Thursday, March 20, 2014

My bubble of Love

Dear Beloveds!

It's been a while since I last shared here. I was so busy with my latest Elven Soul Art Blog, so that kept me pretty busy/focused. Lately I like to be outside all day long and stay in my Love bubble. The weather is so nice and the Sun is so warm. I just put my things in my backpack and I go hiking. Then I sit at this lodge and create. Recently I was doing some interesting reading, and I was creating new sketches for the Beloved oracle. I improved some previous ones as well, and now I already have 8 new ones to paint! I began taking my jewelery kit with me too, although there is so much of it! But it's totally worth it!!! Spring is very close and we are blossoming beautifully! 

Hours can go by, as I AM sunbathing outside in Nature, creating my jewelery and tuning into the blossoming Spring. These are such magnificent days, and I AM so happy that I take my creations outside now, because I AM not distracted by the external, so I can truly tune in and focus while being outside on the fresh air, overlooking the spectacular Mountains. For the past couple of days it's been as warm as the Summer and the energy felt was beyond words! I AM sending the intent that all who are consciously ready can feel this ... the blossoming of something amazingly New!

This week is very interesting in energy, and many personal victories can be felt ... how we experience our reality is changing completely. I was receiving messages about and in Hearts all last week! That is when all of this energy flow began.

It all began with my weekly Spirit message! And then it continued with amazing Nature findings. It was a perfect Magical Monday, and I had the most amazing day of so many new finds and discoveries, creatively inspired ideas and visions for what I will be creating. As I was sitting by my Mountain river stream after my cross country skiing exercise, I found these three Heart shaped stones. I was amazed at how perfectly shaped they are, in spite of their small size and that I had to find exactly three of them. As You know, the archetype of three and the triangle represents completion and wholeness, which is our natural state of Grace. Also, they are all of the same size, and they perfectly fit together. At first I did not know what I will be using them for, but as I returned home, I has a vision that they are to be painted in the colors of the Divine trinity (Love, Wisdom and Power), as a sacred Three-folded flame of our Divinity. That was amazing, as I just painted the Grace (Divine trinity) gateway before this, so it was all perfectly in sync. So typical for me and my Spirit guidance! 

Then I got another vision about how I will be using them. My Gateway oracle/Divination tool is now complete, (it was finished last week and it will be laminated soon), and these three stones will add to the perfect set for my first personal oracle cards that I will also be using in my Spirit readings. As You know, the oracle box which I created myself also has the Three-folded flame on top of it, so this will be a perfect set and Divination tool. You might already know that many special oracle tools use pendulums or rings along with the cards as well. This could not have been more perfect! I will use the stones to tell me which part of the individual's Three-folded flame needs to be attended to, so that they are all burning equally ... in harmony and equanimity. Here they are ... my Grace stones are finally painted!

I also love drawing Hearts in the snow and I always do this when guided. I was finally inspired to begin doing this last week. I feel how this sacred symbol emanates so much Light with its simplistic sacred geometry/Light patterns.

I can't help myself ... last week is all about Hearts for me (and continues to be) and I just see them everywhere and feel so pulled to capture their Essence. I feel so good and such romance is in my Heart.  

My own Hearts actually began a ripple effect. I had the most powerful synchronicity and I AM guided to share a short Love story with all of You! Last week I went hiking and I was suddenly guided to climb up a wooden observatory by a strong inner impulse ... it's where I haven't been for a really long time now. I was taking some photos and I suddenly looked down, and saw a huge Heart that someone made with a large "M" in the middle. Spirit guidance instantly said: "Man" and "Marriage"! It was such a beautiful synchronicity because I just began to draw Hearts in the snow that week again, as I used to when I went to the Mountains. This was kind of like my personal communication with the Beloved. Through this I finally got my answer. And it made up for all the other communications, according to its huge size.

Spirit showed me that it doesn't matter who drew it any who was it for originally, for it's all One, and our actions are always driven by our Soul. The Beloved energy and communication is in everything and the beauty of it happens when we fully recognize it. I was meant to see it, and so it was also a message for me. I wouldn't see it if I were just passing by, and that is why I was suddenly so urged to climb up the observatory. The other synchronicity is also totally amazing! The place where the Heart was drawn is exactly where I last spoke to my Beloved in Spirit, and He was sending me these messenger clouds and I was crying because I felt so emotional. The beauty of this totally confirmed and deepened my experience and it just made me feel so good inside. This is how we know it's all true, because we feel it and true Love knows no space and time. It is always there, in the Heart of the Beloved!

I AM just loving all the amazing synchronicities lately. They seem to be multiplying so much lately. Something else magical happened as well. I was thinking about how I wish to share a picture of an animal sighting with everyone on Facebook. I had a feeling of a deer or something, and then we actually saw them the next day. Wow!!! They were peacefully crossing the meadow as we climbed to the top of our hill ... and there they were. They were not afraid of us at all, and they gave us a beautiful message of gentleness and self care, but since the tiny one in the back was also very curious and kept looking towards us., they also spoke to us about being curious and adventurous. The other message is about the perfection of Divine Trinity, the sacred wholeness within us all, which is in perfect alignment with my Grace stones.

And gosh, what an ending to a week it was as well ... extremely hyper and intense with Joy! I AM always expanding, and this weekend I was so eager to run all the way up to our local hill. Usually I hike there, but I really want to start with running! I went for a test run a while ago, but I could only finish 1/3 of the hill. I AM a runner by nature, but I never ran straight up such a steep hill. Well, as I AM always shifting, I AM now guided to begin with it and my body really desired this. I knew it will be a challenge, like always when we are expanding. But when the threshold is broken, a lighter energy begins.

So I trusted my guidance, and I ended up dividing my run into three thirds. I ran 1/3 each, and each one was shorter than the one before, but harder. I stopped during each third, and did some gentle stretching on the bench and guess what .. I did it! I managed to run all the way up the top. And not only that! I meditated on the top with the view of my Mountains, and then I ran down the hill, while also making a whole circle around my village as well.

Then I came by the water, and I spontaneously began creating stone art! I created 2 stone figurines, a man and a woman looking towards the Mountains and the water, and then I created a sacred stone grid mandala with the Essence of merging of the Beloveds, the meeting and blending of the Divine masculine and feminine. This was something I painted just a day ago, and it was so beautifully aligned. After each of my creations, the Sun started peeking through the clouds, always encouraging me and giving me validation of Spirit guidance. After I was done, I almost went back, but I found this stone with a letter "A" engraved in it. I was so happy, and I immediately knew where to put it ... in front of the sacred stone grid. For me, this means Aurea/Aureon, the sacred Beloved connection of my I AM Presence and my inner Divine masculine and feminine.

I felt so happy as I finished, but it was not over yet ... oh, no! With me, excitement never ends. I found these two huge stones of a unique shape, and Spirit showed me to paint them with Elven faces of a man and a woman, just like in my Beloved paintings. I was so excited, but also looking at them with awe as they were so big, and I was still a long way from home. What the heck ... I decided to carry them, and I was amazed at how strong I can be if truly inspired and eager. I carried them both, one in each hand. Now they have to be painted, and the flow of my inner Soul inspiration continues. Yes, what a day, huh!?!
A new doorway is opening, can You feel it? 

The next day I also made photos of my stone Art. I finally made some photos of my most recent Elven Nature Art, the Light grids that I AM often guided to make! The first one represents two Beings, a husband and a wife, looking at the water and all the endless possibilities together.

The second one represents the coming together and merging of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. The masculine descends down, as the feminine rises up, which is the archetype of the chalice and the blade. Together they create a magical Divine child, through the Union of their One Whole Being. This is the emanation of 9x3 (three levels of mastery and completion within Divine trinity of Perfection), which adds up to 27 in numerology. There is a Heart in the middle, and a triangle on top of it. The numerology matches 10 pieces on each side of the feminine/masculine Essence (representing their wholeness of both left-right sides within), and there are 33 circles around them in the ring of the mandala, which represents Self mastery in Christ.

I wasn't searching for any pieces of these stones, for they just made themselves known naturally. The stone with a letter "A" inscription, which I used as well, represents my Twin Soul Essence name, which means The Golden One, birthed through the Realms of Illuminated Truth. I so love this grid and now the Mountain beach is almost my own property. 

Here is one of my Mountain beaches. It is already filled with many of my Light grid creations, and I AM sure more will come soon now in the coming of Spring time. I love doing this so much! 

So definitely I AM stepping through a new door, a powerful Gateway of the New, and I receive messages and visions constantly. 

And look at that doorway! It is ancient and deep! Now ... let's have a short "intuition in practice" exercise and see what messages come along the way. I took a picture of this old wooden door of this tiny old lodge which I love to visit and sit there for hours. I felt there is a message here ... so let's try!

When You look at this door, what is the first thing that You notice? Is it the door itself, its color, its structure or how they look? Go with the first and true intuitive impression that You receive as a feeling within? Before You read my guidance, feel into your own Soul messages that arise with the image.

If You are drawn to the door itself in its basic simplicity, your message could be about a new opening and new beginnings. Something is there, but it also might be something You have previously overlooked, as the door is not new, so it's something that might present itself in a new way, and You need to be open. Relax and enjoy your life ... let things unfold in a natural order.

If You are drawn to its color, it is all about green. This is a pale version of green, as the door is pretty old. This means that something green in your life needs a bit of refreshment. It might be your diet (go green), your healing, abundance (money), etc. Go with the first impression from within and then create more renewal in that area to activate more of wholeness! If You are drawn to its structure, your message is about something in your life ending before a new beginning can take place. The door's structure is very old and it's crumbling, for no one is maintaining it, so You probably need to attend to yourself and treat yourself with some TLC ASAP (tenderness/love/care ... as soon as possible). Something needs your attention at this time and it can only come from a place of Divine Love and nurture. Let things fall away, there is no need to hold on to anything! Spring is already here energetically! If You are drawn to how the door looks in general, You might read all of the messages above and see the common thread of all of the above. It's about something that wants to come to attention at this time, and your Soul wants to give You some kind of a message. Don't worry about how You should tune into it, and rather focus on how You can approach the New with more sense of Joy and Self fulfillment.

I hope these messages resonate and bring You some joyful inspiration as well!

And don't forget to stay in your own perfect bubble of Love as well! And then use that feeling to share more of You with the rest of the world! Life is about sharing. No matter how deeply rooted we are in our Presence, the real beauty and Magic of our Being takes place when we share and when we make our journeys One. There is nothing like connecting through the Higher Heart of Divine Love.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Here is my video about all of the New and unknown, which we are co-creating through our Soul Essences:

I also made a video about our shifting desires in the New, as so much is changing: