Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Winter Fairytale

Dear Beloveds!

Ha! So there You have it. I thought I was going to focus on my Art Blog, but Nature had other plans. I did not expect such a nice weather, and whenever it gets like this, I just need to get up and go. And by this I mean ... I need to Be outside, with my Nature ... amongst my Mountains, by the mighty Mountain rivers and embracing the tall trees. Gosh, how I love it, and now the snow has turned my Mountain village in a beautiful Winter Fairy tale after all the snowy chaos that we had a while ago. Nature sure knows many faces, and it's all good. We can enjoy each and everyone of them! This is a story and a sharing about how I enjoy mine!

Monday, February 10, 2014

What is true Love? My Valentine's message!

Dear Beloveds! 

With the Valentine's week, there are always a lot of expectations coming from people, so we will be asked to stay strong in our power this week and hold a space of Divine Love for everyone who still perceives Love as coming from outside of them, or live in the illusion of separation, which can bring a sense of loneliness, isolation, desperation and even despair. We are asked to do this because we can, and because we are Ascension Pioneers who live in alignment with Universal/Agape Love from inside out, from our sacred space within ... emanating and radiating it out. May our Love touch the Hearts of all those who still feel alone and wander in lack of Faith!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My snowy "chaos" & bliss

Dear Beloveds! 

This weekend we had quite a snowy chaos here where I live, and it all began last Friday, just as all the energy was moving forward. Although we have so much forward moving/shifting energy at the moment, with the Venus direct movement, a new Chinese astrology year of the Horse, the recent New Moon in Aquarius, and the latest powerful Solar flares with some CME's, and a Rainbow energy shift deeper into our multidimensional Self, we have had a slow moving energy here where I live. Remember that the energy of the planet and the particular regions are not always in perfect sync, just as our Ascension timelines always vary as well. This means that the most important timeline there is, can always be found within, as all is being formed/created from inside out. So as You go about your daily reality, be observant for some typical Solar activity and body integration symptoms, such as lack of focus, disorientation, emotional sensitivity, body fatigue, etc. Thread your path smoothly and be kind to yourself and all of your bodies! The flow of Life always goes up and around.