Friday, June 27, 2014

A walk into the wild

Dear Beloveds!

Do You love adventure? Do You know that adventure always leads to expansion of the Soul? I AM a Sagittarius by Rising sign, and so my nature is always to explore, to be adventurous and to discover new places of Nature Bliss. Sagittarius is the archetype of a worldly being, the one who is always open to endless explorations and adventures, new spiritual perspectives and teachings. This sign is also all about Truth, and in the combination with the Gemini energy that we were recently experiencing, we activating the Truth of our communications and sharing. We are offered an opportunity to step from the mundane reality into the worldly energy of all-expansiveness. We are becoming aware that only we are held responsible for creating the kind of reality that we prefer and desire ... making it a magical one.

There is so much being activated and integrated within us at this time. I mostly get so sleepy when the New energy waves come rushing in, and so I rest and drift away to "in between realms." And rest we shall, until we are rejuvenated in another wave of Divine Grace of Love. Balance is so important Now! Our merging of Spirit and matter is all about living and perfect Balance. Do You notice that we only get low in energy and a bit moody, when we are not in balance? That means that if we either overdo something or do too little of something else. It is also important to surrender to the unknown.

I speak more about what is currently going on in my latest video/Ascension update:

Here is a quick message from Spirit. Lately new "galactivations" are taking place. I had a few interesting nights here, there is so much to be felt and the veils are thinning! We had New lightnings and rain, and so much is anchoring on the planet at this time, after the Grand Solstice wave of Light. One night I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and I heard so many noises, it was like something climbing in my room, and then there were Light flashes everywhere. I was barely able to sleep. It felt like some sort of presence/Being, and I feel how much is integrating in the body, because I wake up so tired in the mornings. We are in for something Big!

When we are in the Bliss of the New, we have no expectations of what needs to happen and we learn to surrender all control. This of course, is always easier said than done, so we all need to be compassionate about our Human experience, because it always just is what it is, and it can only be as it is. We can only choose for ourselves in each Now moment, and as we do so, new pathways will always open up and present themselves. That is why in the New, we can never predict or control, for the pathways will continue to get clearer and clearer as we move along the journey, and as our paths intertwine with other fellow travelers ... the Divine companions that we are to meet and exchange something important with. This always leads to a Divine potential that might have not been seen and noticed in the beginning, as it only presents itself in perfect Divine timing, and when new awareness is already activated. This is how we are building new neural pathways in our ascending reality.

In standing still for just a moment, we might have a glimpse of that experience!

Yes, Mercury is still retrograde (slowly coming to a close on July 1st), and it's joined by Neptune as well (until November)! Until then, we are guided to take it easy and enjoy the Creation through the magical infatuation. It doesn't matter whether we prefer walking on familiar paths time after time, or whether we continue to explore new ones. What truly matters is the depth of our Presence. Beauty can be found anywhere, and I can hike a thousand destinations, and yet the adoration and Magic of Creation always comes from my Heart. On my hiking trips, I meet people from all walks of life, and they each have their story and way of living. Some do it only for the goal and many times they walk right by the greatest of Life's miracles. To each its own! I call this "100 people, 100 wonders." Each one of us lives through our own Soul awareness, and what truly matters is how devoted we are to the Path of the Self and trusting our inner guidance in a natural flow.

Sometimes we need to slow down in order to broaden our horizons and enjoy the view! The snail animal messenger represents this perfectly!

After a wave of heat, nice weather and my daily hikes and adventures, our Nature was finally balancing that with some purifying rain and lightnings with thunder Now. It feels so good, and I just love it when it rumbles and tumbles in the sky, which feels so charged up with energy. We are still integrating the most recent wave of Solar Flare activity and the Solstice Light, which will bring us a new level of expansion in our communication center, which is also our chakra for manifestation. Our throat area is expanding in many ways, and we are about to express ourselves on a whole new level, with much more stability, patience and compassion/higher understanding.

Nature is such a perfect mirror of Divine communication. In June, we had an intense heat wave and I was off to explore most of the time. This began to guide me in the direction of Mountain gatherings/Ascension retreats. I discovered the most magical place as well, and it's an isolated chalk lake. I was all alone, with only animal companions and the presence of Spirit. I can't wait to show off this place on one of my future Nature retreats!

This is the place in the middle of the Mountain forest, which is completely surreal, and it feels almost half ethereal. I was returning there twice, to explore first and then to just relax and integrate the latest Cosmic upgrade to our body system. Just like one Divine companion said for this photo: "This is Home!"

Remember that being in the New requires us to constantly challenge ourselves as we climb up on the ladder of Spirit. This means that we are living in a state of constant expansion, always breaking through any fears, seeming obstacles or old and outgrown perspectives ... in order to always live in freshness of personal freedom, playful creativity and wisdom of the Soul.

When I was by this new place, I jumped in a cold Mountain lake, which was very new for me. I don't like to bathe in such cold waters, but I went through with it and found myself really enjoying it. It was New and I felt very expanded. It was also very healing for the body. The more we let go, the more magical this carpet ride called Life in Ascension becomes. Challenge yourself daily and move beyond anything old, outworn and limiting. Be all that You are in your limitless nature of the Soul!

I was out all day, cycling and hiking, exploring new hiking trails and magical places, and then I went to the beach for a while. I suddenly began to feel really exhausted, and my body just drifted away somewhere. This is often occurring when I AM out in Nature and feeling Her shifts, because we are now becoming as the weather, so perfectly one with it.

Are You feeling the need to just Be and explore the pure corners of Mother Nature? Yes, this is definitely Neptune at work, by going retrograde until November. This is meant to bring us a higher understanding of Nature, tune into Agape Love of all Life in Creation and co-create magical and adventurous experiences for ourselves. Not only that, for it's also a time to deepen the way we communicate our spirituality. At this time, our dreams may deepen as well, and even if we don't consciously remember them, they are always stored as information in our subconscious. The guidance will surface when we will need it the most, and so we must only pay attention to what feels good at the time being, and what simply draws us in with its natural magnetism. It is a time when we need to be even more observant and sensitivity/vulnerability is Key!

This is also the perfect time to balance the way we communicate, to work more on the level which is beyond mere words, and move into the feeling side of Life. This is that soft Divine feminine energy that is never crass, and always nurturing. Nature can assist us with this greatly, so we can observe how She expresses herself and invite this in our Being, so that our Hearts will continue to soften, as our Spirit in form becomes stronger. This is especially true for when Mercury is retrograde as well, for we have a few weeks to really go deeper and see whether we have moved into a higher way of communicating. For example, if someone around us is in negative vibration or just different to our own, how we respond to that energy might change everything. We do have a lot of influence, and although we can't choose for others due to free will, we can always leave a huge impact with our conscious Presence.

Do You know how to truly observe your daily interactions with the world? I wish to share an example. During the heat wave, we wished to spend some alone time by the lake, when someone came there right after us and started talking to us in a very open way. At first, their communication was a bit too straight forward and almost rude, as they wanted to force certain subjects we did not wish to discuss. I simply replied: "You know, You can ask a question, but we don't need to answer if we don't feel like it." I simply observed the person without judgment, as my intent is never to discuss heavy subjects. I love lighthearted energy of purity and simplicity. Right after that, the person went for a swim in the cold lake, and as they returned, their approach was much softer and smoother, and we began talking some more and hung out for a while. It turned out to be a pretty fun experience.

This is how we can co-exist in harmony and Unity consciousness, even with those who might not be on the same level of Soul experience. But when we find the space to communicate in Heart beyond heavy discussions and debates, our Hearts can meet in the sacred temple of pure Love. That is who we truly are, and as Neptune goes deeper, so shall we. We are getting softer but stronger. Let us continue to birth more and more illumination through us!

On my Nature hikes, explorations and retreats, I always meet many animal companions as well. They always bring in a specific message of Spirit and energy Essence. This little baby deer chose to be my companion one fine day. I heard a sound in the woods, and all of a sudden he showed up approaching me, which was very strange to me at first. He kept crying until I came closer, but as I reached my hand out to let him smell me, he jumped away and began to call his mother. She rushed into assistance right away, making loud noises as well. This was a perfect message of nurturing mother Love and Divine protection. Deer is also a messenger of gentleness and self care.

Here is what Animal-speak guidebook by Ted Andrews has to say about the deer messenger: "Move gently into new areas. Follow the lure to new studies. Practical pursuits bring surprising rewards." And
isn't he absolutely adorable? 
Firstly, this is so interesting, since the first word I used myself was "he lured me in" himself. This is also true because it was a baby deer, symbolizing fresh new approaches and ventures ... so new expanding horizons and ideas. The first message is about overcoming fear in any area of expansion, since the deer was excited to greet me at first, but later he got scared and panicked all of a sudden. So this second message is about a breakthrough and being daring and courageous, while knowing that assistance is always there when we ask for it, which was represented by his mother coming to the rescue.

Nature speaks loudly to those who know how to listen with their whole Being!

Here are some other Nature's gifts of wildlife!

A message of making conscious connections with other Divine companions! Sharing the experience of Love is so important!

And the fishes ... bringing the message of the Holy/Divine Trinity! Don't miss out on the richness of Nature and its various messages!

There were also tiny snakes (not poisonous) in the lake, and their message was about healing and curiosity, because they were so eager to come and look at us. Don't fear snakes or any other creatures of Nature ... they probably fear You more than You fear them ... so don't hold prejudice about them. When You value the wildlife without fear, magical things will happen and You will experience Oneness with all of Nature's creatures.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn