Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Gateway & Masterful Divine communication

Dear Beloveds!

The Equinox & Easter energy brought us a sense of newness and liberation, especially because it was synchronous with the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! This was a powerful combination that is almost like lifting us to a new level of Soul embodiment. Although we have already established a sense of success at this current point, we are not to be bound by what feels safe and secure for us, for the reality of constant expansion is the path of constant co-creation with the New. There are paths that we have not explored yet, and although we may feel a sense of completion at this time, simultaneously we will also feel a sense of anticipation of something New! We may not quite see it yet, but we can certainly feel it and we need to trust that inner knowing. Our Life is a constant ebb and flow of old and new, the established and the unknown. It is good to come from a state of not knowing what is there next, because it liberates us from the state of expectation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Equinox: Mastering the Art of relating & co-creating

Dear Beloveds! 

The cycle of Spring began on the northern hemisphere of our Human experience, and we are feeling rejuvenated, passionate about Life in a new way and fascinated about all the upcoming new ideas and projects. The season of the fire sign Aries began with the Equinox! This is the time of balance integration and renewal, and as we are witnessing more of our Human needs being met, we are also activating new ones which have been previously held secret and dormant. This means that the more balanced we are with our Human needs, the more renewed passion for Life and all that we are creating we will feel. The more we create, the more will come to us, and all that is pushed through our eternal womb of creativity through the sacred breath of Spirit, which is our pulsating Life force, the more we will have the capacity to love all Life forms and all that we encounter, for it will be embraced not just with our Highest expression, but also our densest Human expression and experience.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Powerful Eclipse season

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the Eclipse season and the first Eclipse just happened ... and we are in for more Heart openings and major revelations to come. If there are currently any worries present, we need to release them to be in better receiving and fluent mode so that we will have a maximum benefit from the Light of the Eclipse transmission. If we worry too much, we continue to create mental blocks that prevent us from being fully receptive. If we are experiencing distorted sleep patterns at this time, this is also due to the Eclipse, for our bodies are being recalibrated as we move even deeper into our Light body merge! The key Gateway for this particular timeline of our Ascension is deep intimacy, because we are rooting ourselves to the very Root of our existence as consciousness fully embodied and experienced in our unified Self.

Monday, March 7, 2016

The sacredness of the Beloved experience

Dear Beloveds!

Happy March, everyone! So many of us are being literally turned upside down, as we shift our old perspectives thoroughly and permanently! We are moving into a completely new cycle. We Now begin the Eclipse season which is all about relationships! What does this mean? Relationships in our Life represent our horizontal self and how we are integrating our Ascension. Therefore they are extremely important for our Galactic remembrance as well as our physical Earthly embodiment. We have recently moved through a greater cycle of completion and that is why even old loves and flames will be returning, pointing the way towards the return of innocence. That is the pathway of ascending relations. We have all been up and about, above and around, and Now we wish to physically experience the precipitation of Divine Love.