Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Entering into the sacred feminine

Dear Beloveds!

I AM tuning into the sacred Divine feminine principle all week long, and I AM allowing all the male and dominant/controlling to be stripped away. More inner balance is being born. In the celebration of this, I was guided to create the sacred Divine feminine Elven circlet for myself. I instantly saw a vision of its color and geometry, with a lunar symbol in the middle (the Divine Goddess archetype), with two opposing spirals for balance coming out of the center, representing perfect balance. One side of the crown flows through silver (feminine, lunar), and the other one flows through gold (masculine, solar) ... which again represents perfect balance. I love the Goddess Principle ... the Love of all Life in Creation and celebration through the wild untamed nature of our Being!

I speak more about the importance of the sacred feminine principle of Creation in this video:

We are embracing the sacred Divine feminine Principle on our Ascension journey. When we engage in this awareness fully, we allow all the old male and dominant/controlling to be stripped away ... until there is nothing left but pure feeling in Divine Love. The feminine principle is all about moving deep into our body (the sacred temple of our Soul) and allowing ourselves to feel. Any denial of our internal feeling leads to suppression, and this leads to different forms of depression. Our Self expression is compromised without embracing the sacred femininity, which is the infinite Life force in the Cosmos ... in all Creation. When we tune into the sacred Goddess Principle, we become aware that it is that pure raw Life force that does not belong to us ... we simply become its Divine extensions ... co-creators with the Light of Holy Spirit! The sacred feminine is not personal and it's not an identity, because it's an archetype of Divine Creation that we either embrace and embody or not.

The sacred Goddess Principle is the Love of all Life in Creation and celebration through the wild untamed nature of our Being! The process of Ascension integration is directly linked to the "chi" energy that we receive from Source, and the "kundalini" Life force that runs through us as we connect with the root of our Existence on the planet, which makes our physical/horizontal and Source/vertical experience as One. 

With embracing the femininity Principle of Creation, we invite the Divine masculine to flow through it and co-create in balance and Divine equality. A perfect bond and partnership is formed through us, and our yin/yang forces intertwine in an endless dance. The Divine masculine archetype is that of Truth, while the sacred feminine is all about pure Power and potential. Great things in Creation are all born from the Great Cosmic womb of pure Divine potential. Without embodying both principles of polarity, we always feel a certain sense of "lack", because we have not yet integrated our true Wholeness. 

It all begins with embracing our feeling side of Life. As we awaken to our deep feelings, we begin to realize that the feelings themselves can never bring us suffering. We have nothing to be afraid when we feel our feelings. It is only our egoic resistance to what is being felt and experienced that makes us feel suffering. It is only separation mode that disconnects us from our true feeling nature as Divine Beings in body form. We master ourselves through our feelings, as they bring us important guidance and revelations. When we begin to be aware of the importance of our feelings and our bodies, we begin to awaken the sacred feminine Principle inside of us. As we do so, we begin to slowly awaken Divine creativity deep within us. The stirrings of this deep Passion restore that perfect connection back, and we can begin to dance our sacred Goddess again ... regardless of the fact that we are either male or female. 

As we do so, we awaken to our true Divine nature and we partner up with both polarities of the Divine ... the sacred feminine and the masculine. It is the sacred feminine that invites the masculine to enter its womb and embrace the silence/void of no-thingness. It is the sacred feminine that invites us to play and embrace the awareness that comes with it. In this space, pure potential exists, and everything can be created and born into Existence. It is only this dance in perfect equality that can bring forth things of true illumination into this world of matter. In our personal Ascension journey, we are mastering how to bring Divine archetypes into physical form. This is what it's all about, and as we do so, we are stepping out of the "karmic" cycles of forgetfulness and into the Spiral of Ascension in infinite Creation ... and this is pure Divine remembrance ... the knowing of who we truly are in our "I AM" Self!

The perfect dance of the yin/yang,
The spiraling movement of One,
Sharing the Light of One Sun!

Standing together as polarized opposites,
Igniting the freedom flames for us to embrace and become!

"1, 2, 3 ... what do You see?"

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn