Friday, November 10, 2017

11-11 Portal of Cosmic Light

Dear Beloveds!

The 11-11 portal of Light is dawning, and its effects shall last all through the Winter Solstice and until January 11th. This time is known as a sacred triad, which is a major Gateway of moving into higher conscious embodiment and multidimensional functioning. As a New Galactic Human, we must completely trust this process. In this time of transition we are like almighty Phoenixes that are arising from the ashes of the old. We are in between Moon stages and in between worlds, flooded with excitement and ideas and yet not yet fully anchored in this New state. A state of Being that was fully birthed within our shifting awareness and bodies during the Taurus Full Moon will be carried over into the Scorpio New Moon of New beginnings. This "in between" time is a phase of integration and assimilation of new Light downloads, and so we may feel guided to spend more time in our own bubble, in the inner planes of our Being where these shifts and ideas are taking place. This is where our guidance is truly coming from, and it should be completely trusted and followed instead of taken for granted. A New cycle of Soul birth is in development, but we must be patient with ourselves and not rush into anything. Instead, quiet alone time will provide us with everything that we need in this transition stage. The inner Light that brings us all the answers in each moment is within, and this is where our focus is currently held. If we wish to do anything prematurely, the results would not be the same, so we are to trust the nature of Divine timing completely. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Higher vibrational spirituality & Cosmic Light training

Dear Beloveds! 

We are walking through a powerful New Gateway of illumination and vibrational spirituality. Many Beings of Light on the path of a volunteer Soul are beginning a new level of spiritual Light training through embarking on an advanced spiritual path. This path requires a Self welcoming back home, which means that we have never been away from it, but our spiritual Essence did not yet graduate and enter into Self realized state. This is a dharmic path of every ascending Being, which is to physically ascend within the Earth's template and become an empowered messenger of Gaia. However, many Souls have been holding residual memory of past experiences which needed to be integrated in order for this New level to unfold. The only recognition that was required was that everything was merely an experience. Therefore it was for our Soul expansion and fully neutral. Whatever was still perceived through Human filters or held within darkness was unable to shift energetically so that we could move forward. With this Self liberation there comes an acknowledgment that every experience was a part of Self mastery training, so that our Soul could eventually blossom in a state of Divine perfection and help guide other Souls in their own Ascension. What is Now required is a state of radical acceptance of every part of physical experiencing, because it all served our inner mastery through discernment, trust and integrity. Out of this sacred rite, a New Self is being born, which means that another "descended" aspect is ready to remember itself as fully ascended, so that it can become fully illumined and overlighted. This is the road that every Initiate of Spirit must travel, to move beyond the shadow and light, back into the Unity of the One, for enlightenment is the unified space of polarity fully integrated!