Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mastering our Life Force

Dear Beloveds!

Our Sun Now moved into Virgo, and we are stepping into a clean slate of our Being. We are letting go of the past in order to step into something new and more creative! True desires of our Soul don't change from minute to minute! They stay centered in our Heart and if we have the patience and the courage to walk our talk, all will reveal itself on our path in perfect Divine timing! So instead of crying over spilled milk we are asked to open up to new possibilities, even if we can't see them yet! In a perfect moment the forces of Universal Love will come and say: 'Let's go this way and do this!' We simply need to trust that what we are feeling deep inside is real and worth waiting for! But we don't simply wait, we focus on living a magical life moment by moment, always being creative from the Core of our Being!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cultivating Universal Abundance

Dear Beloveds!

Recently we moved through the 888 portal, a triple 8-8-8 Gateway energy. We are expanding! This time is all about higher perspectives and expanding our views of reality! It is good to rest and contemplate so that the New can enter. Whatever blocks or fears we may be or may have been experiencing, they are only there because they are slowly leaving us! This is also a preparation time, cleansing our vibration and rising to new standards! The seeds of new beginnings are germinating and we are in a very delicate integration phase, needing much rest and Self care! This is a time to contemplate or meditate on our life purpose and prepare ourselves so that the new can come into our life at a higher frequency than the old! This auspicious time from August to September (when we have the Eclipse season) is very potent for integrating our renewed Self.