Sunday, June 23, 2019

Solstice: Galactic alignment & intelligence, the Summer of Eclipses

Dear Beloveds!

When this month of June began, I heard the words: "June is reserved for the Bridegroom"! How amazing is that? We are in an 18/9 energy month, which translates into the Moon/Hermit in traditional tarot system. This month holds a powerful energy of new openings after quite a stagnant phase for many Beings of Light, or so it may seem. There were two powerful lunations occurring, a Gemini New Moon on June 3rd, and a Sagittarius (Galactic) Full Moon on June 17th. Gemini is a sign of twins/polarity and mastering choice. However, this lunation occurred at a  particular 12th degree of the sign, which is the mark of a healer. It is also the mark of sovereignty, which means that in the 13 count system, 12 represents the final gathering behind the round table, before a point of synthesis can be reached. There's no coincidence why so many Beings of Light had to inspect and review so many of their life situations  and choices, because a fully empowered Gemini energy seeks to liberate and bring that freedom to everything and everyone it comes across.