Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Summer of Eclipses: Writing our journeys anew

Dear Beloveds!

Happy New energetic month of July, everyone! This is a special month of big changes, because we do have planetary retrogrades and the beginning of the Eclipse season. This is an 18/9 month of deep shifts and letting go of the old through inner sense of completion and moving on. At the end of July Mercury goes retrograde in Leo, and we already have Mars retrograde, which turns our energy manifestation more towards the inner planes of Being. At this time we are deeply feeling the impact of the incoming Cosmic rays, which are rewriting everything within our current Human vessel. Our bodies are being upgraded in a deep way, because this is a Summer of Divine Love. This means that a big part of us is ready for an integrated Divine Union, which we are Now focusing on through Life force mastery and materialization process through the root portal. This is the precipice of writing a new story and birthing a New Age.