Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bithing canal of illumined Union: Mission upgrades, Star Beings & Star Gate work

Dear Beloveds!

What a Life, right!? We are in a 17/8 energy month, which translates into the Star/Strength major arcana meanings in tarot. My gosh, we have some powerful energy and activations happening this month. This month feels so mystical in nature, not just because we are entering a time of Wesak (the Buddha Moon), but also because there are major Star Gates being activated and opened at this time, So many of us are receiving physical contact through Star Being visitations, mission upgrades and additional Soul gifts of Galactic origin being activated within us. The main focus at this time is to follow through the Grand Design through the Mother's sacred Flame, by feeling the calling deep from within. When we answer that call, there is great Magic at our disposal. The Mother Goddess sends a call out, we answer, and then She showers us with Her majestic Gifts. These Gifts are very subtle and refined, and yet they bring us the important reverberations of our mission upgrades. How strongly do we wish to live and serve on this planet? Where are our true interests and what continues to move us forward? These are some very deep questions that will be rising to the surface at this time. The Mother strongly wishes to birth something New through us. This is the time, and we are hearing the call. But are we answering it with all of our Heart?