Monday, August 22, 2016

Divine Mother's Gateway of Divine Love

Dear Beloveds!

The Sun Now moves into Virgo, which is always a time for healing, balance and Soul refinement. I have channeled the words: "The masks are falling away ... big time!" Virgo is often seen as the archetype of the Great Mother Goddess, and just last week we also celebrated Mother Mary's assumption day. I love this time of the year when devotion to our Self increases manifold. Everyone has an Essence of the Holy Mother as Divine Love within and it's all about how we develop and embody it into our individualized Self! Regardless of what this day represents as a physical celebration day, in Truth we are being reminded of the Essence of the Divine Mother that we each carry within ourselves, focusing on how we will embody and radiate with more of that Essence! The Divine Mother comes to us, blessing us all, reminding us that our Soul passion is not something we have to try hard to discover, earn or work on to achieve. Divine passion of our purpose is who we are, and as we merely align with our genuine Essence, we align with our true Gem Self in deepest compassion and Self reverence. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The 8.8.8. Mastery Gate

Dear Beloveds!

So many of us have been reaching our highest potentials at this time. Our polar opposites are merging and unifying, which is bringing a salvation and freeing of the old self and all the imposed convictions and beliefs. With that process, many Beings are ready to recognize their own unique Light in the Greatness of All That Is! The sacred marriage known to us as "Hieros gamos" does not only refer to a sacred Union between a man and a woman or masculine and feminine. In the most mystical way that is a spiritual Union, a marriage of opposites, of yin and yang, of Spirit and matter. With the full understanding comes the potential for embodiment, and when we can unify all the polar opposites within ourselves on one level, there will always come a new level to merge and unify! So why do we take Divine Union as something so final!?

Friday, August 5, 2016

Becoming an Ascended Master

Dear Beloveds!

And so here it goes! First of all, happy new energetic month of August, which is of a 17/8 frequency! That New Creation cycle that so many of us have been heading towards is Now finally beginning! The Leo New Moon set a powerful tone for what is yet to come into Creation. We have been diligently working towards this, culminating in our Self healing path so that we could start this new Creation cycle totally purified and washed over with the all permeating White Light of Unity, the infinite Creation Light of all Lights! The White Light holds such power and such glory, but it can only Be fully embodied when we reach enough Light quotient and become fully pure at Heart, mind and all the levels our Soul resides within. When we do that work, a whole new world opens up for us, and the sacred fire begins to roam freely through our Core energetics! We feel Spirit and yet we are not separate from it, for we are Spirit! 

Monday, August 1, 2016

How to live as a sovereign Master

Dear Beloveds!

So, who are the New sovereigns and how are we going to live from Now on? We are right in the midst of New Life, although Life is always and constantly happening. We Now stand bare naked in front of this simple Truth, ready to fully digest it with arms wide open. A lot of us knew this already, but the living reality experience Now wants to be fully understood and embodied. It's almost like learning to fly with the idea of flying already placed inside of our Divine minds. This recent unfolding is happening for those who have consciously embraced their mastery, walked the needed steps, did their inner work of Soul integration and synthesis in Unity consciousness, ready to become their own Sovereign by practicing the ultimate integrity and discernment. This can almost be seen as a Graduation point of sorts, although we never fully graduate from Life because of its nature in constant expansion. This current Life cycle just makes us so much more aware, present and embodied. But what comes after this period of Life, might we wonder?