Saturday, March 29, 2014

My body integration & higher expressions

Dear Beloveds! 

This has been an intense time of body integration for many of us. Please know that our mission begins with us. We cannot save a planet, and we cannot raise the Light in others until it is raised in our own temple. While we can talk about high ideals and awareness and guiding others into it, becoming the living example is always the greatest teacher. To show the way through our own embodiment is what we do as Ascension Pioneers. This is a Divine assignment that never ends, as we can always expand more, and so we are also able to assist more. The path of Ascension is a cyclical journey from Source into density in order to grow and transcend and back into the consciousness of Source in order to fill it with new awareness about itself as existing Creation. This is how we contribute as One. We expand, we serve on that level of expansion and then we report about it and bring our experiences back into the Whole of All That Is. It takes higher understanding to remember why we are here specifically, and then it also takes a great deal of humility, strength and courage ... to Be all that we truly are and all that we have yet to become in our constant and infinite expansion.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My need to retreat

Dear Beloveds!

As an Ascension Pioneer and a Pillar of Light, I AM very hyper-active, so it's important that I constantly live in a balanced state of doing and re-treating. Lately I was working a lot, with the release of my Elven Soul Art Blog, and many other things, like huge expansion in my Art journey in general. This took a lot of time and effort, which can never be seen ... only behind the scenes. I do a lot of work on my journey, and although I don't call it that, and I use the word "devotion" instead, it was all very time consuming and I spent practically all my attention on how to get things done. After many days of hard work and intensity of hyperactive energy, I was guided to take a short personal retreat and spend my time in Nature to recharge a bit.

My awakening Spring & new astrological year

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to Spring ... my favorite time of the year! Everything is blooming and blossoming! We just celebrated the March Equinox, and the frequency is rising yet again. The Sun now went into Aries, and I AM already feeling that Aries energy moving me forward and I so love that energy. I AM in a highly active and productive energy and it feels like I can do so many things all at once. Besides everything else, I was spontaneously guided to clean and organize some things around the apartment. It felt so cleansing and like it opened the door for more of the New. This is what the Spring energy feels like, and when Aries comes into play it's all about action, power and intense energy drive. Aries (ruled by Mars) also speaks of our desires, and since Mars is now in Libra, these desires are moving around creating more balance and harmony in our ascending lives, and striving for perfection in our relationships.

Friday, March 21, 2014

My Magical Elven Soul Art

Dear Beloveds!

This year I truly began to awaken deeply in my Elven Soul Art. I cannot stop, and I AM plunging deep into the realm of magical discovery. Each day I wake up completely excited and inspired, and my hands are itching to begin creating something new. It feels like a magical fairy tale to me. I also have a new Elven Art project, and I wish to share it with all of You. I AM currently working on some new long term projects! The first one is an Elven Tree of Life, which will be a natural and magical Twin Soul Essence Tree of the Divine Self. I already see the vision of it perfectly, and it will come with some rainbow crystals and beads. It will stand in the doorway of my room, and anchor my Elven/higher awareness. When I AM done with it, I will also begin creating crystal wands, and they will also be done with handmade-carved pine tree branches. I found a new passion, and I really love to carving things!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My path as a wayshower

Dear Beloveds!

Recently I was asked how I find the time to do all that I do. Well, it is true ... I create a lot, and lately this is expanding more and more. I AM taping into a vast ocean of Divine potential. The key is, that I exist without the confines of physical limitations such as time, etc. Of course, we are always moving even deeper into transcendence, but the reason why I have so much free space to create as I do, is because I allow myself to live limitation free. I believe only in the freedom of Being. That is why I don't limit how much I can create and how to do it. I just flow with the natural rhythm of my Soul and its guidance. Spirit has shared with me one day in meditation, the keyword for what I AM. It gently whispered to me: "The giver of life." We are all givers of life, but do we live it? Do we activate that aspect and seed/Source potential of our Divine Self and bring it into conscious co-creation?

My bubble of Love

Dear Beloveds!

It's been a while since I last shared here. I was so busy with my latest Elven Soul Art Blog, so that kept me pretty busy/focused. Lately I like to be outside all day long and stay in my Love bubble. The weather is so nice and the Sun is so warm. I just put my things in my backpack and I go hiking. Then I sit at this lodge and create. Recently I was doing some interesting reading, and I was creating new sketches for the Beloved oracle. I improved some previous ones as well, and now I already have 8 new ones to paint! I began taking my jewelery kit with me too, although there is so much of it! But it's totally worth it!!! Spring is very close and we are blossoming beautifully!