Self again, and the whole world is wonderful. full speed ahead!!! I AM lately guided to retreat more, and this is what Spirit is currently showing me for all of us. When we retreat into our personal sacred spaces, we open ourselves to the New all the more, and we can hear inner voice of the Soul louder and clearer. I have many of such of sacred spaces and they mean the world to me. I AM the happiest child of All That Is!