Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Divine Mother speaks

Dear Beloveds!

This week I was "on the go." We had holidays, and I was also guided to hike and explore, so I was not guided to be online and share as much as I usually do. I feel this was an important time for Self reflection and spending some time alone, preferably outside in Nature, because the Scorpio energy is very intense and we need to find our own inner comfort and depth of feeling. This is a time of inner preparation, because when the energy really moves forward (Mercury moving out of its shadow retrograde), we will all be asked to take another leap forward ... and we need to prepare for this time ... each in our own unique way. The latest consciousness upgrade which we received during the Eclipse Gateway needs to unwind naturally, so that we can receive new guidance in perfect flow.

For me a new energy wave began last weekend. The Divine Mother Essence was truly pouring through every living particle. Last weekend I had the most spectacular Bliss walk outside in Nature. Recently we had three X-class Solar flares in a row, and these times are just calling for introversion and Self reflection. The moment when we connect with our inner Heart, we enter the most sacred and holy of all altars ... that of the Self. Here only Divine voices can be heard and felt. There is no external happiness, in Truth. A state of Bliss only comes from our inner Source connection.

I radiated pure Divine Love that day, and the whole photo ended up being Magenta Pink, which is the Ray of the Divine Mother. I was merging with the Essence of Sophia, the Great Divine Mother and I brought through a message of Her Essence, which I will share with everyone soon.

I AM just deeply enjoying my inner Self Now! This is how Scorpio feels ... pure Source intimacy!

So I was enjoying a weekend of Mountain Bliss. I realized just how much I need these regular periods of just me and Spirit. We had our first snow wave with the Eclipse, and it was very pure and fresh in the Mountains ... it was time for a renewal. 

We had so many X-class Solar flares during this time, which went right alongside our current Mercury going back direct from Earth's perspective. After the Eclipse Gateway, we are being challenged with new situations or just inner feelings that are moving us in the direction of the New. We may feel some pretty intense body sensations at this time, and it's normal because our bodies are continuously adjusting to be able to hold more Light of our Divine Self. I have felt this most recent wave in my legs, and this is moving the embodiment further down, merging with the Earth's Star chakra through our own feet chakras that ground us into this planetary Existence. We are beginning to realize that we are rewriting our Earthly existence, and that we desire it to be pleasurable and blissful. We are writing a new "history" here! All of the old stories are therefore being recycled, and all this energy input that we still give to the same old stories Now wants to go somewhere else. Too many times we still ask ourselves: "What AM I supposed to be doing," rather than feeling a sense of what we really desire to do through our Heart/Soul. When the old is dissolving, we will always feel a sense of emptiness, but this sensation is nothing bad or negative. It is simply mourning that which was in order to fully let it go and accept what needs to be Now.

At this time, we might have felt a sense of void (partially because of the latest New Moon in Scorpio) and also a slight sense of not knowing what to do next. Mercury going direct might bring a sense of rush ... a desire to move forward in a big way, but the guidance is not crystallized yet. Why? Because we need some time to process all of this Light in our bodies, and because Mercury is still in its shadow phase. So what does this mean? If we want to make a change out of a need to change something, this comes from the external, not internal. This is always related with a sense of not being grounded right here and Now and trusting in a greater Divine plan. When the change is natural and progresses in flow, then we are doing it through Soul. If we are asking ourselves about what we need to change, the question is already implying a sense of lack/void. When we know, we simply know, and everything is just naturally taking care of itself through Soul guidance. This time requires us to go even deeper within (the Scorpio energy) and merge with a greater part of Us that still feels separate, isolated or just not fully embraced in its Divine Light.

We need to learn to embrace each phase of our Ascension, because it is cyclical and it does come with its "highs and lows", which are not really that ... they are just necessary phases of activation and integration taking place in Divine perfection ... as we expand in our Divine Self.

Everything is pure Love. The only question is whether we are able to perceive it in all things and in all ways. For us to be able to love truly, we need to see through every created story, every event, everything that has ever "happened to us" and everything that we have perceived as not Love itself. When we can move through each layer of separation/illusion, we will see through the eyes of the Divine, and our true vision will move into our Heart. Then we will receive a pure Spirit initiation into the sacred halls of Wisdom, which can only be unlocked in our Heart, which is a direct portal to the Cosmic Heart which connects us to All Life in Creation ... all that is living through the Holy breath of Life ... the Spark of Creation!

Living in the New is all about finding miracles in what seems to be something completely ordinary at a first glance. When we are able to feel wide awake while doing the most simple of things while feeling like the most blessed person in the whole wide world, we are living from our enlightened Self. I was enjoying my warm tee on a wooden bench, the Sun was shining in such a pleasant warm way, and I was looking at the walls of the Mountains which I love so much. The feeling was deep and I was able to feel such profound Love, which can only be truly felt in deep surrender to Source intimacy.

The Magenta Pink Ray of the Divine Mother surrounded me the whole time, and it moved through me as well, in true Love of my "I AM." Life is full of abundant Gifts, and we don't need to miss any of them!

And here is a short Spirit message that came forth on that beautiful Magenta Pink day. These Scorpio times we have entered began with deep intensity, and one of the reasons is also that a new Solar sign began with a New Moon as well, so it's both pretty much amplified. This means that the archetype of Scorpio is working even stronger in our lives at this time. Scorpio is all about depth, intensity and intimacy of Divine Union. The message I brought forth speaks of falling in Love with Life through inner intimacy. We can always find something that we like on the outside, but when we are truly guided only by the inner, our Life becomes pure Magic of Source. When we can move forward with full trust in our inner feeling side of Life, we open up to deep intimacy. Intimacy cannot be found through material things ... only in making Love to Life itself. The Holy Spirit lives in all things living, and to make love to all the living means to exchange our energy with all that carries a spark of Life, the eternal Flame of the Divine.

We are being guided to move forward with this awareness at this time, and the "Lovers" archetype asks us to surrender to deeper Unions and sharing at this time. It is through others that we will discover our innermost Soul gifts and abilities. Sometimes we are not even aware how deeply we matter, until we help someone in awareness, and as we move forward, so do they. Together we are much stronger and our Soul abilities amplify when we stand in Union instead of separation. It is then important to find our own little "safe haven" that we co-create from inside out. This is called Source intimacy, and when we establish such a connection with the Self, we can perceive just about anything as magical and influential.

Everything that we perceive through the Essence of Life, has the ability to transform through our pure Love. It is becoming rather important in these times of Scorpio depth, that we become aware of our intrinsic connections to everything and everyone. We no longer require proof, confirmations and grand gestures to see how much we value and how our Love when true, can transform not just our own Life, but those of others as well. We are priceless and together we are stronger, and that doesn't mean that we always need to do something in particular ... it simply means that we allow ourselves to be open and intimate, because intimacy means high emotional intelligence, and high emotional intelligence means a great flow of pure Love of the Divine. With that awareness, we can create sacred spaces of our own anywhere and always. The greatest Gift that we can offer each other is to be present with one another in deep Soul intimacy.

I greet You with pure Love! 

I also created a Halloween reading, which You can tune into here and there, along with personal choices being shared!

And here is a message of the Great Divine Mother, which the gnostics also called Pistis Sophia. The Divine Mother is all Life in Creation. She is the infinite Source of Divine potential made manifest. The White Mother Flame is the flame of Ascension in Unity consciousness, and we enter the White Mother Flame through our own individual Ray of purpose/focus, and then we connect through the Cosmic/Higher Heart, which is the inner Heart gateway into the Magenta Pink Ray, the Ray of Divine Mother's infinite Love. 

When we activate the Divine remembrance of ourselves as infinite Love, Wisdom and Power, we are ready to enter the sacred chambers of the White Mother Flame, which is the Flame of Ascension in Purity. When we understand our Self as the perfect sacred marriage of the Divine feminine and masculine polarities and archetypes of Creation, we understand ourselves as direct descendants of the Divine Mother and Father, so we have both the spark of inner Christ and the Holy Spirit within us. In this sacred knowing, we are completely whole and complete as a Being of Source perfection.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia: "The female divinity of Gnosticism is Sophia, a being with many aspects and names. She is sometimes identified with the Holy Spirit itself but, according to her various capacities, is also the Universal Mother, the Mother of the Living or Resplendent Mother, the Power on High, She-of-the-left-hand (as opposed to Christ, understood as her husband and he of the Right Hand), as the Luxurious One, the Womb, the Virgin, the Wife of the Male, the Revealer of Perfect Mysteries, the Holy Dove of the Spirit, the Heavenly Mother, the Wandering One, or Elena (that is, Selene, the Moon). She was envisaged as the Psyche of the world and the female aspect of Logos."

This is the exact message that I have received:

"I move through You! I move through You in loving Grace, always and in all ways.

I AM the Essence of true Love, touching lives upon the planet, transforming all through the empowerment of the Great Goddess. She lives in everything and everyone, and has so many different names.

I AM the Essence of each man and woman, here on high and brought into form. My Magic lies in Soul alchemy, which has the power to set all Life in Creation free. I can only work my Magic when I AM called upon, when I AM approached in pure Mind and Heart, with untouched Humility.

There is no ego where I AM, only the power of true Love that can move Mountains and remember itself through the power of the individual. I AM the walking Grace in flesh, brought through Wisdom into form, with a purpose to transform.

I AM Life's Power, I AM every element and every hour. I AM each song and each Essence of Life flows through me first. My Heart is infinite and it knows no space, with arms as wide as a loving embrace.

Do not seek for me in books or scriptures, for it is not there that I dwell. I live in the living force of Life so full, so come and join me in the great outdoors!"

Here is my video about the White Mother Flame and Rays of purpose:

Here is a visual that You can use!

Here is a poem that celebrates living through the living Essence of the Divine Mother!

"I AM the Essence of the Divine Mother,
For She moves through me in all ways.
I don't need to work hard to plant seeds,
I simply need to walk the flow of Life.
I don't need to struggle, kick and scream,
I simply need to live as Love manifest.
The Light of the Mother lives in Me,
And moves everyone that comes my way.
I can relax and let go of the old,
Entering a deeper intimacy with the New.
I can simply make love to all Life in Creation,
And live my Life in constant celebration!"

This whole week was dedicated to Divine Mother. Here is the sacred Mary's peak in Italian Alps with a pilgrimage trail that is known ever since the 16th century, when they named it the godly path of all three nations; Slavs, Germans and Romans. Today they call it the godly path of Europe. Awesome!!!

We will surely visit this magical place again.

Here is the story! This Monday we were on a pilgrimage! We were guided to visit the sacred Mary's hill in Italian Alps for a while Now, and we have wanted to take a ride with a lift there this weekend, but it wasn't working. This weekend we only had a sneak preview and today we decided to take a pilgrimage path and went hiking through the misty fog. 

It truly felt like a pilgrimage, because we had to walk through much fog to actually reach the top and the whole time I was feeling what a typical miracle it would be, if the sky would clear up when we came on top. I was constantly communing with the Divine Mother when walking. 

Here is what really happened! We came on the top, and it was so windy and cold, and then we went to the cross, took a photo in all that fog, and then we went towards the Mountain village with the main church. There was a small cabin open, and we went inside for tea, so happy that we could stay some place warm.

The moment we sat down with our pure intention, the sky began to clear and make room for the Sun. The tallest peaks of Julian Alps began to look at us, and it started to feel so grand. When we were warm enough, we went outside and walked to the largest cross on top of the hill. 

There we found the most precious white crystal stones and took a whole bunch of them with us. Their energy is so pure ... completely like the Divine Mother Essence, and this hill surely is magical ... I felt it. 

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?" I see a beautiful rose in the middle, opening its petals from inside out. Did You know that the sacred rose is Mother Mary's symbol? Amazing synchronicity indeed!

I gathered a whole bunch of them and we took them home with us. I put them into water to soak during the night, and today I was washing them with a soft brush. As I started doing this, my whole spine begin buzzing with electricity, and I got tingling sensations on my head. These stones are super powerful and amazing! This is how I grid the Light from the Alps in my own sacred space.
I will make them available on my upcoming new web page, along with all the other Alpine stones that I find on my mountaineering adventures. I have quite a collection already!

It was so nice being up there without any usual crowds and so much going on, so we were guided to take this trip at perfect Divine timing. We then sat down by one of the stone houses and sunbathed, overlooking the tallest Mountains. As we felt the time has finally come for us to return home, the sky began to close up again, and the Sun disappeared. That was such a beautiful sign that the Sun today was just for us, and we felt this deeply in our Hearts, as we fell in love with this magical place.

This is one of the most magical moments captured in a photograph. The Sun is revealing the perfection of Rainbow Light, and the trees are covered in icy purity.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. And here is my video about being Divine alchemists: