Saturday, September 20, 2014

Moving into Divine partnerships & true Love

Dear Beloveds!

We are right in the middle of the Equinox, and lately everything is swirling around the topic of true Love. No wonder, as the New Moon coming after will be in 0 degrees Libra, which represents new beginnings in our sacred partnerships. There are so many facets to true Love, and yet it is so simple and profound to feel and experience when we live in our personal Source Vortex. It is our natural state of Being as a Soul, and it's a natural birthright for everyone who desires to experience it. One thing that is really important in true Love, is the question whether we love the situation/thing/individual as they are, or are we merely infatuated by it. A lot of relationships in the old were based on adoration and infatuation through codependency instead of pure Love, which always flows through our Soul first. When the two are equal partners, their Love always flows through Source first, and that is how they honor each other's Divinity and all Life in Creation. How do we know that we are merely infatuated with something or someone as we move deeper into Soul Love?

Firstly, we need to know that true Love loves everything and everyone as it Is, not just what we like or are willing to embrace. True Love has no filters and illusions. When we can only love that which we like about someone, then it's not true Love and we can't even see that individual in all awareness. Often times people say "I love You", but there is never any action behind their words. Let us remember that true Love is Love in action in all ways and always. Then we have to look for any remaining patterns and filters of our Human programming, before we move into the depths of our Soul. Yes, in order to truly move into the Light of our Being, we sometimes need to dive deep into the shadow self and do our "homework." When we will rise up again, we will easily recognize what is true Soul Love that is never attached and always free, and from that space of personal Soul freedom, we will also recognize the Soul compatibility and whether we are sharing with another for a reason or just a pull of lower attraction.

Souls attract each other through a magnetic force/vibration that is beyond Human logic and reasoning, so we need to take this into consideration as well, but this is not the same as mistaking Soul connection/chemistry for "falling in love." The reasons for this magnetic pull might vary, and our mutual coming together might be purposeful for different meanings, like learning lessons, Soul healing/wholing, mutual DNA alteration ... or a deep sense of Divine purpose by serving the Holy Spirit in Source Unity. When we will drop all expectations what we "need" to experience with something or someone, true Love will unveil the real situation at hand. Only with that sense of clarity, will we be able to see lasting Union with everyone and everything, whether we just come together for a reason, a season ... or a lifetime. Our Souls will always perfectly guide us and show us the way. Our Souls always know.

On the other hand, if we are infatuated by something or someone, we might push and pull and try to control the desired outcome ... and even other individuals. At those times we need to remember that bumping our heads against the wall never works, for the workings of our Soul/Higher Self are already creating a perfect benevolent outcome for us that is so natural and true. When our Love is really Divine, we will love the situation, thing or a person as they are in Soul, and we will hold the highest intention for their Soul evolution and expansion in embodiment, not just for what we wish the connection to be and how we like things to turn out. When we truly have deep Soul Love in our Hearts, we will not go against anyone or anything. We will simply learn to dance in our own Vortex of Light, and know that whoever is meant to come and stay with us through true Love, always will. Through that, we are learning to allow things to just Be, co-create with that which carries the right Soul potential for us, and let go of that which does not.

Love without the need to "fall in love", infatuation or control ... and set yourself and every Soul free!

I wish to share a message that I received from Spirit about Divine partnerships. It is Now time for Divine Love, spiritual Love, transcendental Love. This is Divine Love in Union, which includes the physical realm where we are Now, for that is why we are here ... to embody and experience true Love in Human form as we expand and ascend higher and higher. 

I have a question for You. Have You been looking for a Divine partnership, but maybe a bit too much outside of You? Have You been settling for less than You deserve in your partnerships? Have You not been patient enough to really invite in what You truly desire to experience? Remember that we always deserve as much as we emanate/radiate, and that our Essence with another needs to flow in perfect reciprocity. 

Equal partnership is the Way of the New, and if we truly desire that in our reality, it's Now time to ask for what we need and make that intention to ourselves ... our Soul already knows what we need, it's just time to re-align with ourselves at this time. Let us not be too shy in expressing what we truly desire in Love and know that what we are "seeking" already seeks us as well.

And for all the women, the earthly Goddesses ... know that we do not look for "the One" ... we magnetize them with our Goddess Self. No true Queen is meant to be without her King, and my Family of Light has told me this recently: "Do not worry. The King will follow." Divine partnership is surely the "Pleiadian way", which my Family of Light from the Pleiadian Elven Realms have told me a while ago. 

This is my Soul origin and we know and fully understand the importance of Union in intimate partnership and the potential that it brings, when two merge as One and create the third ... the energy of Creation! These are two Beings who already live in their Source vortex and are fully whole from within, no filters, wounds or projections. We know that we are healed and whole when one part of our journey (DNA clearing) is done, and we enter the Soul integration part of our Divine purpose in the New. This part of the journey will include sacred partnerships ... in deep merge/sacred marriage.

We simply need to be patient and let Divine timing in Spirit Presence do the rest. True Love is worth the wait and a true Goddess energy knows how to infinitely hold the space! Magic is in the air ... feel it!

We are in the middle of the Equinox Gateway, and I found this perfect crystalline stone on my beach. It told me that it's the Equinox stone. To me it represents the perfect balance of the yin/yang polarized opposites, for You can see how it's split in half in the middle. It is also the stone of the "I AM", because its colors are red/white. There is also the message of the tantric Soul exchange through sacred sexuality.

What is the importance of sacred sexual energy in Divine Reunion? In Truth, sacred sexual energy is Creation energy, and when we become a Power house of Light, we know this and begin to understand how to work with the Essence of sacred sexual energy, within our balanced yin/yang polarized opposites. What does this mean in plain terms? It means that we begin to be aware that we are not just Beings who experience ... we are also powerful creator Beings! We are in worlds of Existence to co-create through Divine Mind and Heart as One. When we become more in tune with our sexual energy and allow it to flow through all of our bodies, moving from the ethereal template into our physical body, we allow the energy of creativity in. When we connect with our Soul's creativity, we connect with inner passion through sacred sexuality.

Sacred sexuality is not a physical act, although it can be transformed into physical nature as well ... it is the manifestation of Life's force running through us in all ways. That is why sexual energy is never meant to be abused, because this leads to more harm than good. When we are in deep contact with our Soul's sexuality, we are tuned into the Universe and beyond, and we feel like Life itself. We feel deeply alive, vibrant and passionate ... constantly pregnant with visions and ideas, and ready to make them real. This is the nectar of Life running through us in Divine ecstasy, and it is a potent force of Life which moves through all of Creation. This is the literal Beloved energy in action. When an individual becomes aware of this and steps into empowerment through sacred sexuality, they become infinite and limitless, and they can create anything.

This is who we are on a higher level of our Being, and as we walk into our Ascension, we will embody this more and more ... becoming sacred Divine Humans, in perfect synergy and harmony with Source. I was relaxing and creating on my Mountain beach, and the Indigo Ray appeared! The Indigo Ray is all about our enhanced psychic abilities and third eye opening. A lot of us are receiving profound visions and insights at this powerful time of the Equinox Gateway, and our inner eye is sharpening.

In this video I explain more about the DNA alteration through sacred sexual/Creation energy:

It is all about yin and yang! My sister in Light sent me a beautiful birthday Gift which I received this week. A part of the package were these amazing yin/yang stones and a crystal, which are already resting on my Yin/Yang altar. 

She also sent me the most beautiful poem in a golden-white scroll, and I could feel the Light of Holy Spirit just pouring through it. No one ever wrote me such a Spirit infused poem, and I could immediately feel my Beloved speaking through. The poem moved me so deeply that I began to cry. I decided to share this beautiful piece of Spirit Art with everyone!

The Purity of Spirit,
True Love Divine,
Flows through your Being,
Radiate your eyes.

The wisdom of the stars,
A connection true,
The Spirit of All,
Pours through You.

The Love of all Creation,
Animates your face,
The simplicity of Being,
The neutrality of Grace.

Illumined are all,
By your Presence alone,
As they merge with your Song,
Polona Aurea Dawn!

(Shruti Vashist)

I AM speechless!

So much flows trough us when we are open and receptive. A lot of my experiences as a Human Being (aside from my Soul awareness) have come through a wonderful partnership that I have with my mother. She is a true embodiment of the Divine "Mother" archetype. Cheers to one of the most beautiful and pure Beings on this planet ... my mother. Her innocence gives me Hope and her devotion fuels me to become even more! She is the most amazing Divine companion and co-creator in this Life of Soul's simplicity and Magic!

The Purity of Mother's Love when true,
Nothing compares to Me and You.
All the choices we have ever made,
Always emanated amazing Grace!

The daughter's Love always returning,
Hoping to fulfill your Soul yearnings.
No matter what Life will bring us,
Beauty will radiate from our face!

I love Us!

We are becoming much more conscious of the reality that we are choosing and creating for ourselves, others and the planet at large. One exercise that we can do is saying the following words to ourselves: "The day is mine to create. What magic and miracles will I create for myself and others today?" When we see no separation from ourselves and others, we enter a deep Union in Divine partnership, and we know that living an abundant Life of simplicity is a Life full of service in Divine Grace.

I say this every day Now. This is what creator Beings do! What about You?

We had an amazing day, cycling and having fun outside in Nature. We are becoming much more conscious of each other and our needs as a Soul in Human body. This is how we nurture the qualities like patience, humility, surrender, trust and sharing through the Heart. These are all Soul Essences that are a part of our true Soul embodiment.

The Gift of sharing our life and Presence with another is one of the biggest gifts on this planet.

Saying "YES" to Soul Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my latest video about Divine partnerships: