Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Venus & Divine union with Source

Dear Beloveds!

Today I got a double message from Venus. The first one was right before waking up, and she was saying something about still being retrograde, but nonetheless, the passion of the Heart is to be ignited at all times. Then I got it in my Goddess oracle as well, where the Venus card represents the "Lovers" in traditional tarot. The message is about igniting our inner passion, the flame of Soul creativity and preparing for all Divine relationships based on purity and Spirit integrity. The message couldn't be any clearer for me, and this just follows along the lines of what I AM receiving for the past couple of days through the "Two of cups" ... the archetype of intimate inner union.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Year of the Horse

Dear Beloveds!

This week, we are moving into a Chinese year of the horse, and at the same time there will be a New Moon in Aquarius on the 30th of January, plus Venus going direct again on 31st. This ushers in the potential for new beginnings in a big way, with more freedom and clarity of the "big picture". The month of February will be a fast forward moving month and the first one to begin this trend, and so this is when our year will actually begin to unfold in greater ways. Until then, we are still preparing with whatever we need to adjust and assimilate until a faster pace begins. Even some astrologers are saying that the month of February will bring in a new speed and intensity. In order to be in alignment with the New, we have to be New from within. What does that mean? It simply means that we need to be as authentic in our Soul as we can. When we reside in Soul, we are well prepared for Self mastery and attainment.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My next expansion

Dear Beloveds!

Did You feel a huge shift this weekend? The shift deals with our internal expansion, and how we see ourselves and the world around us, how we value our personal desires and the way we view ourselves as always being there for others instead of ourselves first. This is about our own guidance for the desires we wish to make real. There needs to be more focus on that now, for we are all sort of moving up the ladder and entering a new level of our Being. I have felt this shift strongly for the past couple of days, because I began to desire more personal freedom. Sometimes being online and sharing so much can have its consequences, and it shows on your personal life, especially in not always having enough time/devotion to your own personal projects and goals. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My path of least resistance

Dear Beloveds!

What Magic we can create, if we step away from all the "need to" and "must" and stop resisting ... while fully surrendering and embracing the flow of Life completely, and realizing that personal freedom to express our Soul comes first, and should always be our top priority on our Ascension journey. After the most recent wave of integration, I stepped deeper into pure allowance of what Is, instead of creating resistance of the flow in the Now. And after the intense shift, I AM having the most amazing days of peaceful bliss and creativity. Here is an example of just how much we can create in a day, if we stop resisting the flow of what Is and wants to be born out of us!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The fullness of Self acceptance

Dear Beloveds!

I AM observing something on this day of the Full Moon in Cancer. Cancer rules our feeling side of Life and emotional comfort, so I wish to address this now. I AM observing how often people not just contact me, but want to share with me all kinds of things, personal likes, links and their own stories. Here is what my Spirit wants to share through me about this. If we are not fully expressing ourselves and sharing in a creative way while being of Divine service, we will suppress a part of our full Divinity, and at a certain point this will want to come out. If we are not yet fully Self expressive (I mean truly transparent in our Soul), we will tend to form opinions and want to lead discussions about something or someone else, because we won't be fully present where we truly need to Be ... Home ... within our own Soul. For example, many people who constantly feel the need to discuss things, have not yet found a way to fully Be Soul expressive. When we are, we won't care about any kinds of opinions, for our chalice will be fully supporting the Divine creativity flowing through us. That is why You see some people who are constantly creating, and others who are still preventing themselves in some way or another ... from truly stepping in their Self empowerment. When You are fully Source driven, all You wish to do is share the Love and not opinions or arguments, and You only wish to serve/create through your Soul uniqueness.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My fresh New start

Dear Beloveds!

This year's NY is deeply felt in a way like never before. After this year began and the integration of the Golden Ray of Christ, Spirit has presented me with a few basic situations, where I had the chance to either play along within the old ... or choose totally anew. These were some main trigger points for me in the "past", and I knew them by hard already, while I had the choice to react from the old, or respond within the New. Each time, I have passed my initiation, and felt so much bliss after, along with inner confidence, and a huge confirmation about my/our personal Ascension journey. It is amazing how much I/we have expanded, and I AM wondering if You are noticing the same inner/outer changes as well, while observing your personal Spirit initiations.

My feeding in the Light

Dear Beloveds!

With the latest shift in energy, I AM observing some deep changes in my body, which deal with food and our diet. I AM a "vegan" for a couple of years, and I would not imagine it any other way. I was never into dense foods, but now I don't want any dense food, and I crave so much more freshness and life. Denser foods make me feel clogged up and dried up. The body just naturally knows what a new level of vibration needs. With each energy shift, our bodies are being rewired and our cells need to integrate a new level of Cosmic Light. As we get more Light in the body, our feeding desires shift as well ... because our diet directly mirrors our physical embodiment of that Light. This deals with both food quality and quantity. We desire less foods, and these of higher quality and organic ... instead of more and poor in quality and nutritional value. But mostly, this shifts is awareness, as eating in the Light means eating in awareness ... within Truth (capital "T")!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My yearly Spirit reading for 2014

Dear Beloveds!

Yesterday I created a yearly reading, which is a not a prediction, but merely a reading on further opportunities for our expansion into the Self that we truly are ... Now and already. I created a reading composed of 12 yearly messages of Divine Love and awareness, which are all about our interactions with the world and our relationships, as we walk our path. This reading comes from the Love tarot. Then I created additional messages composed of; a general Ascension message, Angelic messages, messages from our Galactic - multidimensional selves, and Earthly-grounded messages about our daily pursuits and creativity.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New 7 Universal year

Dear Beloveds!

Happy New Year, my Beloved Family of Divine Love! I love how this 7 Universal year began. With a powerful big bang! I love number 7, it has always been my number! I was so happy on my first day of the year, visiting my favorite Mountain valley. All true happiness is real only in the Now. There is no "what once was", and looking back at what was with longing does not bring true Presence. When we wish for what was, we are being sentimental in a way that makes us miss something instead of embracing what is. This way, we might be missing all the opportunities that are right in front of us. We can only look back from the Now, in order to engage in deep introspection for what our Now carries, consciously observe what we created (and why) through awareness. So yes, our past is important, because it has brought us to where we are Now, and that is the only purpose of the past, nothing else. A higher understanding of this is all that we need to truly be anchored in the Now. The same goes with being over enthusiastic about the future, instead of being deeply rooted in the Now and co-creating our future from deep and grounded Presence ... the shortest way to Bliss and Joy of the Soul! May your creations always be in the Now!