Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My snowy "chaos" & bliss

Dear Beloveds! 

This weekend we had quite a snowy chaos here where I live, and it all began last Friday, just as all the energy was moving forward. Although we have so much forward moving/shifting energy at the moment, with the Venus direct movement, a new Chinese astrology year of the Horse, the recent New Moon in Aquarius, and the latest powerful Solar flares with some CME's, and a Rainbow energy shift deeper into our multidimensional Self, we have had a slow moving energy here where I live. Remember that the energy of the planet and the particular regions are not always in perfect sync, just as our Ascension timelines always vary as well. This means that the most important timeline there is, can always be found within, as all is being formed/created from inside out. So as You go about your daily reality, be observant for some typical Solar activity and body integration symptoms, such as lack of focus, disorientation, emotional sensitivity, body fatigue, etc. Thread your path smoothly and be kind to yourself and all of your bodies! The flow of Life always goes up and around.

Currently we are experiencing a snow "chaos" in Slovene Alps and the southern Austria, so it's pretty intense where I live. The other regions of our country had it even worse, with icy rain and sleet. We already have above a meter of snow and it still continues to snow. Due to all of this snow and constant physical business, I wasn't able to be online so much lately. On Friday we went to the nearest town to do our monthly grocery shopping. We were on the road all day long, and lived through much in just one day, so at the end of the day, we just wanted to lie down and watch a movie until falling asleep. I was almost run over by a driver who did not watch the road, so I had quite a shock! Gosh!!! There was also supposed to be an annual ski cup here, but there was so much snow that they needed to cancel the match on Saturday. The next day they had the second match, but conditions were still not good, so I wondered why people still like to resist the flow and don't consider the signs of Mother Nature one bit, and later they argue how terrible it all was. Human stubbornness and pushing against the flow know no limits! With all of this, I was asking myself about how much Human Life is worth to us ... although it's the most precious thing in the Universe!

In our country (Slovenia) there is so much snow, that in some places there are very extreme conditions, with many accidents, icy snow falling from trees, trees and objects breaking down and many households being without electricity. We are very blessed here in the Alpine area, for even though we are around Mountains, the conditions are not so extreme, and we still have electricity. Although the snow keeps on falling, things will probably stabilize this week. I will continue to hold the space for the highest unfolding for All! But as we all know, Nature has its own ways and there is always a bigger picture in the background, and so many people need to learn many lessons of staying in tune with Nature, not going against Her and dominate Her. My Heart prayers are with everyone and our beautiful planet ... always!

This situation is pretty interesting, but challenging at the same time. This is our first Winter in our new home and in these Mountains, but even the neighbors said that they don't remember that so much snow would fall at once! The Mountain region always has snow, but usually it doesn't fall all at once and so late. The weather predicted intense snowfall the whole weekend ... and it was actually so. We needed to accept this and go with the flow of Nature. We cannot force anything and go against Nature and its own ways. This was definitely a message from Spirit, telling us all it's time to slow down! And now Mercury goes retrograde as well, so we need to slow down even more. It's funny, for it seems like we already had our own little retrograde period here, with life slowing down and communications as well.

This is our sleeping village.
Time has stopped.
All stands still.

Our village is completely non recognizable at this time, for it all looks the same. All is pure white. It is so amazing to me to see how everything can transform in a matter of just one day! Luckily I love all times of the year, as I love all of Gaia!

This photo doesn't really show how much snow we have here and how snowed in we actually are! But it can give You a taste of our intense Winter.

You might think that the pile of snow below my window is getting smaller and smaller, but it's actually getting bigger and bigger. Abundance can come in many forms, and it looks like we got ourselves an abundance of snow. Snow represents Purity, so we have an abundance of Purity. It is all a matter of perspective.

Nature has so many faces, and each time She can surprise us with a new one. She is a wild Goddess that never sleeps, even when it seems so at first glance. Walking on hills of snow is such an amazing thing to do, and yet too many people rather stay at home, because it seems too dangerous to them. Of course, we need to listen to Mother Nature instead of pushing against the flow of Life, stubbornly wanting something when Nature shows us to slow down. But we are here to always keep an open mind and to continue with our childlike curiosity and explore. So many have forgotten about this magical side of Life, and we continue to be surprised by the sleepiness and single mindedness of our neighbors here. Well, all that we can do is continue showing another example ... to show the Way of Being that is totally Divine, being connected with Nature in complete Oneness and living through Bliss.

Look at this cutie pie! This is how it looks to walk towards our building now ... after tons of snow! There are practically no paths to walk on, for all is snowed in except the main road, so this was one of the rare paths that we were able to overcome. What an adventure! What a magical experience!

The first day of this snowy business we decided to shovel the icy snow, cleanse our car and prepare it for a new portion of incoming snow tonight, which already began falling. We began our day with energizing Light food: a ginger-lemon mix to complement our daily barley or wheatgrass drink for the early morning, followed by a green juice with kale, parsley, spinach, orange and banana. Then we made this amazing chocolate-tahini banana pudding with some blueberries and seeds (sesame and chia), with just a tad of coconut sugar for the sprinkles on top. 

Then we did our shoveling and had a long walk in the icy snow, and after coming back home we had a delicious fruit salad to nurture our bodies with Love. We were enjoying some pina colada organic tea, which is a delight for the Soul.

Since I AM already talking about the importance to eat in the Light, I want to share my most favorite Life food lunch dish with You. This is a hot and spicy "sausage" with a sweet and sour salad side dish. I always adored the sweet and sour taste, so this is naturally my favorite. We found it on a Slovene raw food page one day, and ever since it continues to be my favorite. In the sausage, You can find the following ingredients: almonds, cashew nuts, leek, dates, sun dried tomatoes and cayenne pepper. In the salad side dish, You can find the following ingredients: grated cabbage (we used Chinese cabbage) and carrots, leek, lemon juice and some maple syrup. The flavor mix with this one is the bomb!!!

The next day we stayed at home, because it was snowing too much. The day after we went out into the world again, and gosh ... what a day we had! We went to the post by foot, and the only option is to walk on the road, because everything else is totally snowed in. We were being sprayed by the cars who don't care much about the people who walk by foot and it was so interesting to observe how mechanical some people have become in their actions. The we decided to go for a hike to our local hill, because we miss Nature so much. Everyone said that there is a danger of avalanches and trees falling down, but we decided to go anyway. Besides some fallen trees, things looked okay, so we made it all the way to the top. I asked Mother Nature for a sign, so if it wasn't safe, She would show us. 

We stood there on the misty hill, sending a prayer of the White Ray of Creation to the whole planet and our snowed in region. Then we returned home and had our date with the car. Since we last cleansed it, another meter of snow has fallen, and it was all snowed in. This is certainly not a kind of work for two women, but since we are alone and most people here mind their own business, we needed to do it alone. So we spent quite a long time shoveling snow and we did quite a good job, and were totally exhausted after ... and in such a state, one can only wish to lie in bed and just Be. But I AM always a cheerful person, so I can find Joy in just about anything, and it's all about the attitude of Gratitude. I was in a good mood, finding Joy in every singly moment. Yes, it can be done, and with a smile on your face. We cannot control the situations, only our responses to everything in Life. It is what it is!

We also captured many amazing Nature scenes during our walk, and we wouldn't be able to see those if we weren't brave enough to take that magical journey.
Yesterday we went walking in deep snow, literally trail blazing ... so we were in snow from knee to waist depth, but it was so much fun. There is a childlike innocence that gets activated with such joyful activities. So many people don't do anything when conditions are like this, but I can always find something exciting, fresh and new to do and create. When I AM feeling like this, the Sun always accompanies me, whether it's sunny or not. No wonder, since I AM a child of the Sun, and I was even born with a 22 (master degree) of Virgo in my Sun sign. 

So these were basically very good days. Everything is always about perspective and expansion. I was shoveling snow (what an exercise), enjoying the snowed in landscape of our Mountain village, I had so many amazing Life force meals, watched some cool movies and getting naturally tired. Living like this makes You tired the way You should be ... a natural kind of way, not computer kind of tired. Whenever Nature goes wild, it makes me think and I go deeper into my awareness about a natural/simple way of living.

This kind of intense Winter with piles of snow can make You really go within, because everything around You slows down, and You become like frozen molecules of water, especially me ... because I was always so connected to Nature that I felt the exact same way that She did. So when everything comes to a deep freeze, and it feels like it is all happening in slow motion, a lot of deep things can come to the surface. So just like some animals have their winter sleep (hibernation), many of us go deep into the "rabbit hole" as well. We go deep into reflection, observation and productive pondering. With this deep freeze, one can begin to feel quite isolated, especially if all the paths are snowed in from the "waist down", and frozen snow pieces are falling off the trees. This means that it is time to be really still and observant. In this state, all the doing slows down and the Being mode gets plugged in.

This weekend I had a long and deep conversation with my mother. In the past couple of days, we have seen about 3 movies which all focused around the connection between two women. For us, this was naturally understood as Spirit guidance/message, and it represented us and our own connection. In the first movie, the women were best friends, in the second one they were a married gay couple, and in the last one they were sisters. The message was about the Soul connection rather than the label of what the relationship is supposed to represent and what is moral or not. As Humans, we oftentimes focus too much on labels and definitions, age differences and all other things trivial. What always matters the most is the Soul connection between two people. It is always about what lies underneath all the trivial. I can't imagine living with anyone else that I have gotten to know in my life by now, except my mother. There are many reasons for this, but the Soul does not choose because of those ... the Soul is only focused on the unconditional Love and growth through that Love, as we experience constant expansion.

The second message was about how much we value those special relationships. Too many times we feel alone, isolated, or lacking a certain kind of person (energy) in our life. The only reason for this is because we can't fully embrace what Is, feel into the Now and accept the kind of Life conditions that we have chosen on a Soul level, and what we can create from it through our Higher Selves. When we focus on what we don't have instead of what is right there in front of us, we can become frustrated, and it's all self created. The Truth is that we have always chosen one or many special Souls who travel the road alongside us. For me, that is my mother on so many different levels, and the label "mother and daughter" isn't really important, although I also know that I could not have chosen a better mother in this life, because she literally is the best one anyone could have. And I AM so happy and blessed, for I don't know many who have had such an enriching experience.

Honoring our special relations, no matter what they are and the labels we give them, is so important. When we nurture one another with great care and devotion, no moment ever goes to waste, and nothing is too difficult for us to do, even if sometimes we might feel so, because we have moments of weakness or we fall into old limiting patterns that can be quite self sabotaging in their nature. The Truth is, that we have chosen exactly what we wish to experience on a Soul level, and because I came to this planet "karma free" (as a volunteer Soul from other realms of Existence), I have chosen "non difficult" parents who would always support my authentic path of service. That is not the same as not having life challenges or experiencing "loss", which is no exception for anyone, including myself; e.g. when my father died, or when we had left the other part of our family, which couldn't embrace us as we are ... so we decided to support each other in the way that we truly are, even if that means that it's just the two of us for a while. We are truly never isolated, for we are never really alone.

It is also very important to continue to give and receive, to keep the flow of Magic alive. That is why I AM so often excited about doing free Ascension Pioneers giveaways. When we give or receive a Soul Gift, it is never only about the gift itself, but the excitement that comes along with it. This keeps our inner magical child alive, and it makes us stay in the feeling of wonder and awe. I AM sure You know how You feel when You receive mail, a package or a small surprise. Did You ever have a penpal or wrote letters to someone? I was remembering how it was to have one when I was a bit younger. She always sent me the cutest little things in the mail, and so the energy of excitement was kept alive. If we all continue to give just enough to keep the excitement alive, we can create so much magic and beauty in this brave New world. (P.S. Did You notice the Heart in the picture ... in the snow on the left?)

I AM sending snowy greetings to everyone!!! What are the adjectives You would use to describe snow? Magical, pure, cleansing, ... ? And how would You describe your experiences with snow? Joyful, playful, childlike, innocent, ... ? Our amounts of snow make it intense and beautiful at the same time. What a powerful contrast!

And this is my ode to the falling snow:

Beloved snow!

You keep on falling and falling,
It seems like You can't get enough.
I will let You do your thing,
I can make it, I AM tough.
All that I truly need is playfulness,
To make it through your heaviness.
There are always many sides to a story,
So instead of worry, I will feel your glory.
All is just as Nature intended,
And we are all visitors here,
Never left unattended.
Nature knows and She cares,
And with our Love returned so do we.
So humbly and gracefully here I stand,
Watching the snow that never ends.
And in my Heart I deeply feel,
That this too shall pass.
And everything is perfect,
For Magic always lives inside of us.

Here are some more of snow photos for everyone across the world who never gets to experience snow:

Yes, this is how much snow we have here now, and since this photo was taken, more of it fell. And guess what ... it's not over yet, because it keeps on falling. It feels amazing, for it's my first year living here amongst the great Mountains ... and I can just imagine how much they are snowed in. They want to be alone this Winter, and they just want to Be. I will see them again in Spring!

This is a touristic board where I live, and it shows our Mountain range. Well, You can't see the Mountains in the back now, and it's all snowed in, which feels like such a contract, so I wanted to share this beauty with You.

Can You tell that we have tons of snow? Yeah, baby ... Winter in its full glory! 

This is the famous hotel next to where I live. All snowed in Now!

This is one of the most interesting houses here where I live, and in this Winter fairy tale it looks especially magical. There are some houses that just make You wonder and feel the magic. Would You see yourself living here?

This is the local bridge where I live, and I usually run through it. No running now ... all snowed in!

I simply needed to share this view with You. It is one of the most romantic views I have seen today ... snowed in river with its amazing shapes. I was so mesmerized by it ... truly enchanting! 

Oh gosh ... and a snow ghost! Yaiks! (wasn't me) I love how playful Nature is!  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn  

P.S. This is my latest Ascension video update, and it was recorded in our pure snowed in landscape: