Monday, December 30, 2013

My full surrender into the path of Self

Dear Beloveds!

Do You ever find yourself complaining about your path, your purpose, or question the fact that You are here on Earth at this time? Many individuals don't feel like they belong here, and some even wish to escape this reality because of a strong longing to go "Home", but please never forget that everything in Creation is complete Divine Perfection, and since everything is of Source ... everything is Divine, including You/Me/everyone being here. Instead of questioning yourself and your path, remember the oath that You made before coming here ... the oath to serve the Truth that You know on a very deep Soul level ... in your own unique way. And by serving it, You honor it ... and You honor yourself and all of Life in Creation.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My enlightened relationships

Dear Beloveds!

This is my new Elven crown called "Higher Heart" and it's as magenta and gold as my room. How do I wear it? When the Higher Heart is activated, everything is always seen from a higher perspective, with full awareness. In these last days of this energetic year, may we all sweep up with the last remaining old patterns, self imposed limitations and sabotaging beliefs ... while at the same time not forgetting to see everything through a higher vision, a sense of humor and a playful Heart. The last days of the year are always meant for introspection and wrapping things up. That is why most of us are guided to spend them in the quiet and solitude of the Self ... seeking something bigger while in communion with a higher presence of our Beloved I AM. A lot of this is coming to us through our most intimate relationships.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas Holiday

Dear Beloveds!

I love the Joy that simple things bring. This is what the Christmas Holiday is truly about for me personally. I AM focused only on the inner Christ, as a devotee of the Golden-White Light ... and this Holiday season and on this Christ-Mass I AM focusing on fully merging with this Light. Dissolving into the Golden Ray of inner Christ!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My planetary role & fellow Ascension Pioneers

Dear Beloveds!

As You might know, there are many "volunteer Souls" on this planet Now, answering the call of the Divine, in order to assist within the grand shift that is occurring on this planet. They are all Souls who are in Divine service, answering their inner Soul callings and feeling like they have a higher/grander purpose on this planet. This is a planet where one comes to master the lessons of duality, and move into the realms of understanding the true nature of polarity and the Principle of Creation called the Principle of polarity. This is activated when we remember and integrate our general awareness about all Creation being built through the principle of opposing polarities. Many who are now incarnating in this realm of Existence already know this. They don't need to learn it, and it's nothing new to them, because it's in their Soul awareness already. These are the "New" Souls, the ones who came here particularly at this very special time, when a mass shift called the "Ascension" is taking place. It is very important for these Souls to activate their Soul codes, which lead them to living out their Divine purpose in a fully empowered way.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My 12-12 experience

Dear Beloveds!

Oh my gosh, I was moongazing yesterday, and this Full Moon in Gemini is absolutely amazing! It is so big and bright, with interesting Star alignments/positions accompanying Her. I put all of my crystals outside to charge on a cold winter night before the Full Moon, and I was unable to turn my eyes away from it, so I just stood there on the cold air and watching it ... it is that gorgeous ... with crystal clear skies, crispy winter air and white Mountains in the back. I felt just like in a movie set ... and one can only dream of such an amazing eye candy and Divine beauty. Did You know that this Full Moon falls just between the 12-12 and 21-12, which makes it even more special and intense? It is one of the most intense Full Moons for me, and although there was lots of body cleansing accompanying it, it feels truly good within as well. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My infinite Trust

Dear Beloveds!

I would love to share one beautiful example of how Divine Trust works through surrender and letting go. This example is about a Soul painting which I agreed to do for someone who ordered it for her office a while ago. It is a Soul painting called "Divine remembrance" which I created for a Divine companion who approached me with this request: "Hi Polona, I appreciate all of the guidance and insight you share; it's so wonderful that you're sharing your journey; thank you! I am contacting you because I am a therapist at a rape crisis center in Kansas City, Missouri. I get to work with children and adults who have experienced sexual abuse & assault. I'm interested in new art work for my office and would like something that is high vibrational and meaningful. My intent for the painting would be something to the effect of helping them remember, "you're whole and perfect," despite consciously forgetting their truth, which brings them to my office. If at any point in time this service feels right to you, I'd love to purchase a painting that you create. I appreciate you. Thank you."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My happy life

Dear Beloveds!

We are almost before the end of the year. Gosh, 2013 sure was a biggie! What a powerful year! Just before we enter it, we had the last New Moon of the year in Sagittarius, and it was one of the best times to capture the Essence of everything that we wish to create on our journey further on, moving into the new energetic year and beyond. On this beautiful day and energy of the New Moon, I woke up from such an amazing dream. It felt so good, and it was so hard for me to wake up to this reality. I feel it's a powerful message when we dream such dreams on the day of the New Moon.