Thursday, March 20, 2014

My path as a wayshower

Dear Beloveds!

Recently I was asked how I find the time to do all that I do. Well, it is true ... I create a lot, and lately this is expanding more and more. I AM taping into a vast ocean of Divine potential. The key is, that I exist without the confines of physical limitations such as time, etc. Of course, we are always moving even deeper into transcendence, but the reason why I have so much free space to create as I do, is because I allow myself to live limitation free. I believe only in the freedom of Being. That is why I don't limit how much I can create and how to do it. I just flow with the natural rhythm of my Soul and its guidance. Spirit has shared with me one day in meditation, the keyword for what I AM. It gently whispered to me: "The giver of life." We are all givers of life, but do we live it? Do we activate that aspect and seed/Source potential of our Divine Self and bring it into conscious co-creation?

The other reason is because my focus is where I want it to be. I don't distract myself with things that are not authentic to my Soul, so that I can have more space to fill it with my unique Soul Essence. I AM not distracted by many other external things like many people are, or giving my power away to anything that is denser than my true awareness. I used to, but I live in a different state of Being now, and that is why I AM so highly inspired and rich from within. I get new ideas on what to create, share and ponder on daily, and there are no limits. This is what our personal Ascension journey is all about ... infinite expansion.

I like to call this being "hyper", but there is more behind it than just that name/definition. I call it being a "Power Soul", which came to me through Spirit a few years ago, and I was shown the whole nature and purpose of such Souls in Existence. It also means that I AM constantly tuned into the higher realms of Being, so my energy is not so condensed and conserved. Just recently, I was reading about this and volunteer Souls in one of the "Convoluted Universe" series from Dolores Cannon. A lot of volunteer Souls have this, and we are now being merged with other (even higher) aspects of us, which makes our energy even more "hyper."

As more of our multidimensionality is embodied, the more this takes place in perfect flow. For me and many others, this is nothing special or out of the ordinary ... I just AM this way, and at the same time also expanding so much more into that which I AM in my Soul awareness. Remember, what we are capable of is limitless, and it's all about our awareness and our perception, not about something external. This is no special miracle ... just a miracle of Life and constantly being pregnant with all of Creation!

We create through feeling. I always had a huge and wild imagination, and even my personal humor comes through imagining funny and bizarre scenarios. Why is having and nurturing our imagination so important for our personal expansion? When we become aware of the fact that everything we can think of is not imaginary, because it can be felt and expressed as Divine potential, we also begin to understand more about how we actually create. Whatever we can think of, it already exists. Everything begins as a Divine vision, and everything that can be imagined can actually become an actual reality/experience. What will be created is that which will hold the most Divine potential and will benefit all of Life in Creation. Those who know how to dream, also understand why they are doing it.

As a child and teenager, I constantly engaged in daydreaming, but the further I went into the programming of the system, the more I stopped doing it. When I was a little girl, I used to play like we are a group Beings, not just one person, and I used to create the most beautiful of things. After my awakening, and especially now with my path of Elven Art, I can finally bring my Divine vision into a more tangible form. Working with the elements and the beauty of Nature through sacred Divine Principles of Creation opens up my highly aware channels of Light, and I can dream anything into a reality. Daydreaming is not the same as getting lost in constant dreaming and not being fully present and grounded. To consciously dream a higher vision into form is not the same as denying the current reality and dream of being something else. It means to work with the current aspect of Creation in balanced co-operation and co-creation.

Conscious daydreaming begins when we start tapping into the superconsciouss and our infinite Divine potential, and we do that so naturally once we connect to our Soul and begin to bring our Soul awareness into this body form. Daydreaming is also very crucial for enhancing the value and purpose of Divine Trust, which means that we never give up on what we internally perceive as our highest possible reality. Of course, that might change as we are expanding, but it will always be the highest expression in the Now moment. Through daydreaming, we create through feeling, not just with words and intent, which is the most powerful form of creating, and a lot of us are now stepping up in this. We are taking back our power and imagining the unimaginable into form!

We are now in a few weeks of Mercury moving through the water sign of Pisces, so it's time to dream a little dream ... of One! Nurture your dreams and never give up on them, no matter how "bizarre" they might feel ... because deep down your Soul knows and it remembers the real You.

As an Ascension Pioneer (and with all the energy upgrades and alignments), our minds and inspirations might often be racing like crazy, but the Heart guidance just wants to rest and Be, to receive a clearer and more balanced perspective. A lot of us are now constantly looking for more balance, trying different things and various approaches. As volunteer Souls, it is not always easy being in a body that seems so dense to us, and we are definitely not used to it. Our Spirit is way up high, and our Soul awareness is not always aligned with our body and current planetary evolution/paradigm.

During the time of intense energy switches (upgrades), we will be asked to attend to that, so that our energy will be gradually becoming more and more aligned with our body and vice versa. Remember that this is all just an "experiment" of how to infiltrate more Light into this Human vessel, and begin a new consciousness paradigm. We decided to come here and do this from inside out. It is a process and it's all Divinely guided. Yes, it's an inside "job", but we are also asked to take a lighter approach and see it as a beautiful game. There are no errors and mistakes, we are just trying different things and approaches, bringing it back to all of Divinity. With this, All That Is learns through the infinite creations and expressions of form as well. 

Just by Being who are truly are and bringing our energy here to this planet, the whole of Existence benefits, and can use this for the creation of something New. The more we are activated in this awareness, the more conscious memory we have of this and our path as a volunteer Soul. We have to be patient a lot of the time, as we can find ourselves racing super fast sometimes, which is what I personally call being "hyper." There is nothing wrong with us, we are just adjusting to this life in physical existence and opening the gateway for a new way of Being, and it's important to do this gradually, step by step. It is all a beautiful process of Earth's evolution and we chose to be a part of it and consciously participate in it.

Through layers of our expansion, the whole of Life is blossoming like a beautiful flower ... and flying to new heights like a magnificent butterfly.

To be a hermit is so important from time to time. My Spirit guidance today says "timeout" many times now! Every once and a while, we need a day when we completely unplug from all of the external and move deep into the waters of our Soul. 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Sometimes spending some time on your "blanky" outside in Nature is the best "medicine" and anchor of the Now!

These are my videos about conscious co-creation: