Saturday, March 22, 2014

My need to retreat

Dear Beloveds!

As an Ascension Pioneer and a Pillar of Light, I AM very hyper-active, so it's important that I constantly live in a balanced state of doing and re-treating. Lately I was working a lot, with the release of my Elven Soul Art Blog, and many other things, like huge expansion in my Art journey in general. This took a lot of time and effort, which can never be seen ... only behind the scenes. I do a lot of work on my journey, and although I don't call it that, and I use the word "devotion" instead, it was all very time consuming and I spent practically all my attention on how to get things done. After many days of hard work and intensity of hyperactive energy, I was guided to take a short personal retreat and spend my time in Nature to recharge a bit.

What is the importance of being a Hermit and regularly retreating? The meaning of it is not just about recharging our batteries, as people like to view it in the old paradigm. When we are constantly plugged into our Source Self, we need no charging up. It is a rather old perception that we need to work hard, and then we will be able to afford a holiday for ourselves. This perception does not come from a point of balance and knowing that all is Now. Recently someone said to me that they would ask me for personal services when I AM going to slow down a bit and be in a little low. Here is the thing! I AM never in a low, because I AM always constantly creating. When one is fully Source connected and infused, one is never in a low of Divine receptivity and it never ends of slows down. It just continues to expand. Coming from an old perspective is only limiting ourselves and postponing things for "later." There is no such thing in the Now!

I have a few favorite spots around where I live, or I just drive somewhere nearby. I have to be honest ... sometimes it's hard to choose from all the various natural places where the energy is so amazing, so I need to also stay in deep Presence when I AM choosing my places for retreats. Many times I AM thinking about guiding other people to these various sacred places and spots of amazing life force energy. I truly have a hard time deciding where to go at times, so I just need to listen to my neutral Heart guidance as I wake up in the morning.

Let me share an example. One time I woke up and decided to draw 2 cards for myself, and both said the same thing ... trust your intuition, not the logical and rational mind. One of them had a picture of a river stream in the Mountains, and this is where I was spending my time later that day. Enjoy the view! I love it!

Stillness of Being is very important, especially for someone as hyper as I AM.

We have everything from lakes, rivers, Mountains, hills, green meadows, waterfalls and interesting Mountain valleys.

When we reach an important milestone in our life, we are not to walk on to the next destination right away, before truly feeling what this current state of achievement feels like and enjoying the bounties of our inner expansion. This is the part that is so important on the journey of our Soul, but a lot of those who are in constant hurry to get somewhere can miss it.

When we come to the peak of the Mountain, we are always to enjoy the view before heading on to our next destination. "Observing the view" part is crucial, because this is when we get to ponder and reflect, and here the guidance about "what next" can come ... in the solace and Presence of our Being ... our Divine sacred Self.

During the last month of Winter I was also in a state of releasing what no longer serves me. After I finally published my Elven Soul Art Blog, I felt I needed to switch a bit from "doing" to Being mode and see what flows through me without all the rest. Profound insights always come, when we remove everything and it's just us and our Spirit Self. This is a stage when we ponder a bit before we head onto the next chapter of our journey. Not having a relationship with ourselves, but just being our Self is also very important!
I was really enjoying my short offline retreat. I did not turn on my computer much (only when sharing something I was guided to), and it felt amazing. When I AM not online, I AM tuning into the subtle worlds and inner dimensions, while also feeling all that is physical and alive with deeper and sharper senses. Everything is deeply felt and experienced, especially because I don't have to think about what to do next, and so I just flow with freedom of Being. I can be more in tune with the Gifts of Life that my Soul is guiding me to. My most recent gifts were cross country skiing, hiking, sunbathing, listening to the birds and watching them having a party, creating some rainbow Soul Art and feeling the subtle energy shifts.

I can instantly recharge in our Mountain valleys here, as they hold such a high frequency. It was so beautiful and peaceful in one of my Mountain valleys ... to stand before the high Mountains and listen to the avalanches and look at them go as they carried everything with them. Such magnificence of the moment in perfected Nature! And what a powerful symbol of releasing! I realized how the depth of the experience in the Now can simply not be described with words. It comes only through Being. Sometimes I wish to share everything, but often a calm inner voice tells me: "Some experiences are only for You and your magical Heart." This is so true, and we are each responsible for the co-creation of our own.

You can see how the avalanches look here!

And here!

And my favorite Mountain valley also has many avalanches, and one of them came all the way to the wooden lodge one year.

Natural Beauty of the Divine is all that I need, and I AM instantly recharged just by looking at it. It is amazing how the Mountains can instantly let me know what is truly important for me in Life. And out of all the various things I love to do, enjoy and create ... Mountains are still my favorite and I just wish to be in their embrace and the Home of my Elven Self!

I AM waving from an old and tiny wooden house that I so often visit. It has the most spectacular view, as it's overlooking my beautiful Mountains, and no one is ever home anyway, so I kind of adopted it ever since I moved here. Sitting there, sunbathing and meditating/pondering makes me feel into the co-creation of my very own house and this is how I AM making it a conscious living reality ... by feeling it and internalizing.

And by now You probably know that I have a weak spot for wooden observatories ... I just need to climb them!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Daw