Friday, April 27, 2018

The first New graduates & Human Joy

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a time of the Scorpio Full Moon after we had an Aries New Moon which acted as a "lift off" point for this new astrological year ahead. This is a time of deep alignment with what is yet to come for many of us. Many volunteer Souls who are embodied on this planet at this crucial time of the Solar and planetary shift have completed the first stage of our mission. Whatever that mission is for each individual that holds a specific vibratory level, the collective mission held at the group level was to plant the seeds of New energy consciousness. As the Earth moves through the photon belt, it is being redirected into the Ascension timeline of its spiraling evolution within the entire Solar system. The more we are exposed to these Cosmic rays that are a part of the photon belt, the more we are dissolving the old as our Light DNA is awakening and rewriting our physical DNA. With these body shifts, more of Divine intelligence is coming into our physical form. The volunteer Souls acted like Cosmic antennas, because our primary mission was to develop the physical bodies that hold the optimum strength to act as vehicles for channeling this higher consciousness, so that it could easily distribute itself through us without an overly intense impact on our planet and Humanity. By developing these New bodies, we have planted the seeds of the New Human, and so as this first crystalline mission level is complete, we might feel a sense of completion and even graduation. We are Now in transition mode, preparing for the next chapter of our group mission to unfold. This New Moon is giving this mission a proper boost that it requires for its physical manifestation. Everything is unfolding as it is meant to, regardless how things look on the surface!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The embodiment of deep spiritual & physical nourishment

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome, Spring, the renewal of Life!!! We are in a new energetic month of April, which holds a 15/6 frequency of Divine alchemy, which is also known as the "Lovers" archetype in tarot. This is a month of creative play, spiritual and physical nourishment and deep body integration. We have all received such immense codes of Light during the Equinox-Easter Gateway, and this month it's time to relax, unwind and integrate. The embodiment process of receiving nourishment has to penetrate all our 4 lower bodies, which we know as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. When all these levels are equally nurtured and embraced in a cohesive way, there can be only bliss in our bodies. This means these levels interconnect and sustain one another through Divine manna. To cultivate the many levels of bliss in our bodies, we need to attune not only to the Cosmic pulse of Life, but also the pulse of our planetary embodiment, so that our embodied "womb" begins to pulsate with nothing less but pure Spirit Life force. To embrace the feminine principle returns this higher celestial wisdom into our bodies, deep into our tribal/belonging feeling and expression on Earth. To merge the vertical with the horizontal creates an alchemical experience of pure Magic which is the opening of the gates to Cosmic Union/Ascension in our earthly experience. This is how we offer ourselves the highest gift of Divine Source expressed in physical form. We are worthy to receive from the same Life sustaining force that we ourselves nourish all Life from. The origin is one and the same, and as we cultivate our garden of Life, we contribute to cultivating the garden of Eden/Paradise on Earth.