Monday, October 20, 2014

My New Light influx

Dear Beloveds!

We just had an X-class Solar flare this Sunday! This one was huge, because it also culminated and harnessed the energy of all the previous flares that we have received during the Eclipse gateway! There is so much coming to the surface Now, right before the Solar Eclipse, which will counter balance the energy that we received from the Lunar Eclipse ... each of us in our own unique way. The Eclipse serves like a gateway, and I recently received a short visual from Spirit, on how we can bring our personal shifts more into focus and Soul alignment. When we hold a stronger focus, our shifts have a greater power and clarity. Working with the energy of focus is not the same as working hard, stressing over something and worrying. Focus merely serves as an anchor point, so that we hold the Light of awareness for the Soul to come more into conscious embodiment.

The visual that we can hold for ourselves Now, is walking through a doorway/gateway, pulling a red (or any other royal color of our choice) carpet in front of us, communing with our Ascension guides on both sides, the left and the right. We are walking and we see how we are receiving guidance from both directions, and how our Cosmic Heart and Mind are merging as One. We are receiving from both and we are harmonizing our lower bodies. We intend to have all the clarity and focus on our path straight ahead, and we are guided only by Divine Love and Truth. We deeply feel the Presence of our Ascension team and we know that we are receiving all the proper guidance and direction for what is shifting for us during this powerful Eclipse gateway, and that we will perfectly know how to co-create with it in perfect Divine timing.

I share about this in this video:

It was a resting day on the beach for me this Sunday. We had an X-class Solar flare and the energy was really high on the rise! I have chosen to work with a beautiful combination of Gold and White, which is the Light of the Ascension Flame. These are actually tangerine quartz, which is great for working with the golden ray, and Green quartz, which was an additional Gift, so I thought they make lovely Divine companions. I was resting and meditating with them, and the energy felt so soothing and at the same time, I woke up feeling a bit dizzy ... so the energy was definitely working its Magic! We are walking towards a powerful Solar Eclipse this week!

There is a lot going on energetically. Today I was strongly called to go out into the Mountain wilderness and be all by myself. It was so beautiful to listen to my own voice of the Soul. With all the Eclipse intensity, I AM guided to spend more time in my Mountains again. They are just calling me, and the Heart skips a beat only when I look at them and their majestic walls.

I was playing outside ... there is so much to discover and to create when we know how to unplug and listen to our soft Heart!

One of my most favorite Elven pastimes is sitting under a Larch tree and Being in the Presence of Great Majesty. The pulsating waves of Divine Magic and inner Joy do not need much to always keep burning ... only our conscious attendance. We merely need to show up! 

In general, there have been some interesting Solar flares recently, sparkling up our internal shifts! To be honest, I don't even follow any news or reports, because my Soul shows me everything through feeling and direct Spirit attunement. We are Now able to move away from external reports and various perspectives into the depth of our inner Soul Union and our own perspective. Our Souls are already connected to the eternal spark of the "I AM"/Spirit Self, so we simply need to align with our Souls in order to receive a direct streaming of that Light information. 

We do that by simply trusting that all that we need to know can be found in our Core center, received straight through the Cosmic Heart. There is not one single thread of information that we can miss out on, unless it's not needed for our current path and evolution. Not everyone is ready for that way of living and many still rely on external sources of information, and that is okay. There is no rush to become the vessel of Divine knowing. It is a Soul choice and it always waits for us to accept that Divine Truth and begin to live it in utter Faith.

There is such a powerful stream of Light running through the Core magnetic of our Being at this time. This is moving us even deeper into our Self Union, which will be the theme of this upcoming Solar Eclipse, which happens in 0 degrees of Scorpio (depth of feeling and Union) on October 23rd. I AM already feeling into how amazing this feels, and we will all embody a new level that is appropriate for us and where we are in our own Soul's Ascension.

We are all born of the White Mother's Flame!

Here is my latest Light activation for cellular Ascension:  

We need to learn to listen to our bodies. They are so intelligent and each cell in our body has the potential to become attuned to the Great Cosmic Wisdom. We don't need external authorities to tell us what to feel and how to behave. Our bodies know exactly when to create, when to rest and when to play. They are attuned to the Universal cycles of all Life in Creation. Our bodies feel everything, so we simply need to open up to that feeling side of Life and our bodies can become Divinely intelligent, always intrinsically connected with each particle of Creation through our Soul.

They know which people are good company for us and which are not, they know what to immerse into and what to avoid, and they know what physical nourishment is the most appropriate for us. When we know when to move with the fiery energy, meditate and ponder through our airy nature and rest in the flow of our inner waters of life, we also connect to the element of earth, and we become grounded in our Soul Essence here on the planet. This is how we merge all the basic 4 elements inside of us and harmonize the inner polarities of our Being.

We are Now integrating the most recent Solar flare energy, which brought us pure liquid Magic from Source, the Grand Central Sun always sparkling up with new Divine potential.

This weekend we were integrating so much of the New in our bodies and there was a need for some time off before the next wave comes during the upcoming Solar Eclipse this week! I was taking a weekend off as well, going hiking in the Mountains ... allowing my physical body to replenish and anchor the New!

I had the most amazing day in the Mountains this weekend. The trip that I decided to take led me to an interesting adventure which I will share in my upcoming video. Everything was like one big synchronicity. I went into the unknown and found the most beautiful Mountain crystals, such that I have never ever seen before. I AM used to white sparkly ones, but these are very dark. They told me that they are "I AM" stones, and they hold the colors of earth, which means deeply grounding the Light of Spirit in the physical. Later I also found Pink shinny ones, which was another new edition to my collection. I gathered so many, and it was so intense to carry them all, but I AM able to carry mass amounts of heavy weight, so it was challenging but doable.

Lately a lot of people are asking me about my crystal Mountain stones, and since I now found so many in different colors and energy Essence, I will soon make them available for purchase, which means that they will be available to all who are called by them as well. This will all be done through my upcoming new web page "Serapina Light". I have a lot of work to do, so please be patient with me. I will share more about the crystal stones as soon as I can!

I actually had an amazing "stone" week ... I found so many and I AM seeing how I AM connecting to this realm of Creation more and more. Stones are ancient, they hold so much energy. They bring me so much Magic!

Look at these amazing walls! They have so much crystal Magic in them! And such diversity!

We found this beautiful crystalline stone on our hike through the Mountain valley. It is so pure and white. I wonder what energy You will receive from it.

I just wish to share some Mountain crystal Magic with You.

And this is the Angelic crystalline stone which I found last week. It constantly made me think of Angels and feel their Presence. All the stones that I found that day carried Angelic energy, which triggered me to create Angelic Serapina Art. How lovely their influence is!

I then found this beautiful big and red Heart stone in the Mountains. I see a writing in it, and I AM wondering what You can see or feel in it. It simply wanted to be on the photo!

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

It was a long way up ... and an even longer one down.

I AM in serious need of rest ... and then more Mountains!

What about You?

How does your body feel Now?

With all this flaring Now, we need super good body nutrition, besides proper rest and meditation time. We can assist ourselves with superfoods. What are really superfoods? Spirit has shown me a vision to get a deeper perspective on why superfoods have such a powerful effect on our physical bodies. Superfoods are those forms of creation that have not lost their original Divine blueprint/sacred geometry in physical form, so they are of a higher vibration than most of the other foods on this planet at this time. These have not "fallen" in their density, and that is why most of them are antiviral and antibacterial. They contain a form of pure sacred geometry, and when we invite them into our bodies, we introduce our cells to the Light patterning of their structure and Divine nature. As You know, many indigenous people have been using superfoods already in their culture and it was their natural way of living in Oneness with Nature, and with doing so, they have been more in tune with themselves.

Many of the plants and remedies that they used still hold the same structure of pure Creation, unlike most of the altered, modified, processed and genetically modified forms of food. When we introduce superfoods to our body, we begin to re-pattern the cells from the outside, while at the same time, we begin to alter it from the inside. The process of cellular Ascension is an "inside job" and these sacred plants and remedies are only a trigger, as they assist our bodies to raise their vibration. When this is done, we become more transparent and aware, so more of our Soul can begin to alchemize through our physical body. The main Core in energy form still needs to be addressed, as the main Soul alchemy begins to take place when we begin transforming from deep within.

I was enjoying my raw apple strudel on the beach this weekend. This is my favorite vegan desert by far!

And to wrap it up with Love ... I found these two Divine lovers. They are like two peas in a pod, coming together for a greater meaning and purpose within the Great Divine Plan of Perfection. They fit together so perfectly and so naturally. Together they form a Cosmic Heart Essence of utter Purity and devotion to service in wholeness. Together they enter a deeper sense of Unity and become One.

And here is one perfect yin/yang example as well!

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my video on the Christed path and rites of passage: