Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Solstice & White Ray of Unity

Dear Beloveds!

Happy Solstice!!! Our Sun now moved into Cancer, which is a pivotal point in our journey through deep feeling. There is so much going on at this time! Our messenger planet Mercury went into a stage of Gemini now, and He is still moving retrograde. Remember that He began this journey in cancer, but most of the retrograde happens in Gemini, because this is where the pivotal retrograde is actually happening, and where major breakthroughs in awareness are possible. We can now go back to the time of the New Moon in Gemini, and see where we placed our focus at that time, what we intended to grow and expand. It is during this time that we will be receiving more guidance on the "how to", which means that we will be focused on nourishing our dreams and desires. This week I received a message saying: "Nurture all that You love," which is perfect for this. A lot will come forth during the time of the Cancer New Moon on June 27th. We are asked to remember what is truly important at this time ... friends, family ... Divine companions and the experience of Life itself. Our Human aspect is so very important!

When we desire something to be brought into physical manifestation, we need to know that nothing happens without our conscious devotion and dedication. At this time, we are to explore what our Souls truly need for the current stage of expansion. Whatever it is, it simply needs to feel right, and when it does ... things just seem to naturally fit where they belong. Even if that is just to play, spend time outdoors, daydream, create Soul Art, or engage in connecting, reaching out and consciously meeting new people, since Gemini energy is all about communication through sharing and exploring. This is actually a very playful and spontaneous energy, so we must take a step back from all the "serious" and know that sometimes the most important answers and deep insights come through play ... when we are utterly relaxed and pure in our Hearts.

Speaking about communication ... this week I published my very first monthly energy update podcast via Elven Light singing. I don't own professional recording equipment, so this is as it is, but it holds the proper codes of Light for our current Soul expansion as a group collective of Ascension Pioneers. I also learned that the SoundCloud app only holds limited amount of space, so I shall see about the alternatives for the future. I shall see where this takes me. It's my first recording, so please be humble with me and my equipment. It's all a journey, not a destination ... and I enjoy sharing this with all very much! Everything serves a higher purpose until there is the energy of Bliss present. You can find it here!

This weekend we came to a pivotal point of June Solstice, and I AM truly excited for all of the New. We are all beginning with something new, and I moved up in my sharing as well. I already received such positive feedback on this latest project, which is a monthly energy update/podcast via Elven singing. I AM so happy that many Divine companions are able to bypass the lower mind and tune into it straight through the Heart and just feel. The energy emanations were that of higher dimensions, reverence for all Life in Creation and the Beloved energy, along with our current Soul expansion in June, as a group collective of Ascension Pioneers.

What are some of the some of the important things on our personal and collective Ascension journey at this crossing point of the June Solstice? We are raising our vibration so much, and we are becoming much more conscious of everything that is happening around us, and all that we are contributing to our personal experience through conscious participation and co-creation ... as well as our contributions/emanations on a global level and within All That Is. We are moving deeper into discernment and integrity, and we are perceiving things through higher dimensional aspects more than ever. All the labels, egoic tendencies, addictions, attachments, beliefs and patterns are now becoming something like an ancient history, as we are stepping up into our true roles as Divine Human Beings who are raising their consciousness in order to shift the Whole.

If we look back just a half year from Now, when we were standing at the juncture of the December Solstice, we can see just how much has changed since then, and we can feel how different we are. If we look even further, like one year back, this difference would be even more apparent. The Light of the Solstice always brings us to an important pivotal point, where new insights and Solar frequencies of Light are enhanced and available to all who are open to receive from Source. We can be purified and even more empowered from within. Vibration is becoming the Essence of our reality Now, an everything that we do, we perceive as conscious choosing within different vibrational choices and fields of Light. At this important time, we can spend some time alone, deeply reflecting on everything as it passes through us, and as we embrace even more of our true Self.

In the New, nothing is ever about controlling, forcing, rescuing and saving ... because everything becomes the focus of inner integration of the I AM Light and personal integrity within Soul alignment. Building the Pillar of our Ascension becomes our main focus, which is the column of White Light and merging with the White Ray of Unity consciousness, Ascension Flame, Purity, and links to all other Rays of Being within the Great Variation of Creation. Divine remembrance lives strong within those of us who have been pioneering our way into physical Ascension, and even through we don't always know where we will go as a collective (which is a part of the Divine Plan for All), we know that we are right where we need to Be, and that Great things are happening behind the scenes. No, these are not merely happening ... we are consciously contributing to the Grand unfolding.

Embrace the Light of the Solstice in all its grandiosity. Receive the increased Solar Light transmissions!

Here is my latest Ascension update about the Light of the Solstice: 

I was guided to the beach on the day of the June Solstice, and the Mountains are being reserved for later. I already shared about the importance of being called by a special sacred space, and the importance of the water element in energy transmissions. It is very good to be by the water at such special occasions, when the whole electromagnetism of the planet is enhanced and we can receive so much, that we can become a bit too charged up with energy. The water element soothes that, and our circuits are calmed down and cannot explode. 

I guess going with the flow is the main theme of this Solstice, because everything is becoming brand New and not like we were used to doing it before. This requires our full attention and openness on all levels of Being. This also requires for us to be open to not knowing anything on a Human level, and just trusting the process of constant discovery and integration of the Divine Human experience. We are at such a pivotal juncture of our journey as Ascension Pioneers, when this is becoming more important than ever before. The White Light is consuming all that is not, and activating all that truly Is ... in its utter Purity of the Divine.

I managed to capture a precious moment in our skies today. This was right after finishing with the creation of our Tree of Life Light grid/stone mandala, and the sky perfectly reflected that Creation ... in that wonderful moment in time. Solstice Magic indeed!

This is the sacred Tree of Life stone grid/mandala that we created on our Mountain beach today, in order to ground the energy of the Solstice and the Light of the New. I always function through random spontaneous flow of Spirit, and I instantly become a conduit for the Divine Light when I begin to create. I need to get very physical in order to bring things through me. For me, nothing happens by just sitting there and waiting for guidance. I just get up and go and Magic takes place, because guidance already lives in my very Being. 

This is just how I AM and I love how naturally this flows through all of us when we open up to our Source Self. In the New, we don't just ask for guidance ... we become it!!! This Light grid shows the Tree of Life in its perfect yin/yang representation of the Divine feminine and masculine polarities of Creation. After it was finished, it also got some crystal companions and then we activated it with a Light activation/meditation. The energy was strong and pulsating! May it bring forth new birth for all of us! Magical Solstice blessings! 

June is amazing! It is not just a month that announces Summer in the Northern hemisphere, but it's also a month were there is enormous abundance of everything in Nature. There are so many fruits and plants that grow and open our Hearts as we look at them and connect to their frequency in loving Presence of Oneness.

This is also a month when so much childlike creativity begins to flourish. This is my latest drawing that I created today. I love the magical inner child moments that I spend with my color pencils. It's like I AM uncovering a magical space of pure innocence and Divine creativity, and it feels like I AM floating away in a magical Pink balloon. This drawing shows an Elven tiara sketch, which I wish to create for the Essence of sacred marriage and the tree of Life Essence of all Life in Creation.

As You know, I like to spend most of my time outside in Nature, and I love to create my Soul Essence Art. I can't take my paints with me, so color pencils are always a good and practical alternative. I AM merging with my Beloved energy, for it's a continuous process of Soul integration. This week I was guided to draw two rings intertwined as one, which is symbolic for Divine Reunion. Inside they each hold a Universe of its own in the perfection of Divine Love. Then as they merge, they create a passionate flow of the Beloved energy embodiment and physical Joy. All around is white and sparkly! Awaken your magical inner child and see what unfolds!

I would love to share more about the White Ray of Unity, which plays such an important role in our personal Ascension journey. When we merge with the White Ray, we not only embrace the qualities of purity and simple joy of Life, but also the Divine Essences such as clarity, honesty, integrity and transparency. These each hold a very special place in our growing awareness, as we expand and grow through the discernment of our Soul. Through the White Ray, we purity of all the labels, attachments, expectations, egoic needs and tendencies, and we merge with only that which is true beyond our lower thinking brain, which loves to identify with things in order to feel valued or special. In the harmony of the White Ray, we stand as humble and modest, but it is through this that our Greatness actually truly grows. It is only when nothing stands between us and our Spirit Self ... the I AM Presence, that we can really walk in that Purity of Truth. The White Ray acts as the purifier and the link to all other Rays of Being and it connects everything through Unity Principles. So if I was to connect these 4 main pillars that are clarity, honesty, integrity and transparency, I would probably say: "When we are fully honest with ourselves and the world, only Divine clarity speaks. Through Divine clarity, we can walk in alignment with our Spirit integrity, and when we live this way, we become fully transparent in the Truth of the Absolute. Oh, the Gift of the White Ray!

When we merge with the White Ray of Unity consciousness, it's so easy for us to tune into everything and receive straight from Holy Spirit. That was always natural to me. It is so natural for all of us to feel into the subtle vibration of things. We simply connect through the feeling side of Life and tune into our Soul to spontaneously receive messages and knowing from Spirit. We are in deep communion with all Life in Creation, and it becomes our only way of living. It is also something that we cannot teach anyone, for it's a Divine remembrance that everyone needs to step into on their own. It is something that we can only radiate and express with our Being, and so we show the Way of Spirit.

And now for some Spirit messages! The New is all about feeling from within and therefore connecting to our inner Source of knowing. What is the message of this photo of the pink flowers? What does it make You feel? It makes me feel Heart expansion, friendship, kindness, childlike awe, innocence, new birth of Love and communion.

What is the message of this photo of the wild strawberries? What does it make You feel? It makes me feel ripeness, Venus, Agape Love, simple life, intoxication, independence, trust and family.

What is the message of this photo of the wild cherries? What does it make You feel? It makes me feel union, companionship, true love, togetherness, passion, receptivity, gentleness and generosity, receiving, openness and tenderheartedness. 

The sky was really mystical above our Mountains this week. I AM wondering what You might see in these clouds. I was drawing outside in Nature, and suddenly an inner feeling told me to look up and take a picture. So, 1, 2, 3 ... what can You see? (A hint: look towards left and think Horses and Unicorns)

And this confirms it ... meet a new Divine companion! What a friendly horse! She was enjoying herself under a huge cherry tree, ready to come to us and she really loved to be touched. Her skin was so soft, and it really felt so good! Horses can be very timid and delicate at times, but when a horse is so friendly, it usually means that they trust us and that there is an energy exchange taking place.

Pet an animal from time to time, if only You can! And then see how your vibration instantly rises!

And I just knew that I would see it soon again ... after painting it on a stone ... the Beloved Alaneaura (lady bug). She brings us blessings of new abundance and prosperity, good fortune for all those dedicated to pure Light of Truth!

I also wish to also share some more photos of White flowers, which beautifully invoke the White Ray ... and their simple messages!

 The Elder is one of my favorite plants and scents. It is such a luminous plant of the Platinum Ray! It can also be used to create the most amazing beverage ... so tasty and refreshing!
 The bugs of all shapes and sizes adore these! I love them too! White Peonies!
These smell heavenly and are always full of bees! Intoxication of senses!
 Tiny little bells! Messages of the Divine!
 The bees just love these! Simplicity brings nourishment!
 These look like a tiny version of a windmill. Shaking things up!
 These ones grew on the floor, and still very noticeable! Look beyond the obvious!
There are 5 of these ... and 5 is the number of change!
These have a beautiful opening towards the sky ... Angelic Presence and Grace!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn