Saturday, April 19, 2014

My renewed Divine Destiny

Dear Beloveds! 

I have leveled up yet again in my embodiment, and my level of awareness has again increased exponentially. I AM sure that many of You feel the same, and it's as if nothing can stop our expansion at this time, as that is how limitless it is. I AM entering a void of so many new things/Divine potential at this time, and whenever this transition is that strong for me, I AM guided to make renovations on all levels of my Being. At this time so much is coming through, but it doesn't have a specific shape or form yet, so it cannot be shared, for it just exists as pure Divine potential. I AM just a humble Hermit at this time, experimenting, unfolding, becoming. I AM speaking Light language, drawing sacred symbols and singing songs of Creation, which are all contributing to this process of New Self encoding. At such times things are falling off like crazy, but we must not fear our greatness as we embrace the next level of awareness in body and take the next step of physical Ascension. When we are done with our experience on a certain level, a New one will come, and it will be even greater and more magical. We only have to have Faith and Trust! Enjoy this time ... it's intense, but it's oh so precious!

Are You feeling a bit sick in your belly, feverish, tired for no good reason, more sensitive or moody, or has your appetite suddenly changed? Yes, we are being influenced by another strong Solar Flare activity. The latest wave came in yesterday (April 18th), with a huge M-class flare, which personally I always feel right before it happens, and this was the night before. Today I randomly went on YouTube, and it showed me a video confirmation of the event. Take care of yourselves at this time, and since it's Easter weekend, know that Easter is not to celebrate in the old for us Ascension Pioneers ... it is to Be within the New, which always holds the sacred space, as all exists in the Now! We are here to anchor the Light of the Highest Divine potential at all times! 

We are currently between the Eclipses, which is the most powerful and potent time for the acceleration of consciousness, and we are all being upgraded somehow. I AM feeling a strong pull towards a renewed Soul purpose, as it's growing bigger and expanding so rapidly. We just celebrated the Lunar Eclipse this week, which is a Full Moon in Libra. We have a very powerful shifting energy during these few days, and it's getting intense on so many levels. Last week I was already guided to prepare and I was gridding the Light on my favorite Mountain beach. This week I managed to activate it further and take a photo of it as well. Libra is all about harmony and balance within our selves and our relationships, so I wanted to activate a higher octave of this archetype.

This stone grid represents the power of the merging polarities, our inner Divine feminine and masculine. There is a main symbol of 2 opposing V's, which I call the "Aurea & Aureon" (the Golden Ones), with two Hearts in each pole, and a smaller Heart stone that I found. There are also two opposing spirals, which represent the perfect symmetry of the Divine polarized opposites merged as One. There is also an infinity symbol emanating from the Core, which is made out of 2 threes, and it represents Divine Trinity ... the perfection of our Divine inner Self, the Twin Soul Essence that we are in Divine Truth. There are also 8 big stones (grounding pillars) outside the main circle, which represent the number of infinity, and this sacred mandala is actually called A-MA-RA, which speaks about our eternal Self. The words I received as well are "Iluvir", which stand for the Divine birth of the Beloveds as One ... the Divine child of Divine Reunion.

I hope You enjoy this grid and your own, if You are guided to make them are this very special and sacred time.

I had the most amazing day outside in Nature on the day of the Eclipse ... it was so adventurous. I made a huge circle with around 4 stops at special places, and I began singing Elven melodies at my last stop. All of a sudden and from then on ... butterflies just kept bumping into me, almost as if they felt it. All is vibration, and the more that we raise it, the more we are moving into the New Earth and co-creating a new "parallel" reality that will soon enough become our only living experience and New Reality.

I AM enjoying my sacred Mountain beach so much ... especially on this powerful day of the shift, when we moved through the Lunar Eclipse.

My personal "Aurea" bag, which is always with me no matter where I go, and holds my most sacred Spirit items, feels so good in her natural environment ... amidst the mighty Mountains. 

I AM guided to enjoy my days offline, diving deep into the energy of the Eclipses. For a Pillar of Light, embodiment of the New incoming waves of Light is always first on my list. This week I spent some moments just gazing into the dark shifting sky, and the energy was so alive and buzzing. These is how we can activate the New with Being and observing. I also saw some energy Beings, which was so sweet! 

We had some intense shifting here during the last few days, which perfectly showed the energy of the Eclipse. On the night of the Eclipse, we had some purifying rain here, with a hail and lightning storm, and as I woke up it began to snow for a while. I haven't seen such interesting weather patterns since I moved here to the Mountains. It got extra cold with this and the weather is so unpredictable with the shifting energy. The time of the Full Moon is always the most powerful one to retreat and just absorb all the incoming Cosmic energy. We are all being triggered in a new way and receiving new prana! 

There were strong winds of change blowing and announcing the incoming Eclipse, but gosh ... what a powerful shift it was! It was perfectly sunny during the day and I was drinking in the Rays of the warm Sun, when strong winds suddenly began to blow in the afternoon. As I got home it got darker and darker, and then all of a sudden we had a hail storm in the middle of April. Suddenly everything was white, and the air felt different. Eclipses always bring an immense energy shift and a colder climate, which will always be reflected in the shifting weather patterns, and the air will instantly change as well, as it all goes through the entire atmosphere.

I love it, and I love powerful storms, as they always bring in new Cosmic energies. Tune into it and just feel ... receive!

What I AM surely noticing is a lot of Soul Gifts resurfacing during this pivotal time, and for me this is definitely coming through Elven singing and toning. On the day of the Libra Full Moon Eclipse I was singing and chanting during the time of the Eclipse, as everything was guiding me deeply into music. Later I had another spontaneous moment as I almost stepped out of my body (although it was more like a parallel split) and I saw myself from a higher vision. I was almost feeling like I AM floating, and I was exercising, but at the same time I wasn't. I felt this like the splitting of two realities, as my mouth open to start singing ... but it was a totally new way of singing, where my vocal chords were producing a very powerful and high pitched sound ... like out of this world. My Higher-Parallel Existence was there, but my current Human experience was also there, and my face was shifting in the mirror. The experience was so beautiful and intense, and it left me with a feeling of "Home." What are You noticing in your own reality? What is currently being upgraded?

As I was sitting amongst my Mountain rocks on a hill this week, so many new tunes and melodies came through as I was singing in Light. If You ever read or watched LOTR from Tolkien, You know that the Creation of worlds is based on sound, and that the first Essences of the Divine (the first offspring of the One) brought all Life in Creation into form/matter through singing. So what is that we want to sing about Now, how can we influence this Realm of Existence on a deeper level? As I was sitting on my rock, singing and speaking Light language, I later got a more physical/Human language description about what I was speaking in Light encodings. Everything had to do with bringing everything back into perfect Divine harmony through sound. This is all based on primary Purity. So as Pillars of Light we are basically harmonizing the polarities into the resonance of One. That is what my Higher aspects shared with me at this time.

Watch my latest Ascension update to find out more about this huge shift!

I AM also noticing that lately new crystal companions are wanting to enter my life. You can just feel when they are calling You. A few people were already guided to send me crystals, and I was also guided to buy some new simple tumble stones that spoke to me. Whenever we are shifting deeply from within, and our Soul is on a huge expansion trip, new crystals companions and other forms of Divination will enter our reality, if we are only open to receiving and allow ourselves to deeply experience these gifts of the Divine. We might not always understand why they are meant to be with us, but when a Soul is calling, we just have to answer it. A Divine Soul companion send me these two beautiful crystals, and they both mean a lot to me in awareness. The first golden-brown one is a sacred Cross One, which is one of my personal symbols and it means the world to me, and the second one is a green apophyllite. I already have one clear one which is my favorite crystal companion that is always next to me, and now this little one joined it as well ... together they are complete. Watch out for what is calling You at this time, and be sure to answer that calling, as well as receive the messages that come into your life with this.

I also checked my Aura-soma tarot, for the color combination of Green and Gold, which is the color of these beautiful crystal specimens. It stands for Six of wands, which represents harmony, balance on many levels, receiver and bearer of good news, the wisdom of the Truth ... and the bottle is called "The Fountain." It speaks about knowing through finding one's own space. This describes me perfectly Now, and it confirms that these are messenger stones, bringing in new information and guidance.

On my many Mountain beach escapades, I also find a lot of Heart shape stones, that I later use in my Elven Soul Art. But on the day of the Eclipse I have found such a perfect Heart stone specimen, which felt so good to receive. It is so beautifully in alignment with this Lunar Eclipse in Libra, which is all about Love and relationships.

I also received a beautiful Soul Gift and encoding from a fellow Nature loving Elven Soul this week. I will spend my day outside in Nature and take this with me to really take it in. Isn't it wonderful how in the New Now, we take everything in with much more awareness, openness for detail and depth? This is how we absorb everything through the depth of our Being.

I AM truly excited and so much is coming in at this time. We only need to be aware of it and listen.

What makes your days extra magical? What are You grateful for?

Happy Eclipse season! Embrace your renewed Divine Destiny!

I AM wishing You so much Greatness of Self expansion!  
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my latest video update about our sovereignty in the New, which is shifting completely!