Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My next expansion

Dear Beloveds!

Did You feel a huge shift this weekend? The shift deals with our internal expansion, and how we see ourselves and the world around us, how we value our personal desires and the way we view ourselves as always being there for others instead of ourselves first. This is about our own guidance for the desires we wish to make real. There needs to be more focus on that now, for we are all sort of moving up the ladder and entering a new level of our Being. I have felt this shift strongly for the past couple of days, because I began to desire more personal freedom. Sometimes being online and sharing so much can have its consequences, and it shows on your personal life, especially in not always having enough time/devotion to your own personal projects and goals. 

Here is my weekly Spirit message which is perfectly aligned with all of this!

For me, this is not about sharing what I do and being devoted to my purpose (expanding in awareness and Divine Truth), but about always being there for others to reply, comment and share personally with them. Know it or not, this takes a lot of time, with so many people all around. Mastering this level of focus takes a lot of conscious effort! And this is especially true when there are still so many of impure egoic actions and projections from others, so we need to know our personal boundaries. So I felt more desire to expand in this, and to be there for myself more, so that my life can move on to more personal freedom, and a next chapter can begin. In this next chapter, I wish to create many new products and services, and in order for this to be accomplished, I need time/devotion and this means investing energy there rather than somewhere else. It is simple ... the energy goes where our focus is. I AM writing this because we have just entered the Aquarius energy.

Yes, our Sun Now moved into Aquarius, the bearer of water and spiritual gifts. The sign of Aquarius is all about expansion, freedom of Being and revolutionary ways of thinking. He is bestowing new spiritual gifts and knowledge to the world, and as much as we like to associate it with water, it is actually an Air archetype. The symbol for Aquarius are waves of energy and thought transference, so being more intuitive and telepathic is key here! The focus will be on how we think, and a new way of thinking always births changes in how we feel and act, for all is connected and all is One.

It's time for some forward thinking and expanding our mind, freeing ourselves from the old restrictive patterns or repetitions in our behaviors ... routines especially. It is time for some major transformations and approaches to our personal way of living. Aquarius energy can help us with that! This will also be a fast forward moving month, as the energy will begin to amplify and things will feel like they are speeding up, so even more focus will be needed. So the key questions are: Where is our focus? What do we wish to create and then how do we follow through with that? Are we aligned and in full integrity with our desires? What are the old habits and self imposed limitations that we want to break up?

This is a time to change our life in awe-inspiring ways, and to implement some fresh new ideas and approaches. Be attentive and observant, and see things neutrally as You move along the spiral of your Soul's expansion and evolution. Don't forget, your Spirit is eternal and all Present, but your Soul is the feminine part of Creation, which always experiences, grows and expands. So, what do You wish your experiences to be and reflect? What do You wish to ripple out into the world and Greater Existence? It all begins with the way You think, and then it moves on to the denser levels, and it eventually crystallizes into form and becomes your reality.

The Aquarius archetype also benefits all of Humanity with its visionary energy, so reflect on that as well ... how do You see your path being encompassed with the energy of greater good and the perspective of "All for one and one for all"? If You activate your Heart in your true calling and a higher purpose of Divine service, everything will always conspire to work with You, and You will always be supported. Know this as your only Truth and live a spirituality that is practical and experiential, not just known and understood. This is how You will move higher on the ladder of awareness! Imagine the unimaginable and Be ... become it!

I already shared that this year is all about personal empowerment and bringing all that we know in Spirit into material form and the way we live our lives through daily dedication and devotion to what matters to us the most. Whether You are already aware of it or not, this year is all about Self empowerment, and everything that I was talking about for years now, will be coming into our focus Now. The attention is shifting to all that we left unattended and scattered around. The sacredness of our purpose and protecting that which is holy and sacred for us will come to the forefront! This is very important for our path as Ascension Pioneers, for we need to be strong and Self empowered individuals, who are not to get swayed by the notions of others and their beliefs. We are the Pillars of Light, and we need to stand in our Wisdom and personal truth. We all know what we need to do deep down, and we only need to follow that inner knowing and stay within our sovereign integrity.

Today I was thinking about how easily we can still fall out of balance sometimes, and it's simply because we allow ourselves to think with the mind, instead of feeling with the heart. We sway from side to side, always yearning for that middle way ... for the perfect Divine equilibrium. So many times the Heart yearns to do something, when the mind actually has a story of its own. Therefore it is truly important to go within, reflect and feel into what we are really guided to do in the moment. There will always be distractions or seeming "physical limitations", but these are always of our own making. How come and why? Well, simply because we want to grow and expand, and we usually reach transcendence through such physical triggers. Did You ever notice how sometimes You are set out to do something, but then You fall under the energy of something completely different, and your focus is gone. If the energy is scattered and there are too many factors and distractions, our energy simply cannot be focused and directed.

We need to become like the shooting arrows of fire energy, and that fire energy is pure Spirit ... the power of our limitless Spirit! The answers are always in the Heart ... and our lack of focus will only show us where we still give our power away to something outside of us instead of following through with our desires and making them our reality!

Personally, I will be focusing on my own personal projects now. I just finished a self shooting session, in which I was creating model pictures for my Elven Soul jewelery that I will be introducing in my upcoming Art Blog, which I AM going to be focusing on this week. Soul Art is a huge part of my purpose Now, and when I create, I instantly move up in consciousness and anchor the higher awareness of wisdom and beauty in this world. It is a process of creating with Light, and putting it into physical form through Divine inspiration and beauty.

May my creations inspire You as well!
I AM having the most fun when making my Elven jewelery, and it's all about the process of creation, not the actual end result. I already received most of ideas which I was gathering for my Art Blog, which Now just needs to be created and physically shared. This is to be continued and coming soon ... getting slowly ready for the next chapter!

It is time to go to "work" and do our home work!
Have fun with breaking through your self imposed limitations and old stagnating habits and setting yourself free for a new cycle. It is time for some major breakthroughs!!!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Here is my latest video about the sacredness of our true purpose: