Sunday, June 23, 2019

Solstice: Galactic alignment & intelligence, the Summer of Eclipses

Dear Beloveds!

When this month of June began, I heard the words: "June is reserved for the Bridegroom"! How amazing is that? We are in an 18/9 energy month, which translates into the Moon/Hermit in traditional tarot system. This month holds a powerful energy of new openings after quite a stagnant phase for many Beings of Light, or so it may seem. There were two powerful lunations occurring, a Gemini New Moon on June 3rd, and a Sagittarius (Galactic) Full Moon on June 17th. Gemini is a sign of twins/polarity and mastering choice. However, this lunation occurred at a  particular 12th degree of the sign, which is the mark of a healer. It is also the mark of sovereignty, which means that in the 13 count system, 12 represents the final gathering behind the round table, before a point of synthesis can be reached. There's no coincidence why so many Beings of Light had to inspect and review so many of their life situations  and choices, because a fully empowered Gemini energy seeks to liberate and bring that freedom to everything and everyone it comes across.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bithing canal of illumined Union: Mission upgrades, Star Beings & Star Gate work

Dear Beloveds!

What a Life, right!? We are in a 17/8 energy month, which translates into the Star/Strength major arcana meanings in tarot. My gosh, we have some powerful energy and activations happening this month. This month feels so mystical in nature, not just because we are entering a time of Wesak (the Buddha Moon), but also because there are major Star Gates being activated and opened at this time, So many of us are receiving physical contact through Star Being visitations, mission upgrades and additional Soul gifts of Galactic origin being activated within us. The main focus at this time is to follow through the Grand Design through the Mother's sacred Flame, by feeling the calling deep from within. When we answer that call, there is great Magic at our disposal. The Mother Goddess sends a call out, we answer, and then She showers us with Her majestic Gifts. These Gifts are very subtle and refined, and yet they bring us the important reverberations of our mission upgrades. How strongly do we wish to live and serve on this planet? Where are our true interests and what continues to move us forward? These are some very deep questions that will be rising to the surface at this time. The Mother strongly wishes to birth something New through us. This is the time, and we are hearing the call. But are we answering it with all of our Heart?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The circle of Love is complete

Dear Beloveds!

Happy New beginnings of Spring to everyone! The sacred Fire energy is pouring onto the planet quite intensely, and it's using a lot of our inner energy reserves to stay connected and aligned in our bodies. Yes, these are extremely intense times for the physical body and that's why so many people are finding themselves to be changing drastically. The Life Force quotient is increasing, and we have no other choice but to either increase our own or continue to experience all sorts of physical symptoms, such as fatigue, exhaustion or even complete burnout. There is only as much the physical body can take, unless it gradually evolves into a New form of energy expression and processing. Every year around this time we have many powerful changes going on in the energy streams of our lives and the planet, and this year's April is no different. It is a powerful month of so many alignments and alliances that are built through them. The energy is super intense for quite some time Now, and we are in between two powerful Libra Full Moons. The energy Gateway is very potent and beaming with "CHANGE", and yet we are the ones who either make that change happen in our own lives by integrating all that is of the New. This occurs by translating the powerful Cosmic Ray frequencies through the constantly renewing matrices of our bodies. I've recently undergone my own powerful Spirit initiation of total body "revival", experiencing a profound rise in physical immunity and inner sustainability. These are all attributes of our New body and how it fluidly wants to move through the waves of New energies that are continuously being anchored on the planet.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

2019: The Year of Heart illumination

Dear Beloveds!

Happy 2019, everyone! 2019 is a year of bright hopes and Heart illumination! This year began with quite a "Bang", and many of us have literally felt and experienced moving through the "3 days of darkness" and rebirth into the Phoenix energy. This will be a very important transition year of working with the signature frequency of the Phoenix. However, this is not a time to rush into anything. This is a time of Creation through deep conscious Presence and spiritual understanding through mastery. The laws of manifestation are changing, because we are shifting, changing and morphing into a New form. This is not a time of seeking answers and engaging in prophecy. This is a time of Self born initiative, for it is time to become a fully sovereign integral Being born of our own Spirit authority. This is how we create our own "prophecy", by living a Life of Spirit legacy. It is a time of conscious retreat and movement into the Spiral consciousness. This is quite an undertaking, especially for the physical body, so it might take a while for us to adjust to all the changes being born at this time. This means we need to be compassionate for the process as it is and as it presents itself to us in each New moment. It is all unfolding like a blossoming Cosmic Rose which claims each part of Creation as fully Her own.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The New illumined body Humans

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the New energetic month of December, everyone! This is a 14/5 month of deep change, and its most obvious climax point will become rather visible in its expression during this year's December Solstice. We will have a Sagittarius New Moon first on the 7th, just after Mercury goes back direct on the 6th, and then a Jupiter alignment on Solstice. Major breakthrough from the old ways is possible at this time. Something is deeply ready to bubble up the surface at this time, as we are welcoming a New version of Self into form. This form is a higher expression of who we are, which is Now ready for physical manifestation and embodiment. This is us breathing with wider lungs and taking in more Spirit Life force than ever before. It is also us welcoming this New radiant expression into Life, just like we welcome a new child into the world. It is this Life force expression that creates everything in our reality, and it was called the great "Serpent wisdom" in the Ancient past. So many have not yet begin to embrace this path of Self mastery, as they are still gradually rising to the surface of Divine remembrance within their individual awakening. However, there are also those who are a bit further along the path, and are Now ready to embrace the path of true allowance. What is this and how do we tune into our Self through this simple "I AM" wisdom?

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Self born integral sovereign

Dear Beloveds!

We are still in the New energetic month of November! This month is huge, and with all its belonging 11s it acts as a major gateway. We had the 11-11 portal of Light in an 11 month within an 11 universal year, which makes it altogether a 22/4 month. So this month marks the completion of what has been initiated at the beginning of the year. This "tunnel" we have been moving through was quite intense and deeply challenging for many Light bearers, because it's been preparing us for huge transition years to come. These are not easy times to live in, with so much chaos and unrest occurring on the planet, as well as weather shifts of both natural and controlled sources. It was crucial for us to develop the kind of resilience that would replace the overriding structure of resistance which exists as deeply embedded within the controlled system of duality. The deeper we go into the embodiment of Light on earth, the more darkness rises to the surface, and the more balanced we must become. Indeed, these are not easy times, however we have some forward momentum during this month. Venus finally went direct, as Mercury went retrograde, with Jupiter moving into its ruling sign of Sagittarius. We will also experience the nodal change, moving into Cancer/Capricorn polarity. What does this mean for us personally? Only time will tell, so it's important to stay grounded and focused on building roots that will last generations to come. No one else will do this work but us! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Venus retrograde & the New body template

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the New energetic month of October, which is of 21/3 frequency. A New Creation cycle begins this month, and we are going deep as Venus goes retrograde. We are working on physical integration and much needed body work in order to be able to receive these New Light waves. We begin this New energy cycle with the harmonizing Libra New Moon, which also brought in a New energy wave to integrate. This will assist our further integration process of harmony and well being, but mostly the energy work we can offer to the planet and Her own cycles of release and integration. The first incoming wave was exactly on the 1st of the month, and they were both pretty intense. Major changes are happening in the energy fields of Gaia, therefore the theme of this month is "energy movement". This is a time to learn to move energy in a New way. What does energy movement mean from this New perspective? It means that You are getting acquainted with a larger portion of yourself which knows how to safely and evenly harmonize and move energy in a New direction, so that there is no "final result or destination", but rather a constant "ultimate" which is being anchored through Unity consciousness of what is the highest potential harmonized within all realities of You and All That Is. This is in no way an easy assignment, and therefore it can only be entered into by those who have previously learned to harmonize within themselves.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Post Eclipse integration: Masters of illumined Creation

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the New energetic month of September, which is of a 20/2 frequency. We are still under a major influence of incoming Cosmic Rays/waves, and a lot of Beings on the path of illumined Union are undergoing a process of deep synthesis and completion. A theme of integrating completion may present itself during the whole month in various degrees and levels of our current embodiment. However, it is a seamless process which is all permeating, and we need to seek it through observation and conscious contemplation. What is currently pushing through in our lives, wanting to naturally come into its full realization and completion? This naturally brings new upgrades that we are receiving through our bodies, which are Now deeply attuned to the Galactic Core through the Galactic Star Gateway. We then work on aligning with and harmonizing in our earthly embodiment. A synthesis is born when all the participating aspects come together in order to birth a "New unit" which has not yet been before. Through this process we birth a completely New Self or the "diamond" Self, which corresponds to our embodiment of illumination. We can then work towards becoming Masters of illumined Creation, so that anything we create becomes an extension of that illumination, in harmonization and co-Creation with Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Lion's Gate 8-8: Magical Divine children of Gaia

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the New energetic month of August, which Spirit is calling the "golden month". It is a month of 19/10/1 frequency, which consists of these trinity Principles; the Sun, the Wheel and the Magician. With all this creative energy, a major cycle of Creation is ready to begin during this time. The royal/golden Eclipses which have been ongoing for a while, are Now completing during this Summer, which ends with the Solar/New Moon Eclipse in Leo on August 11th. We are learning the mastery over our creations, to truly know what is of our genuine creation and what isn't. We are therefore learning how to initiate and hold the creative Light of our creations. We can only do so by mastering both light and dark aspects of Creation, in order to know ourselves as the Divine child born of Love, holding the space of Divine neutrality. Only this way can we fully merge with our creations while entering the creative process from the inside out, multidimensionality and without non sovereign influences.