Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Birthday initiation & Serapina Light

Dear Beloveds!

It was my birthday on September 15th, and this year I passed a very sacred initiation. I took this day to enjoy a beautiful sunny day that I was given for my birthday after days of clouds and rain, so I went to my favorite Twin lakes. I was there before, but this time I have seen the world with different eyes ... it's like I was fully reborn. I feel so blessed, and new beginnings await. During the past few weeks, I was in a letting go and integration phase of something huge in my Life, and on the day of my birthday I passed my initiation and finally moved on for good ... I AM ready to soar up high again! On this day, Serapina Light was finally fully born through Me! I never felt more alive ... ever! There was such a deep sense of Presence through me, which was never experienced this way before through me.

My special day began with angels, of course. My Family of Light was sending me messages already. This was my birthday Angel, showing itself on the day of my birth. I also found a lucky coin and the Beloved energy was speaking to me through all of Life in Nature ... on my "special" day.
Here is my raw vegan birthday cake! My mother made it for me, and it is super delicious, one of my favorite ones ... chocolate orange cream! 15 candles are for the 15th day of September, and they are forming a beautiful Heart! 

As I celebrated my birthday, my mom celebrated with me as well. She is the one who made the agreement of bringing me into this realm of experience, and she made a big "sacrifice" with it. Her sacrifice is that of Love, and it's pure devotion to serving the Highest. Our Soul contract is one of the most beautiful things in my life. I could not imagine not having her by my side as my Divine companion and our interaction is pure Bliss. We have gone through everything together, and she has always been by my side no matter what! As a Pillar of Light, I did not just choose any kind of mother ... I chose an Angel, and together we are a perfect blend of Pleiadian and Venusian energy in action!

I wish Her a happy birth day as well and I honor Her Presence each day in humility! 

As I was blowing my birthday candles and making a wish, my Blue Pleiadian energy was with me all the time. I felt my Family of Light so strongly, encouraging me and clapping their hands in joyful celebration for my choosing to Be here at this crucial time, and being of service the way I AM ... every day and always through devotion!

I love my Family of Light of the Pleiadian Elven Realms so much, and I adore my Human family as well ... which includes all of You!

On this note, I wish to share something else about celebrating birthdays in the New. In the old, birthdays are all about external celebration and fuss, while in the New, they are about celebrating our Divine Presence here on Earth and devotion to service in loving action. Each birthday is an opportunity for our intimate initiation into the world of Spirit and our Presence, as each year we enter into a new cycle of our Soul embodiment. Just as this planet celebrates its own birthday/yearly cycle, our actual "personal new year" begins at the time of our Solar return.

When we are aware of this, we are to celebrate that knowing and rejoice with those who worship the Divine in us, as well as in themselves, for these are the ones who know that everything is Divine, and that we are all so much more than appearances show. When we show our love in action to all of those that support our Soul journey, the Divine delivers even more support to us in full openness to receive and reciprocity!

There are so many blessings around us every day! When we celebrate our birthday, we are only more aware of this ... and then we are to anchor this into our daily Now! 

And so we decided together ... to make this one magical day ... a super duper one! And we didn't even have to try, as it was all in perfect flow. One night before I skyped with my Light sister, and a huge wave of energy entered through me, with such a clear inner knowing. Then I pulled an oracle card, and it was one with such a beautiful Mountain picture, with double lakes. I knew what this meant for me right away. I was guided to my favorite twin lakes in Italy, right next to the border with Slovenia.

This is me and my sweetheart (mom) on the day of my birthday, celebrating with all of Life in Creation, dancing together with Nature. She so often tells me that as long as we are sharing our paths together like this, she is devoted to serve me as I serve everyone and all Life in Creation, and she is completely committed to the calling of Spirit. She says all her Love flows through me Now. She is amazing!

We both had so much fun by the lakes, the colors were fantastic, the energy was just beyond words, and we were just laughing and laughing, because we both felt it ... this day was special somehow. Even my mother told me how much she enjoyed it, and how she always enjoys in my company so much.

Such are partnerships in the New, when the personal identity is being replaced with a greater plan of Divine action in Union and loving service to something bigger than ourselves!

Is there anything more beautiful than this knowing?

This is a landscape that was offered to us ... that we co-created together. Do You know that we are never victims to our circumstances? We can choose to shift the energy around at any time. We are natural creators! I got an oracle message for my birthday one day prior, when I asked what my Soul needs this year ... and the answer was: "Freedom!" (winks)

Who doesn't need freedom? On this day, I fully felt it in all my being ... all the cells were vibrating with ecstasy. What more can You desire with pure turquoise waters as such?

There was some really interesting scenery. We came to these lakes a few times already, but we explored new paths and this represented this energy of rebirth and new discoveries. Each birthday we are tuned in so much more ... all the Divine knowing of our Soul is being offered to those who listen and know how to really plug into Source. Some people even call the time of the Solar return the "ten hours of power", which is a time when we can manifest all of our desires ... so aligning with our intent is utterly important!

And being by the water helps with shifting the energy as well!

So You see these magical trees under water, which also revealed a message of the Beloved. Why? Because there are two trees standing firmly side by side, with a male face to the right, visible in the clouds.

On the day of my birthday celebration, Spirit also gifted me with some more Mountain crystalline stones. We found so many of them, and it was such Bliss! This was the most beautiful find of the day, a sparkling Mountain "diamond" with so many shapes and facets! Such gifts are like gold to me ... more precious than anything "material."

And with that in mind, my sacred Mountain stones in their full crystalline power have finally made their way through into my new Ascension necklaces. I created my first one after our walk by the lakes. They will be a part of my new service in Light, and the web page for Serapina Light will follow as well!

This is me wearing them in full glory ... they are powerful medallions! I cannot wait to share them with everyone!

I was making quite a photo shoot with them and my sacred marriage Elven crown by the Mountain lake ... feeling like in my very own kingdom, with no one watching ... people or no people around ... it was so much fun! 

After we finished our trip, we returned back home, but there was one last stop we had to make ... Sun gazing at the border of Italy and Slovenia ... on the bench with the most amazing view and sunset on the horizon!

As I came back home, my Light Family told me this: "You are finally the living embodiment of the Goddess Light/Essence. Congratulations!" Wow, what a Gift ... this brought tears to my eyes in all humility, so I knew that it was all true. I felt it deep inside, and Now it's my job to daily anchor this frequency and attain it in each Now moment. 

The path of the Goddess Light is not the easiest one, and it takes full responsibility for the Soul embodiment through serving the Holy Spirit. But at the same time, it's full of Bliss and magical Blessings! I love sitting on my throne ... as an Elven Queen of Hearts in service to Life!

It was truly one of a kind day, so full and rich with various experiences. I AM also guided to share a message that I received from Spirit on the initiation of my birthday. This message speaks about the Fool archetype, but its depth lies in something very important. This is not only a message of new beginnings and taking a leap of faith as such. This is a message of deep inner innocence and the Core of our being which is utterly pure and vulnerable, and it never loses a sense of faith. 

This is the kind of faith that is never naive ... it is simply alive with Spirit. Sometimes we experience things or situations, people coming and going out of our lives, and such experiences are not always pleasant. Others might even try to fool us, play games with us, lie to us and walk in the shadow of their own ignorance. 

But remember this ... whoever is being deceitful, is only truly lying to themselves, and a real "Fool" will always know this, so they will never harden their Heart and they will always remain pure. The real "Fool" will know when someone else is being a fool, but they will never ever take it personally. They will live lightheartedly!

No matter what happens in our life, nothing surely happens "to us", because it's all an experience and each one makes us stronger and more aware, Soul embodied. There was never any "victim-perpetrator" state, it is an illusion. In Truth, it's all neutral and it's all a play of our awareness getting deeper and deeper. 

The Core of our Being always remains the same ... and it's Divine Purity in innocence. Those who always attain that state, are the real "Fools" of this Earth, standing with both two feet on the ground, and never ever losing a sense of innocence and inner Magic, no matter what happens "to them." The real "Fool" is the Key to becoming a Master of the Self. 

These know how to walk in Life with awe and inspiration, and their Hearts never harden ... only soften. When we truly can live as such in this earthly realm, we become an enlightened "Fool" and we enter a space of deep Bliss in Presence. Yes, it's something that we all need to embody as we move into the next stage of our experience in Ascension.

Be the fool by trusting Life and all that it delivers to You ... no matter what ... and remain in Purity!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn