Sunday, November 30, 2014

The rise of the Divine Goddess

Dear Beloveds!

During this time, my Divine feminine is deeply reemerging, in a new way and stronger than ever before. She wants to dance, laugh and create. She wants to make love to all Life in Creation in a playful new way, like she never tried before. She is remembering itself as a wild Goddess that can never be tamed. I have merged my inner masculine and feminine a long time ago, but this current transition I AM moving through is different. It deals with realizing that I have a feminine body for a reason, and learning to fully accept a more feminine way of Being in my own body. 

It's about embracing the untapped potential of the Divine feminine force, which is pure Power. So much is coming through the surface in my own creativity, stronger than ever before, and it does not want to be put into a box. My inner Goddess does not like control, and she does not like rules, for she needs none because she already lives according to Divine Principles of Creation and sacred laws. She knows exactly what she needs in order to express her fullest freedom of Being. She knows how she will get it through her Soul's magnetism.

She simply ... Is.

The Divine Feminine Principle embraces Truth not through gaining more and more knowledge and power/control, but by being in her pure Divine Essence.

The Divine Goddess is all about embracing the constant expansion in Creation in deepest allowance. Here is where I AM guided to say a few words about change. Change is a constant in the Universe, and there is no expansion without change. A lot of the times we are triggered by the external circumstances, relationships or events, but a lot of the times change is simply an internal process of our inner Soul alchemy. We don't always need external reasons or events to feel change in our lives, and to feel inclined towards a positive shift forward in the New. When we hear the word "change" we still often like to associate it with something that will happen, but it's not always so. Most of the changes that we go through in our Soul expansion are deeply and intimately internal, and they are between us and our Source.

Change is the changing of the seasons, each one bringing a unique message for us, a different and unique gift full of Divine blessings. Sometimes these gifts are more subtle, and at other times they are more obvious and very tangible. There are infinite cycles of our Soul within All That Is. The spiral of Spirit is infinite, and as we travel along, we gather so many different experiences and perspectives on our journey. Even though, the Core always remains, and as we continue to spin and spin, our Magic can always be found within.

In the Spring, there are announcements of new birth, in the Summer we experience and expand, in the Fall we harvest and enjoy, and in the Winter we ponder and reflect. What a beautiful journey it is!

The Divine Goddess is also about Divine Love. She shows us how to love in a way to always leave a door open, even when we constantly live through our own inner Self. She shows us how to merge Spirit and Soul. We often still have a very limited perspective of "romantic love", and we can sometimes only relate it with emotions towards someone that we intimately like. But what if we extend that romance to all Life in Creation? When we can live in a constant flow of romance and true Love, our sacred altar of Love will always radiate, and therefore we will always have enough space for everyone and everything. Even if we walk away from people and situations that do not resonate at the time being, we can still feel deep Love and respect for them in Unity consciousness, which can only come from Soul Love. As Ascension Pioneers, it's important to expand in Soul Love and leave the past perceptions of personal Love behind. This doesn't mean that our Love will be impersonal, it simply means that its focus will become deep intimacy instead of personal attachment.

The cherubs are here with us, guiding us on the path of Self romance, and to ignite the spark of relating to others though refined emotions, which invite us to play and co-create together. When we loosen the pressure of being perfect for another or another being perfect for us, we will always interact through Divine Love, which will bring us anything or anyone that we need for the fulfillment of our Divine Purpose through Spirit. We will not try so hard and rather accept the natural Self that we already are. We will learn to express it more ... not just by ourselves, but also when in the presence of others, even if they are much different from us.

There are always wonderful new experiences of feeling when we open up to deep allowance. Let us remember that we are the magicians, so if we crave more connection and intimacy, we need to break through the old and invite others in ... in a more gentle way, which still includes personal boundaries, and yet it is much softer and open to Love in constant flow. Through this, our Higher Heart center will expand even more, and more Light will radiate through ... for we will become kings and queens of true Love, through lasting bonds and personal values.

Yes, I AM deeply transforming. We need to stay true to ourselves, which includes the possibility of something that may be sabotaging us behind the scenes, while facing it with courage and wisdom. We can do it, and we can transcend anything that still makes us who we are not. It all begins with choice. We need to choose Love, even when there is something coming up, especially now towards the end of this year, which we maybe rather would not face, or even face alone, but we can do it and we will do it. It may be something that has been lurking underneath for quite some time, often masking itself as something else, but we are now ready to see the Truth with Love and compassion. 

This Truth won’t hurt us or anyone that is associated with that as well, it will only set us and them forever free. It is just time to move on and allow ourselves to experience something different once for a change. There are completion and Self mastery on the other side, where inner wholeness awaits! Our inner sanctuary is always there for us when we connect, but we need to learn to live it at all times, under all circumstances and situations. We are being called for a renewal and some freshness … it’s time for a completely new approach, or even becoming a whole "new person" … with more kindness and Grace. 

Many people still ask me to advise them on what to do on their path, and how to be of service. When we ask another about what to do on our path, we are giving our personal Power away, because we don't trust ourselves and our natural Soul guidance enough. I cannot tell anyone that. No one can. As Ascension Pioneers, we are not advise givers, because we can only guide. Most of the time we can only guide by our own example of Soul embodiment, and yet it will only be one of the examples that make up the Whole. We can only share the Truth about how to Be in our own knowing and connecting to Spirit in all ways. The rest is always up to each individual to master on their own. Our Heart already knows that anyway, for we are already being naturally guided and called by our Soul, we just need to listen and trust, while also not comparing our own ways with anyone else.

Not everyone is here for the same Divine assignment, and there is a reason for that called the Variation of Creation. We each have our own devotions, and they need to come to us naturally. What we are called to do is always perfect, no matter what it is, we just need to believe in it. Sharing Love and just Being ourselves and standing in our Soul's integrity is all that we need. All else will follow naturally. This is not a complicated process, because life guides us through flow. When we humbly stand tall on our path, life shows us things and opportunities that we need for our expansion. We are to focus on that which we are passionate about for the change in awakening and contribute in our own way as guided, which does not need to be analyzed, only felt in our Heart.

We can only be of service to all Life in Creation when we first master the knowing of our own Self. That is why we move through our journey as the magical Divine child, the seeker, the pioneer, the master and the elder. There are many variations in between as well. These are all chapters and Spirit initiations of our individualization. It all begins with connecting to our unique Creation Self. Our Creation Self is a unique Divine expression of our individualized Soul Spark, which makes us unlike any other spark in Creation. When we begin to understand that, we discover the Beauty of our true Self, and we begin to explore the many different aspects of our Creation Self. This is a journey of Self remembrance and Self mastery, and it's pure Bliss.

All the Ancient Wise Ones were always living in the pursuit of Truth. They used to study the ancient teachings and most sacred laws within Creation Principles, without the need to only acquire more knowledge. In this "modern" age it has become so popular to pursue knowledge through information. In some most extreme cases, information took over the value of our Heart, and many Humans are pursuing it like mad. With this, we are becoming unbalanced as individuals and as a Whole, because we pursue knowledge/new information without re-connecting with the most sacred laws and Creation Principles first. These are the fundamental Pillars of developed societies. 

Our personal Ascension needs to lead us through the basic and intrinsic understanding of these most sacred laws first, so that we can embody them, grow in Heart-centerdness and become Wise. As we grow in Wisdom, we are naturally more open to higher understanding of the Divine logic, which is the actual source of true knowledge. This is how we receive through the Divine Mind and Heart as One. This is directly linked with our values, so these need to internally change first. As our values will shift to becoming wiser instead of more knowledgeable, we will become more attuned to Source based consciousness.

Here is my video about the pursuit of Truth:

I will dedicate more focus on this in my upcoming materials ... my new web page and what I will share within this next chapter.

This was such a busy week for me. I was working on material for my new web page. On the first day of "work" I was out in Nature recording all day, making products for this new chapter of my path in service. Then I recorded the Seraphim basic foundation for my new page. The final step was putting it all together. Sounds simple, and yet it was quite a lot of work! And yet, there is still more that wants to come through and be created in form.

The energy of Nature helps me, and it's my favorite assistant. I AM sharing this beautiful Power place picture of a majestic waterfall here! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Here is my video on our expansion in Divine relationships: