Saturday, April 12, 2014

My expansion into new adventures

Dear Beloveds!

I AM currently on a path of Soul expansion through the world of color. I AM a Self student of Aura-Soma bit by bit, in a natural spontaneous flow. I just feel how something New wants to be birthed through me, and I AM being pushed into it by taking some more time for that and to reflect and observe what comes through, while leaving some of the old behind. I went through a phase of so much work and preparation lately, and Now I AM just guided to feel through everything I was doing and creating, to explore my options and expand further. This is how it is, an artist always needs to reflect on its masterpiece after creating it ... and this is how we bring consciousness into all that we create through awareness. I also worked with my Aura-Soma oracle, and it showed me the archetype of the High Priestess, so holding the space of the sacred feminine energy, and allowing all else to enter on its own by simply being aware.

I will not be online that much, as my Soul is guiding me to explore some new options and ways of Being. This is the message for this Now ... for everyone who tunes into it and feels it through their own Heart resonance. We have a Virgo Moon Now, which is perfect for organizing ourselves and getting it together in a new way, which includes our daily habits and routines, how we take care of ourselves and whether we are open to Self nurture. We can all explore new options at this time, especially if some of the old and outworn ones simply no longer fit us. And we will always receive new inspiration out in Nature ... we only have to trust!

I AM having so much fun outside in Nature, taking some time "offline" and retreating from it all, so that I can find a renewed sense of balance within the expanded New. This is how I continue to receive more inner guidance and my connection with Spirit strengthens. Happy times ... exciting new trails!

Yesterday I answered a calling that I had for a while now. I wanted to visit the Twin lakes in Italy, as they just kept calling me. Can You believe it ... only 2,7 kilometers to amazingly beautiful Italian lakes from our border with Slovenia. We were enjoying our day, unwinding from all the intensity of the shifting times. It feels really good to not always be so busy and headstrong, and to nurture the inner child which always desires to live in constant Magic and awe of new adventures. 

It took only as little to hop across the border, but it shifted so much energy and it was so much fun!

I love discovering new hiking trails, and this is how my inner child is instantly nurtured and feels deeply appreciated. 27 is also the number of my personal Divine Reunion, so when I saw this number on the touristic board when I was cross country skiing here a while ago ... I just knew I had to take this trail and visit the lakes. What a beautiful day it was, full of Nature adventures and messages.

This is me visiting one of my favorite Mountain lakes in Italy. This is one of the places where the portal energy is strongly felt. The weather was partially cloudy, and not a Soul was there. These are most precious times, because it's so quiet and it feels like it's just You and Mother Nature ... breathing together as One! And I managed to hold the space for some rays of the Sun as well. The Sun always shines on me, wherever I go!
I also captured a moment of perfection. What does this image represent to You? To me it feels like I have captured utter Peace and Stillness of the Now, where everything that is not truly important fades away.
I fell in love with this rock on my trip to the lakes. This is another messenger rock and it holds much Spirit guidance. So let us play our game "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?" I see a ram ... a sign of Aries, which symbolizes the drive and ambition, the strength and ability to be able to penetrate through everything and transcend anything. What do You see? Know that whatever it is, it perfectly reflects your Soul at this time.
We also saw a huge Mountain avalanche there. There is such Magic of the moment Present, when You are able to see a natural "phenomenon" such as a Mountain avalanche from up close, while listening to and feeling its majesty. In such a profound moment You can really feel the call of Creation. You feel so humbled and small, but at the same time no less important than that almighty avalanche. What starts off as a tiny patch of snow, might have a profound ripple effect in the end, and it will also cause all the surrounding rocks and stones to be carried along with it.

A message of this event: We might feel tiny and small at times, but we are truly big and majestic, and our Soul emanations are very important and they effect everything and everyone around us. What a powerful wake-up call!

My daily inspiration also comes through synchronicity and Magic. It is a short story of how synchronicity is always our constant companion and it always works in our favor. How many times do we tell ourselves that "this" can never happen to us, that it would almost be as if it's impossible? Just because we didn't yet have a certain type of experience, it doesn't mean that it won't cross our path in Divine timing and perfect Soul alignment eventually. So many times we set ourselves to self limitation, and we say that things cannot happen in such and such way. How about making the impossible possible, through always living with a sense of Magic and wonder? When we are in awe and silent anticipation of Spirit Mystery, we are always living in a state of Bliss. When we define what is possible and what is not, we only sabotage ourselves. Nothing is actually impossible, and we are the conscious co-creator and participant of our reality! Nothing just randomly happens to us ... we create it!

Recently I was contacted online by someone locally, who we have seen many times on our walks out in Nature. I was simply astonished by how this person could find me online amongst so many people, as no one here truly knows my name or my personal data. The odds would be more in favor to us meeting outside in Nature, while randomly saying "hello", and yet there it was ... the more "improbable" way actually occurred. And it was right after we went to a Nature trip and we had this discussion how certain things never happen to us and asking ourselves about how they could actually happen. You know the kind of "let Go let God" examples, when all we can do is surrender and always be open do Divine surprises. Well, shortly after we had our confirmation that everything is possible and that the Divine always orchestrates things, including our Higher Self, which knows everything and all that is best for us in perfect Divine alignment.

All we need is infinite patience and trust that build towards ultimate Faith in the Divine ... and an open/pure Heart of a Magical child!

My inner child was really loud lately. I AM so proud of everything that I created in such a short timing, and even my friend told me how fast I AM in all that I do. I created so many products and Art in a very short time, but at the same time this kept me in a constant flow of doing energy, which Now need to be more balanced and integrated into a New frequency of Divine service through even more Joy and always following the path of "easy does it." Simplicity is Key! And sometimes we just have to relax and enjoy the view!

And Now I wish to share a short lesson through observing Mother Nature and what it reflects back at us through the world of color and Spirit messages. There are primroses growing everywhere now, but usually they are yellow here and these are the only Pink ones that were standing out. So I took it as a tiny "miracle" and I wanted to look up its message and meaning.

I checked my Aura-Soma tarot and the combination of yellow (conscious level) and pink (unconscious level) is a number 22 in this tarot, which is here represented as the archetype of "The Fool." The booklet says: "The awakened Fool. Seeing in a new way. Step out of the shadow of the past, many lessons have been learned. The student becomes the teacher, the teacher becomes the student." This is a Rebirther's bootle, and it means awakening, new perspective and rebirth.

The image of the card shows a young man with a staff, a golden bag and a dog at its feet. This is so synchronous, as I just met a young man with a dog. There is a dove above this man's head, so this represents connection with Spirit and awakening. The golden bag that he holds in his hand speaks of a Gift. He might bring a new gift to us, and it will probably be an exchange of gifts and blessings. The dog also represents loyalty, so it's someone who is honest and loyal, and it's also about unconditional love and Self acceptance. Wow, Spirit speaks to us so loudly when we are open to receive from All That Is! How does this message reflect your own path at this time?

We all need more harmony and balance at this time. I captured the most perfect image of natural symbiosis. It reflects perfect balance of the masculine energy, which is strong and supportive, and feminine energy, which is nurturing and life giving. I love it, and so I thanked this tree by gently rubbing it and telling it how good it is!

During the next few days and leading up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on April 15th, the Grand Cardinal alignment will be the most exact/direct. It happens in 13 degrees of four cardinal signs and shifting planets, which are Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn! I AM wishing You a happy transition into the New! We are making our inner Christ (inner Sun) manifest and embodied! We made a sacred stone mandala in the name of the perfect alignment today!

So ... how are You experiencing this current transition? The flow of shifting energy is really intense at this time, and we might even resist it at first, but it will just keep getting stronger and pulling us further on and deeper within. Being resistant to change simply doesn't serve us at this time. How do we deal with this inner shift in a way that it will mirror the outer changes that we are guided to make through our Soul guidance? It can be very simple! Whenever we notice ourselves pushing for a change, but constantly acting a certain way that keeps repeating itself, in a way that we keep creating a lot of "same ol", we can see that we keep getting the same result. 

Lots of action doesn't always produce change and a desired result. Doing less and Being more is Key Now, and it is more a matter of how we do it. When we will change the approach to our reality, things will finally be able to change through higher awareness. Control issues will only keep us in the old, while devotion to the Soul will keep inviting us into expansion. Even flowers push through the soil eventually, and so will we. Listen to your Heart! It is as simple as that! Which call will we answer?

May You enjoy this time of the most intense transition we went through in the recent years of our awakening and ascending journey!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. My personal oracle that consists of tiny Gateway paintings and shares guidance from the "Realms of Illuminated Truth" finally got its brand new add on ... a custom made knitted bag to hold the cards. It is lavender color of Spirit connection with a Magenta Spiral which is all about the journey of Divine Love, which is my personal Soul purpose. It is so professionally made ... me and my mom are such a good team! Woohoo!!!