Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Cosmic Highway: A Supreme shower of Light

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a rapid movement momentum at this time, and as aspects of us are feeling amazingly awesome and stimulated by the New Light intel and all the awesome Galactic transmissions, other aspects of us are still living through the game of duality and Soul expansion. How is it that we can experience such Magic and lightheartedness with heavy feelings of density simultaneously? It's because we experience in parallels and the linear and multidimensional are actually One in the Unity field, represented by the Quantum\Essence level of our consciousness. This is how we master Polarity. Some days and moments we feel amazing and super Cosmic, while at other times we are dealing more with earthly stuff and the seeming limitations of our physical form. We need to be so allowing and patient about what is actually going on in the bigger scheme of things. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mastering Polarity on Earth

Dear Beloveds!

There are a lot of changes happening for us in the moment, and many of us will feel these as major Life transitions. This can feel like a major new opportunity that rushes into our reality and sweeps us off our feet, or a tiny step towards our dream reality that we are guided to make in order to fully embody our authentic Essence. Sometimes that change might also come in the form of a current "loss", which is never truly a loss anyway. The nature of our drive is change, because it moves us and creates evolution. Even a tiny thing coming into our reality may feel like a blessing, for example something that upsets us so much that we finally step through the edge and make a solid commitment to a new way of living, an improved lifestyle and our daily routine. We need to learn to balance the incoming new with the order of already established harmony.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Matriarchs of the New Earth

Dear Beloveds!

Our planet Earth is going through major shifts at this time and many of us are feeling it as we tune into the higher frequencies of Gaia! The Being that is providing us with this earthly incarnation is shifting and so are we, for this is a simultaneous process, a new birth or rebirth of ourselves into a new level of density. As we wake up to other potentialities and possible realities more, we are realizing that all of this already exists as a vibratory template, we are simply embodying it as we go along our Soul expansion. Nothing comes without conscious embodiment, the drive for our new experiences. There is great harmony in the works Now, and the more we can catch the waves of this flow, the more we will notice these subtle and yet profound changes that are playing out in this new space of the New, like different time spectrum (time speeding up), more rapid manifestation, more love in our overall reality, more gifts from the Divine and everything falling into place effortlessly.

Monday, May 9, 2016

A New Eon for Divine feminine & masculine

Dear Beloveds!

The feminine and masculine energies on the planet are coming together after Eons of hardship and miscommunication. It all began with the experience of separation when the energies polarized and created all the experiences we have lived through as a Soul collective. Both forces of Creation are equal in Truth, so they both require our attention and reciprocity from within. This is a natural balancing act that is occurring Now for many of us, but those who are ready to embody this are being called to step up and commit to this inner transformation at this time. This natural balancing act will wipe the slate clean of old energy, changing how we relate to one another and form conscious partnerships. This work first takes place within, doing our own healing/wholing work of Self unification. This means that all aspects of us need to be expressed and have their voice! As they do, we will rewrite old relating stories and finally let them go. When this happens, we will feel a clear incoming of the New energy, changing the way we view relationships and Human experiences in general. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Celebrating Life in New energy mastery

Dear Beloveds!

The main Essence of the New is a state of Joy. The way to get "there" is through all that is perceived as not joyful. So the current energy for many of us is that of rebirth. We have reached the end of the culmination of one cycle and Now we are readying ourselves to enter a New one. Remember that every exit point is a new entrance, and as we are walking through the bridge into the New, it's perfect to rest, reflect and replenish. The great void of the Mother is transforming us once again, for we rise up and transcend, constantly moving to greater heights of embodied consciousness. This is a time for a quiet retreat and rest. This is a wonderful opportunity to nourish our heart, mind and soul. We are in the Cosmic womb in preparation for a rebirth. We are being called to rediscover ourselves, evaluate our life and relationships and our own sense of self worth. Solitude brings clarity and wisdom Now, if we only allow ourselves to go with the flow of stillness and serenity. During this time of self reflection, things that no longer serve us will fall away or drastically change. Everything changes eventually, and especially during such powerful times! It's a powerful process we are in, and it's OK. Everything is exactly how it needs to be, so we can fully surrender and let go!