Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The embodiment of the feminine principle

Dear Beloveds!

We have just moved through the Eclipse season which lasted all month. The month of February holds a 13/4 frequency of building new physical foundations. This time is bringing us closer to our physical body in whatever way that connection comes to us in its ultimate expression. Many volunteer Souls have been gathering tremendous knowledge and skills, learning how to apply it in this world and dimension. In many ways this journey centered us in anchoring New awareness. Many Light Beings were learning about the integration of the Stellar and Earthly experiences by creating bridges which provide the missing link for the whole Human experience. This journey of synthesis was no piece of cake, and in many ways we had to be deeply active while undergoing many Spirit initiations. However, this next wave of Human integration requires us to move deeper into the body. Meditation and other tools of accessing higher states of consciousness and Being are great, however true Soul embodiment requires us to actively live our meditations by anchoring higher frequencies into our bodies.