Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moving deeper into Divine purpose

Dear Beloveds!

What is Divine purpose? It is who we are, and it's everything ... all the limitless possibilities that we can co-create. It all begins with playing with different ideas and options, and then choosing how deeply aligned we wish to be with either of them. Everything flows through our Soul alignment first, and our inner voice will always show us what that is. This Summer I was experiencing so much growth and Soul expansion. For some of us who have come to this plane of Existence to volunteer for the necessary Divine work to be done, the main challenge is not how to be more Divine, but to be more Human in our ways. When we open up to more of our Self and all that it has to offer, we open up to our Divine purpose more.

As Ascension Pioneers and wayshowers, we will always need to trust ourselves on our path completely. This level of trust will need to be fully Source based, which is the kind of trust in your Self where nothing can sway You off your path and inner knowing. So many of us have been born with a knowing so strong, and then we only kept refining it during our life. 

We Now need to blossom into that ability in order to be able to stand tall and strong amongst all the awakening ones. We need to develop this state of Being, so that we may be able to feel the feelings of others through our empathic nature, but not take them as our own. We cannot really assist anyone, if we absorb all their feelings and their ways. 

We came here to show another version of reality ... a different paradigm, and that is why we need to stay true to our knowing, which is deeply strong in our inner Source connection. As we master this ability, we can stand as tall as an oak tree, which always feels the winds between its branches, but its roots are still tightly holding it in its center.

We are a powerful Vortex of Truth ... and we are showing everyone how to embody this Truth as well!

As Ascension Pioneers, we are also shifting much faster than most of the collective populace. We live in our Soul and we are naturally guided how to embody our true Self. That is why there will always be others who will be magnetically drawn to us. We will come into contact with those who will wish to play in our "sandbox" many times, because we will remind them of "Home" and they will wish to replenish in that Presence. 

The important thing is to be able to discern who we will truly allow into our most personal/intimate sacred space, because not everyone is there to share our experience in Source. There are those who just need our Light to awaken something in them, and then we need to let them go and begin to swim on their own ... discover their own inner Light and live their Divine path. 

Those who are meant to stay will always flow with us in perfect alignment without the relationship being difficult or us needing to "work on it". Remember that this is an old perspective, which focuses on resistance instead of flow. When there is flow, beings who are doing Self inner "work" and live their own inner Magic are sharing with each other unconditionally, without any limitations to themselves and others. There is no "push an pull", drama and manipulation in those relations, communication flows and all our energy centers are constantly open and sharing from the Heart.

We need to be grounded in our Presence to know what is what, and not engage in relationships just because we do not wish to be alone. Remember that this too, is an old perspective, which comes from a lack of wholeness. We do not really show the way of the New when we don't know how to stand our ground and live the Truth. When we are whole from within, we adore being alone, because we love our inner Vortex/Source. 

But that doesn't mean that we love to be isolated. We love forming relationships, but these need to be in a loving union ... in the New. When others come to us for assistance or guidance, but sometimes wish to receive that special "extra" bonus as well, we really need to be present with our Self, because it is us who need to decide how we really feel about it. Oftentimes we are so sensitive, and we might absorb another's feelings. 

When we truly reside in our own inner feeling/knowing, we will know how to be guided on our own, without another's energy interference, especially if there is attachment involved. We need to stand in our sovereignty and trust our Souls to show us what is best for our highest Soul evolution, which naturally includes that of another as well ... for we are One.

As my fellow Ascension guide once told me: "Many will come, but few will be chosen to stay."

When we are in a state of pure unconditional Love, we love everything and everyone, but this doesn't necessarily mean that we choose to align with it. We simply allow it to have its own unique journey in perfect Self expression.  

This was one interesting Summer indeed, and although we went through so many passageways and new openings, the journey does not end here. We are walking with great power and courage at this time, and many new doors will continue to open for us. All experiences come to strengthen our Soul embodiment and help us to truly live in a state of pure unconditional Love. 

The thing with doors is very simple. When a door opens, it's a perfect time for that thing coming through. When a door closes, there needs to be no sadness or regret, because that simply means that we have already passed that initiation and now we are ready for something new. This is how it is with Ascension ... it doesn't suddenly end, because it's infinite. It is meant to bring us excitement for the New in each moment, and when we truly do live in such a way, we are always excited to see what will come next, and what multidimensional part of us we will give birth to next. It feels like this month there can be so much wonder and awe for what is yet to come, if we only don't lose our inner sense of Magic.

Remember that we don't actually close the doors behind us when we leave. We simply enter into a new room, and whoever is meant to come with us, always will. Sometimes people can still feel attachment for many things in their lives, but remember this ... whoever is meant to stay in our lives and co-create with us, always will. Period. It is all a matter of trusting the Great Divine Will.

In my own terms, I have become so neutral and detached from everything and everyone, which means that my Spirit Self is really running through me. I was given the name "Serapina" for this part of me, which feels very "familiar" and like with all things, it's something we can only feel, because Spirit knows no actual form. And so we are entering a new room, ready to prepare the stage for our celebration. What do we wish to create, and how do we wish to feel as we do so? Remember that our Divine purpose is who we are ... so it's everything! Do not limit yourself ... become limitless and free in all ways!

Yellow color is all about opening to more Joy in our reality, entering a new sunny phase of our lives, and getting a new identity through illumination. If something feels stagnant, it usually means that we have already transcended it, and Now we are ready for something new, or just a new level of that experience. We never have to go for second best, if we simply don't resonate with it. Learning to go with the best sometimes also means patiently waiting for it to arrive in perfect Divine timing. It is also a color of friendship and celebration, so new members of our close circle may be coming into our lives. If we wish to be more jolly, we can surround ourselves with a lot of yellow vibration!

May You receive a blessing of this lovely Yellow Rose!

And look at this beautiful sunflower!!! She has served its purpose as well. On September 8th/9th, we are going to welcome in a Pisces Full Moon, which is also considered to be a harvesting moon. This Moon is particularly important for letting go of the old and what we already transcended. The seeds of something we truly desire to manifest have already been planted, and with that letting go and walking through another veil, we are actually stepping into a new circle of life. 

We can easily release what no longer serves us, even if that brings us a feeling of void for a short while. In the deeper Truth, everything is always perfect, and we need to simply show up and radiate Joy. When we take care of that and our own internal shifts, then everything else will naturally fall into its rightful place as well. We don't need to worry about others anymore, for they are only responsible for themselves, just as we are. We are here to shine our Light and to plant the seeds of awareness for everyone joining the path of Ascension.

What is the "hardest" thing for You to let go of at this time? Feel into how "hard" is just a perception and then take some time to truly see and feel it as if it was right in front of You. Make peace with that thing/person/situation and then see yourself waving goodbye to it. You are not closing the door behind You as You are leaving. You are merely entering into a new vibrational space, and so a new sacred space is being born. Whoever is meant to join You on that part of your path is meant to, and whoever chooses to stay somewhere else, does so as well. See yourself embracing everyone for who and where they currently are, and then bless them through the Grace of God/Goddess, so that the Gift of Divine Grace and Mercy showers them in all ways. Then go deeper and feel how this becomes your only Truth ... not just in knowing, but deep inner feeling as well.

Let us share with each other only in deep inner feeling of the Soul ... which is pure Heart to Heart exchange! Look at this marvelous stone! My mother is now making these cute little potted plants color stones, which bring such magic into the living space and to our plant companions. She then made this little one for me, for my birthday. She said she was suddenly inspired and got a vision of "I love You" stone. This is what I call the "Beloved energy transfer" in action! 

I love You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. This is my video about the unification of our Divine purpose within wholeness of the Soul: