Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feeling secure in our Divine purpose

Dear Beloveds!

How about that strong wave of New frequency that we have been processing and integrating in our bodies during the past few weeks? It might feel intense, or we may be pulled in many different directions, but we have to know that it's all happening in Divine order and that it's all a process of transition. A blessed change awaits, we need to merely shift in our perception. I was receiving much feedback about this from others as well, and I would just like to get it out there as simply as I can ... relax, everything is fine!!! Rest assured that You are not dying, your body is not going to fail You, and all will be okay. It always was before anyway. Remember that physical Ascension is always like an experiment, and we choose how much Light we will process and embody at this time. If something is too much for the body to handle it, the Soul would not offer it. Our bodies were undergoing a massive change these past few weeks, and it culminated with the Grand Cardinal Cross alignment. I wish to share a bit about what is transitioning and how this is affecting our daily lives.

Everything is always an opportunity for expansion, and there is always a greater/deeper underlying message in every Human experience. It is always about the energy Essence, not the event or mere physical aspect of the experience. Nothing is just as it seems on the surface, as it always involves a deeper level of awareness. Are You letting go of the fear of your body failing You, dying, or any other form of total surrender? Are You still walking through resistance? Are You still questioning the guidance of your Soul? It will all come through the message of your Soul when You let go of any panic or fear. Nothing can hold You back but your own limited perceptions. Be at peace and know that your body just has much to process at this time, so take it easy and relax ... I was doing it more than usually as well too, and I AM already quite strong in my physical body and can take anything. It was all very intense, especially with the peak of the Grand Cardinal Cross exact alignment which is now slowly integrating as a completely new paradigm of living within us and it will be showing/mirroring in our daily realities as we go along.

I explained a bit about this process in this video:

I talk about the journey of many Souls who are so sensitive that they always feel the energies of the collective as well. How do You know that You are one of the Souls who have chosen to participate in the purification of the collective?

It is very simple and the first feeling is a deep inner knowing that is deeply felt in our Heart. The second important factor are the dreams which are associated with the past, groups of people or old acquaintances. These are always symbolic and show us the nature of our purpose, which is associated with the assistance of the collective purging and rewriting into the pure crystalline state that is in perfect resonance with the White Light of One and Divine Purity of our immaculate Divine design. On the surface level we might have a feeling that these are just some random and unimportant dreams, but they are always placed there to "cover up" where we are really traveling when we are asleep. The third factor would be our own devotion to purity and the path of personal DNA rewiring, which everyone is moving into eventually, but there are always those who pave the way, and they will often go through constant and immense transformations of the physical body. And mostly, it's crucial to fully embrace our chosen Soul path and the nature of our purpose not as a job or a task, but as the embodiment of Soul Essence.

Something powerful has deeply shifted in our physical embodiment during these past few days and especially since the Sun moved into an earthly sign of Taurus. What began this cycle of Soul expansion was the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, and it culminated with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus this week, on 28th/29th of April. It also shows that we are now in the earthly sign of Taurus. I always feel so good when our Sun is in Taurus, as this is connected with the Pleiades constellation and Venus. My Star Origin is of Pleiades, and I love to bring the pleasure and Joy to the physical embodiment, as we are creating Heaven on Earth right here and Now. It is not time to sing and dance, to culminate in the efforts that we have been seeding in the energy of Aries, which was all about anchoring yet another level of our uniqueness. Now the energy is about using it in a new way of sharing through the physical senses and while being fully grounded on this planet. And not just that ... it is about being fully in love with this planet and Life in general!

With this powerful shift, I feel so nurtured, loved, supported and taken care of. I feel that the level of trust has increased deeply, and as one of us embraces Divine trust on a deeper level, it influences the collective of us Ascension Pioneers. That is why our personal devotions are also our group devotions ... and truly devotions within Oneness of All. Don't ever tell yourself that your efforts don't matter just because You think no one is noticing or paying attention. What matters is how You feel and experience it, and as You bring Joy and pleasure into every aspect of Creation/Existence, it will definitely impact the Whole, for we come from the Whole. I feel that the energy of Taurus is all about sharing with each other on a deeper level, through physical senses and enjoyment. It is also about Soul families coming together, meeting new people or even falling in love. Who knows ... never say never, for all is possible in the consciousness of All That Is! We are the ones who are wide awake and consciously navigating our Soul journeys! 

I wish to share a message that came through my weekly Spirit guidance this week. You can also read the entire message here!

"The message is that of "Being enough." This is a warming and comforting energy, and many hyper Beings who do a lot, help a lot, create a lot ... and generally cultivate a lot of Love energy through devotion to Spirit, need to pat themselves on their backs from time to time. We are not what we do, we are who we are ... and we are enough. We teach what we most need to embody ourselves, and that is also a life long lesson of mine to embody. When so much energy is cultivated through our bodies due to us being a conduit of Light, we are constantly bombarded with new awareness, but at the same time much energies are drawn to us as well, for they feel our Light. This is a message of coming into your own, and not always giving so much of yourself away. Being present and focused within You first is not selfish. This will expand your service to All That Is, for all is One. Thinking that we need to serve others or even please them will not get us anywhere ... in Truth, we serve All That Is, and we do that with our generosity, kindness and uniqueness of being who we truly are. Pleasing others is of the old, and You need to learn to let that go, Beloved one. Do not be too hard on yourself and make conscious steps in each moment, knowing they are always enough ... for they are just as much as how You are guided to act, and the rest can always wait. Amber takes time to become as well, and so do we. You do not need to hurry anywhere, so relax, let go of all your "plans" and let what is true only be planned in the Now. Rest assured that all is well, and that You are loved and fully supported as You make the next step. Be brave and courageous, for You already are!"

This week I AM feeling a lot of energy of resistance, which is always when something new wants come through. This is because a lot of us are urged to further embody the New by dissolving some of the old. We can consider that as pulsating waves of energy that keeps coming in and going back out, in order to recycle and freely circulate. The void Moon will now blocked the sunlight and create the so-called ring of fire, which means that we need to focus on our inner Sun and Soul radiance even more at this time. Much awareness is available at this time, and information is eager to come to the surface. We might be extra sensitive this week, which is perfectly okay, we just need to continue to be gentle with ourselves and take enough time to meditate or just Be, so that the New can become more empowered from within. When we rest, we allow the guidance of the Divine to come to us naturally. We do not force or resist anything. This is what we are asked to do. 

We have May 1st (free of work) holidays here, which is also symbolic for taking short or longer retreats and embracing the Self ever so deeply. This is what I AM guided to pursue at the end of this week as well ... happy holidays to me ... and You & all of us as One! This time and the month of May is all about falling back in love with Life itself. True Love is Universal and always One. Awaken the Magic deep within and feel with all your renewed higher senses! I wish You a happy transition in Taurus and a happy new energetic month of Love! I love May so much! Nature is in full bloom Now!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my video about raising frequency in the New: