Sunday, May 18, 2014

The path of Illuminated Self & Dragon energy

Dear Beloveds! 

We are walking into the years of physical embodiment and our journeys are becoming more complex, while the reality keeps being more simplified at the same time. The current years of transition and body integration will be intense, and this will seed onto this planet with the slowing down and conscious merge with our Souls. Do You remember how Mars went retrograde back in the beginning of March? It was the first indicator of balance and Self mastery through conscious action during this fast forward moving year. This is all happening in the bigger scheme of things, and it is linked with our need to learn to balance and slow down. Tomorrow, on May 19th, Mars finally goes back direct, and we will be able to see what is worth moving further, and what no longer feels right.

Last week we were welcoming and celebrating a powerful Wesak Moon, which is also called the enlightenment Moon. It was a Scorpio Full Moon. It is linked with the consciousness of Buddha, and I believe it to be about a state of Being, not about the person ... for it never is. We can worship someone if we want to, but that won't change the fact that Truth is Universal and One. The person is only a representative of the Spirit embodiment and it shows that each Divine Soul has the potential to live in a state of Enlightenment and pure Bliss. That is why so much is coming up to the surface Now, in order to be unveiled at this time, and our Illumined Selves wish to shine through and become embodied more and more. We are beginning to feel more trans-personal and fully transparent.

Many of the Light ones were not fully able to come into their true power in the times past, but we are not our past ... we live in the present Now. There are cellular memories, but the Essence of Divinity can rewrite and re-pattern anything, for it births all Life in Creation. Even in the ancient times of darkness, when many of those who knew of the Light of Truth and wanted it to prevail, that illumined Truth lived in the Hearts of many awakened Souls. But the conditions and destinies that many endured at those times were not just fated. Nothing simply happens, for it's all a matter of action and reaction. We are never victims to our circumstances, and that is why we need to raise our awareness and see the bigger picture. Many were simply not yet ready to fully bind themselves free and enter the Realms of Illumination. But many of those are ready Now, and this time is in the Present.

During this time, the Buddhic level of consciousness is activated even more deeply, and we can also work with the Mahatma Light of pure Golden-white frequency. This is the ancient sacred pool of pure Illuminated Light that all the Illumined/Great Ones were contributing to. It was forged back in the times of the pure Golden Age, and many of us are now able to work on that level of service again. That is how we bring the Highest Divine potential into physical matter, as we illuminate through the Truth that is One ... it is pure, Cosmic ... and only bound together by the natural laws/principles of Divine Love.

This was the enlightenment Moon in the sign of Scorpio (the underworld and depth), and that is why so much is coming up to the surface Now, in order to be unveiled at this time, and our Illumined Selves wish to shine through and become embodied more and more. We are beginning to feel more trans-personal and fully transparent. I was feeling the Moon very strongly myself, for the last few days actually. The body is receiving intense new codes of Light, and it needs some time to adjust and integrate. If we feel more tired than usual, we need more time to rest and just Be. We will be more uplifted again, especially as Mars goes back direct. Remember that Scorpio is an emotional sign, so it's natural to be even more sensitive at this time.

Even though this is a powerful releasing Moon, we receive more with each releasing of the old. Know that releasing and receiving are directly interconnected. Therefore it is important to not jut release, but to also open up to the New and imagine walking into the energy of receiving. Spirit shows me that it's important not to just to speak the words of intent, but tone them as well, for this brings a higher frequency and we are even more receptive this way. So for example, instead of saying the words "I receive" tone them and go really deep and slow. Feel each energy impression that comes with that opening, and go deeper with each toning sequence. The word "receive" creates a beautiful opening, due to its nature of sounding like the letter "V", which is symbolic for an opening. So try making the "V" at the end even stronger and deepened. Enjoy the process!

The Scorpio Full Moon was brilliant from my own perspective. Here where I live, it formed such a magnificent Light coming through the clouds, and this formed rays of energy moving towards the right, which is from East to West here. Well, of course I was not able to capture all this Light with my small sporty camera, but the darkness is a natural aspect to embrace as well. As You know, everything is always a message and we are all constantly in receiving mode, when we are open to the Light of One/Unity consciousness ... the interconnectedness of All. And what I got from this one, is that even in the most seeming darkness, there is magnificent brightness shining through. It might be perceived in rays and spread out, but it is there. Even if it feels scattered and chaotic at times, the Light is actually brilliantly structured, through the Magnificent Intellect of the Divine Mind. Everything has its structure, so it's not scattered ... it's just dispersed and there is always plenty, for all is but Light in its Divine Essence. Also know that nothing is ever as it seems, so with each Full Moon, we receive more knowing about this sacred Truth and we move deeper within ... into the subtle realms of Spirit and its infinite Mystery.

Here is the Spirit guidance that I received during the time of the Full Moon. This is the second message of Gratitude that I have received in the time span of one day. The message says: "Gratitude is the purest form of prayer and is a key to abundance. Your guidance is to count your blessings and give thanks for that which you wish to receive as if you already have it. This will unlock the doors to universal bounty. The time is now."

They knew how to do this back in the times of Golden Atlantis, and they always remained pure and connected to their Source. By knowing what is our true Source, and realizing that it's never anything physical in its basic nature, we begin to tap into a level of abundance that is completely Universal, and we always receive exactly what we need for the fulfillment of our Divine purpose. Yes, that is why the alignment with our Divine purpose is crucial, as it opens all doors to physical manifestation through illumination. Be in Gratitude and feel all that already surrounds You! You are a pure vessel for the Light of Spirit and manifestation of Source. Do not limit yourself, for as You do so, You also stop the flow of gratitude. Enter your personal Vortex, become the middle point of All That Is, a Divine co-creator with all Life in Creation. Embrace a state of Magic as your basic Divine Truth and then live it. Be in the highest alignment.

"I AM the Light. I AM the One. I AM All!"

Everything is a choice. Our physical Ascension is a choice. Remember to leave your footprints of Love wherever You go. Know that no act of Love is ever in vain, and everything You do through the Core of Divine Love matters. When You speak the language of Love, You know your truth and You can enter the Realms where all Truth is but One! You are deeply appreciated and held by Divine Love when it becomes your only focus and devotion ... serving the Law of One in Unity consciousness! Remember to leave messages of Love everywhere and to share your Essence of Love in an authentic way of the Soul!

Create messages of Love wherever You go! These will vary in their shape and form, but the Essence of Divine Love will always remain the same and permeate all of your loving creations. Write them in the sand, create Divine geometry with your fingers, run them through the water, send healing energy to all elements in Creation and place your feet on the earth with the intention to walk in golden footsteps, sing the language of Light, sing into your food, dance and create beauty and Art which will enhance your intuition, psychic sensitivity and abilities, and rejoice with all of Life in Creation. 

In the New ascending reality, we are meant to continuously raise the frequency of our bodies and all that surrounds us, by taking conscious responsibility for it. Claim the sovereignty of your thoughts, your focus and your daily devotions. What are You feeding energy to? There is no procrastinating and getting lazy ... it is a continuous journey and it's meant to be fun and exciting. We know there is simply no other way, but we also do it with love, focus and devotion ... always through blissful joy. This is how we re-activate the sleeping Magic in our blood, and shift our DNA into a higher crystalline form through all the cells in our sacred temple. We become the conscious co-creators with All Life in Creation ... Masters of the Self!

And ... if You don't want others to love You for what You are truly not and create false ideals and misconceptions about You, then don't feed them any. You do this by being your true unique Self without a doubt, always through unconditional Self Love. Your authentic Self can be deeply felt, and the more You live it, the more others will notice it ... and the whole of Life will feel it as well, as the entire Existence will rejoice! Remember ... everything You emanate out in Soul awareness comes back to You and it's a direct reflection of your entire awareness!

So, can You feel the current expansion which followed the Full Moon in Scorpio? The deeper we activate our Divine remembrance, the deeper we move into our devotion to service. Personally, I AM continuously guided by Spirit to expand my work of personal service. This week I added a new personal service to my list of various personal services that I offer. They all vary in their essence, and each one works on a specific level of devotion. I provide all the descriptions on my personal services page and You can read more about them there. With each new service, Spirit guides me into a new level of depth and Soul awareness, and so I was recently guided to also add the personal Soul attunements/Light activations that come straight from Spirit and work on the level of your I AM Presence. They go beyond anything else and address your Spirit directly. They are unique and specific for each Soul, and I record them through my own I AM Presence merge. With each new personal service, I expand the level of my devotion.

Let's us now play our "1, 2, 3 ... what do You see?" game. I gathered a few messenger stones for this opportunity. The yellow stone I found last week is in perfect alignment with the “V” shape that I was seeing all the time now, including outside in Nature. The letter “V” stands for an opening, and this has to do with a strong potential to embrace our deepest and truest heart desires. We can open up to Divine messages that are all around us at this time. The bottom stone is my dragon stone which I found last week as well. Ever since, I began to connect to the dragon energy. The last stone I found is a goblin's face. This one's message is about transcending the egoic tendencies and enter another level of purification. This is in perfect alignment with the Scorpio Full Moon. We are walking away from fear and choosing Love instead!

So, what do You see? Whatever it is, this is your current Soul message in the Present moment.

The story of my crystal companions also continues and it's ever ongoing. This week I received these beautiful crystallized stones as a gift from a Divine companion. They arrived just in time, on the day of the Scorpio Full Moon. At this time so many of us are constantly receiving new Spirit guidance on working with crystals and connecting to the mineral kingdom. They call out to us more and more, but the key awareness is to keep the focus on the Light, not the items themselves, as they are just energy conductors and amplifiers, and the main source of devotion is always Source itself. So get your crystals, allow them to speak to You through feeling, bring through a special unique Soul activation and let Higher Self speak through You. It is all there within You, and the potential of the Divine is always infinite.

Also ... a new oracle just arrived! I love to add these to my weekly Spirit messages that I post on my Facebook page. This one is called the Sacred World oracle. I love it because it's simple and yet profound. I love connecting with the messengers of the natural world, as they always bring me unique repetitive messages of Spirit. One just needs to be consciously awake and deeply present in order to notice the signs and then take heed of them! I also love the fact that this deck is separated into 4 basic elements; earth, water, air and fire. As I took it in my hands, my eyes stopped at the dragon card, and it was no surprise that I later pulled the same card for myself as well, when I did a short one card reading. This was a huge Spirit confirmation for me, that what I AM lately feeling is very real.

During the last few days, I began to connect with the dragon energy. The dragons kept calling me and they were appearing everywhere, as I AM learning even more about them. I was also told in meditation, to get a book or cards with the dragon energy to help me connect even more. The dragon archetype most certainly represents the realms of Magic and Mystery of Spirit. They are very ancient creatures, which link together all the basic four elements (earth, water, air and fire), and they culminate them in the element of ether. They are of the higher realms Now, and we can join them in Spirit and in our meditative travels. The message of this card says: "Slaying your metaphorical dragons. Courage. Strength. Facing darkness."

Here is something amazing that happened to me this week. I was meditating with the Dragon energy on a high Mountain rock this weekend, and suddenly I got a name of the Elven Dragon. I was already told before, that each Elf has its own Dragon, and that the Magical Creature and the Master are both united as One. Then I also got this name, and it came through very strongly, without me even asking for anything. I was just sitting and being. I got home and later I watched a TV series called Merlin with my mother. This is something Spirit guided me to watch, in order to remember even more. We got to the last part of the second season, where all of a sudden the name of the main dragon was finally revealed. As it was pronounced for the first time, I could hardly believe it. I had to rewind the video once again, as I was simply struck with awe. The name was almost the same as the one I got in my meditation. I felt so amazing, and as I wrote down both two names, their phonetic pronunciation was practically the same. This was an amazing Spirit message that my inner I AM guidance is always 111% aligned. I felt so happy. I was suddenly guided to make a list of Dragon movies, and today I had a fun movie day, which I didn't do for such a long time now. There were so many magical messages and I cried many times ... I could almost feel my inner Magic awakening. There is a deep alchemical process within me, and I can't mentally explain it, but I AM changing deep from within ... as there is more Magic in my blood with each passing day. My palms can heat up like really fast, and I can emanate amazing amounts of energy. I love to experience Divine triggers, for they show me what I AM, and what I AM capable of in terms of mastering energy ... and I know that I haven't even truly began. Yes, I feel like this is only the beginning of a beautiful story of Magic in its becoming.

There You go ... enjoy embracing the dragon energy yourself. It is very powerful, but we must not fear it, for this is the only way it will show us our own hidden powers and courage as well!

Always keep in mind that we are a part of something Greater, bigger and mysterious. As Human beings, we don't always see the bigger picture, but the more we awaken and step into our Self illumination, the more we have the ability to see with the eyes of the Divine. So whenever You find yourself in the midst of confusion, feeling separation or duality kicking in, remember that every single thread of Being is a part of a larger mosaic of all Life in Creation, and your Existence is intrinsically connected to a larger Whole in Unity consciousness ... and You do matter ... a lot!!! 

Do You see the two lovers kissing in the face of these rocks? If You do, You are a great Divine Lover as well!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here are my latest 2 videos about co-creating within a new reality: