Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mountain retreat & Summer adventures

Dear Beloveds!

I AM all prepared for my Summer vacation in the Mountain wilderness. This has been such a hyper time for me, with so much going on and so much culminating. The integration of the New Light has been ongoing, which is pretty intense for a Pillar. This week I was running through my favorite Mountain valley here, and I had such profound realizations and insights coming through. I was also shown just how much I (and all of us as One) expanded after this year's June Solstice. Spirit showed me a "previous" version of me, and the New Self with so much Grace, Peace and deep Presence in body. Lately I feel so patient, accepting and peaceful with everything and All That Is. I just feel so illuminated with the Light of One Love, and I only wish to serve within my White Ray and share this Bliss with everyone in Unity!

Our skies here have finally cleared, and it looks like true Summer is beginning. I was spending a day on my Mountain beach, just to replenish and get ready for the next step of my journey in my awareness. In these past few weeks, I did not get much sleep, and I AM pretty tired as well. All the energy is pointing towards this getaway. This weekend my Summer vacation/Mountain adventure finally begins, and I AM super excited about it! I don't know how long it will be, and that is why it's even more perfect and completely unplanned! I feel it will bring so much growth and expansion, just being guided in the Now moment in the raw Presence of Mother Gaia and the Mountains! I have already received much knowledge during this time, and I AM sure this will continue on my much needed break!

I AM so excited! I've had this dream in my Heart for a long time now, and it is now slowly coming true. I desire to spend some time in real communion with the Mountains, which means not just going to the Mountains, but merging with them and Mother Gaia completely, while at the same time having some truly magical and adventurous experiences ... and sharing them!

Here is the "last" Ascension update that I created before my much needed Holiday:

So ... I AM taking off from the online world and Ascension Pioneers community for a while ... and officially starting my Summer Mountain Holiday on a magical 7.7.7. day! I feel very joyful about it, as it feels like something New that I have yet to unveil and experience. This Summer I wish to embody a state of perfect surrender, and there is no better way to do this than being exposed to the great outdoors, the wilderness of the Mother. I have received my biggest Spirit initiations in the Mountains, and this continues to be so, only on a deeper level. So many of us are beginning a path of deeper Self mastery and devotion to service, and just like each Master in the past, we also need our occasional "40 days in the desert" in order to break free from the old and step into the New. There is no better way to do this but to stop procrastinating and just go for it! 

When I was recording the monthly energy update/Elven Light language/singing for July in the Mountains, I was feeling the energies for the month, and they are so beautiful. They are bringing us so much expansion and freedom of Being. Many individuals will be retreating, traveling or relocating, and this will be unique and perfect for each one. The energy feels like walking through a curtain into a New life, which is the New reality that we were feeding and co-creating for a long time, and it's Now getting more and more tangible in its form. Our dreams are coming true step by step, and we are going to make new steps that will surprise even us. Yes, I feel that we are in it for many beautiful surprises, if we only learn to truly surrender and trust that our Souls are guiding us perfectly ... because they always do. The month of July is also about Divine reunions and partnerships of all kind. It is the broadening of horizons through these, that will unveil the next steps of our Soul journey and Divine purpose. Embrace and rejoice!

Personally, I finally manifested all that I require for my Mountain adventure, my dream coming true. I finally manifested the new hiking boots (the ones I truly wanted), and I already purchased all the proper equipment last year before moving to the Mountains, and I also found the perfect Divine companion to reach my goal with, or better yet ... we found each other, in the same resonance of Mountain Bliss. We will see where this leads us, we just both adore Mountains and it will all move from there into the so desired Mountain gatherings with other Ascension Pioneers.

I love it, and I feel like a Queen finally reaching her desired Throne! A life of simplicity out there in the Mountain wilderness, which is actually so full of life ... here I come!!!

In the New, we can manifest things so fast and so easily, if only these are simple things that come from our pure Heart, and if only we are patient and truly open to receiving within our Divine purpose. We often think that manifesting needs to be a controlled process, and when something doesn't happen by the "law of attraction", we feel confused or disappointed. We wonder whether there is something that we are not doing right, and so we cannot see the answer that is right in front of us. In the New, we only manifest through our Soul, not our ego demands, and that which is meant to happen for the greater good and in service to All That Is, will always manifest and become One with who we truly are as an authentic Divine Human Being in the New. When we release all expectations and projected desires, all that is left is surrender to the Now moment, which brings to us all that we need for our higher purpose and service to Life in Creation. All we need to do is stay in alignment with our Soul and focused on service with a pure Heart.

On my hiking trip, I was wondering whether the blueberries are already growing, and Spirit later guided me to find them ... so the perfect guidance came in perfect Divine timing and I got what I needed. 

I had this interesting dream guidance about this as well. In the dream, a Divine companion told me not to focus so much on Facebook and Ascension Pioneers at this time, but rather the Love of the Beloved, for it's that Love that so naturally touches so many lives with its profound nature of Source. The Love of the Beloved is the strongest energy link into the New Earth, and we can all tune into it a bit more and go a bit further into our conscious Divine Love embodiment. We can enter our bubble of Love and everything else will wait. Embrace all of this New and feel it deeply in your Heart!

This will also be a perfect time to continue to deepen our inner/outer Soul communications! A lot of us have been walking the Path alone, and Now we are ready to embrace those individuals who desire a similar experience and who are also focused on being a devotee of Light.

I have already shared that there are many choices in front of us, because a lot of us are beginning a new level of connecting, sharing and communing with others and the world at large. This is what will be pivotal for the coming years ahead.

In the New, we always play with different ideas and visions, and we are most certainly not limiting ourselves by being fixed on one particular outcome, or only a certain idea. We are open to receiving until something truly fits and matches our Spirit integrity. When we embrace the flow of the Now, we will quickly realize that the possibilities are always infinite, and we will go on by tying many different options to feel into how they fit our inner authenticity, while choosing one that is the most appropriate in the Now, which means that it will serve the greatest good as an integral whole.

When our choices come through relationships, we need to realize that Oneness/Unity consciousness is not about making compromises, because no one needs to settle or drop their authenticity in order to fit in or please another. When the two (or a larger unit) find the matching frequency that is in Heart alignment with both/everyone, then it's the right thing for the whole as well, and no compromise needs to be made, for everything is already in perfect resonance.

Play with ideas ... don't become fixed on something in particular and You will always continue to expand!

June actually seeded this new energy, especially with the June Solstice. This is also a time with most flowers blossoming here, and the most spectacular of fragrances in the air. Life is at its fullest, and it calls us to enjoy its splendor and Beauty of the Divine! Everything feels absolutely magical, and I AM guided to hike in Nature, enjoy the sunshine and just explore as it was my last day on this perfect planet.
There were some truly special days lately! Each Mountain day is a special day for me. Lately I AM feeling lots of shifts within myself and changes/expansion of my life path and purpose. I have been feeling into retreats all the time when I was hiking. I was sitting at this beautiful Mountain spot, and writing a "map" for my Nature retreats/sacred Mountain gatherings, which I AM guided to organize one special day.

I love my Beloved Alps so much, and when the weather is so crispy (which is rare), I AM listening to my intuitive knowing which guides me to explore sacred Nature places and endless hiking trails. I was thinking about writing down some very grand desires, like: the tallest Mountain peaks yet to climb, flying over the Alps on a panoramic trip, organizing super awesome Mountain retreats/gatherings, etc.

My Heart skips a beat! I truly feel like the happiest person on the planet, and I wish to share this with All That Is! 

At this special time, I AM being guided to enter a deep solitude and serenity of my Mountains. They are calling me back to my Home of the Ourea, which were known to be the first elemental Gods and Goddesses in ancient Greek history. No wonder my Soul name is Aurea, because I belong to the Mountains and I AM one of their keepers ... in the etheral and here and Now in the physical. This is where all my higher guidance is born first, and then the Magic of Spirit is transferred through the Soul into the personality body of my Being.

Embraced by the Mountains I AM ... feeling whole and complete just as I AM.

I greet You in that amazing splendor of the I AM ... in absolute Purity and Divine Presence!

My intent and desire of the Soul and my Divine purpose is that all those Ascension Pioneers who are so guided, come join me on special Mountain gatherings/sacred retreats in perfect Divine timing. I AM guided to spend more time in the Mountains, where new ideas and ways of Being are being born.

With great breakthroughs always come great expansions and through these come great new opportunities!

Recently someone wrote to me through their own projections, judging the path that I walk, blaming me for doing nothing but walking the Mountains and making videos. Here is the thing! First of all, no one can ever truly know and understand the purpose of another, for it's deeply personal and intimate, and it's just between Spirit and our Self. We are not to interfere with anyone else, because we always fall for the lower when we do so and our personal Ascension in higher vibration becomes elusive, for we remain trap in egoic beliefs and duality/separation. Secondly, I wish to explain further about the process of my merging with the Mountains.

Here is what is happening when I AM visiting the Mountains. Mountains are places of Creation where the energy is at its purest, and it is least dense there. At such high vibrational places, we are most attuned to Divine Purity and guidance without any interference or manipulation through all of the external. On this planet with so much pollution on all levels (not just physically), such pure places are very rare. When I visit the Mountains,

I don't just hike and enjoy myself, although this is a reward in itself as well. But mostly I attune to a Higher Presence, and that is why I always long to be in their embrace so much. To be with the Mountains is not merely a desire of my personality self, it is a knowing of my Soul Self and the Truth of my Spirit Self.

The Mountains are Vortex points of timeless Eternal Truth, which is beyond just Ancient energy, because it exists within All That Is Now and always beyond all separation. When I come to the Mountains, the ethereal realms feel very "close" and they are more easily accessible. This is where many of us Ascension guides and Pillars of Light can attune to the I AM, download new information and receive from other Ascended Beings of Light in Unity consciousness.

A lot of times it feels like nothing special is happening on the surface, but when the energy is integrated and embodied, it gets more apparent, and a huge shift is always noticeable ... not to mention the level of heat/energy radiation that my body produces after just one visit in the Mountains. Now imagine the power of a few of those in a row! It is absolutely amazing and the whole body is instantly rejuvenated, if only we remain humble and open in receiving through the Divine.

That is also why my grander purpose is to guide others into sacred Mountain retreats and provide an anchor point for this Higher attunement on the path of physical Ascension. All in perfect Divine timing! May we always be blessed with the inner sight to see beyond the surface without any labels and judgments ... in Absolute Divine Purity!

As a contrast to that, recently someone said to share more of the Mountains, because they are so inspiring. Please know that they are not just inspiring, for they are also a Vortex of higher dimensional energy, and many ethereal retreats of Higher dimensional Beings (who connect to and assist this Earth) are located above the Mountains. Why do You think I need to be there so often? It is because I anchor the energy of the Higher Realms and bring it down into this plane of Existence. A lot of portals are located there, but mostly the Mountains act as a giant antenna for higher dimensional Presence and they connect the main Vortex places of Earth together by weaving the Grid of Light of the New Earth. You cannot feel and know this so deeply before humbly standing in front of such majestic walls, and feeling the energy of "Home" up on a tall Mountain peak.

It will be a glorious Summer in the Mountains!

Speaking about a Higher Presence ... 1, 2, 3 ... do You see an E.T.?

I AM always totally amazed and "clueless"/open to anything in the Mountains. Spirit always surprises me somehow, or better yet I surprise myself. I have one such example of many to share. At one time I wasn't planning on visiting a tall Mountain peak ... I was just following the footsteps one by one, until they led me to this amazing peak, where I finally felt like the Queen of the Mountains again, sitting all alone on a tall Mountain peak ... with only myself and the wind. When we have no expectations, the most magical things can happen, because we merely follow the path of Love and perfect Trust. We are capable of so much more than we usually think, and all it takes is try something new from time to time, and we will continue to amaze ourselves. 

There is nothing like simple life in the Mountain wilderness. All You do is take a towel, some fruits and some nuts, pen and paper, a camera and a voice recorder, and You are off to a beautiful adventure full of Spirit Life. Yes, that is exactly how I will be spending my time this Summer, and how my Mountain gatherings/Ascension retreats will look like!

I was also observing stones in the Mountains. So many of them are becoming crystalline in nature, just like us. This reminded me of our own internal process of shifting Light DNA, which is rewriting our physical Human DNA, known to us as the merging of our Spirit/Divine and Human Self. 

Through this process, we are becoming more and more refined in our nature. Our bodies are getting lighter and we can often feel like we are almost about to "fly off". At least that is how I often feel in my sacred Mountain space. 

What is a Rainbow Human? The Rainbow Human is an individual who is activating their full Light DNA potential in order to transcend the current level of experience and move on to the next level of living a life of physical Ascension. In physical Ascension, our Divine Light descends into our physical vessel and it begins to make the proper adjustments to re-create the design for the New Divine Human. There are many Souls on this planet, and all of them enjoy their own personal journey and purpose. The Rainbow Humans are those who are choosing another reality during this one lifetime, and moving onto a new one without needing to "die" in order to be reborn. That is not the process of reincarnation, for we don't need to incarnate in order to move into a particular experience of Creation. 

That is how we become masters of our own Soul body and we move it where we desire. The Rainbow Humans "die" in a different sense, as they don't need to drop their physical body in order to move into the next level of energy existence, for they alter their physical body through Soul alchemy. They are reborn anew in a completely different way, and as they do, they also become wayshowers for other Souls who choose to experience Ascension during their Soul journey. When one becomes a master of the Ascension process after being the initiate at first, one has the ability to bring the patterns of that wisdom to those who are yet to experience it. In this Rainbow body activation, we become the organic Human Being, for we activate our infinite Divine potential of the individualized Rainbow spectrum within the White Light of Creation ... the Light of the I AM!

I AM all wrapped up in the Bubble of White Light, and so I created this drawing of the White Dove, which is symbolic for the Holy Spirit ... the White Mother Flame of Creation. Those who serve the Mother Light, serve the Law of One/Grace and they exist amongst the White Brotherhood of Light. The Dove is White with Gold, and She emanates the Pink Ray of the sacred Rose, becoming all colors of the Rainbow as One!

May You always and forever walk in this Holy Presence of Grace!

May You be blessed by the Light of the Holy Spirit and serve it as One Flame of Grace!

The Light of the Shekinah that unites the White Brotherhood of Light!

The White Light of the Mother's Flame for all of Creation!

The Phoenix and the Dragon are One!
The Earth and the Sky Unite!
Wisdom and Power as One Love Divine!
The Love of the Holy Spirit is all there Is!

Don't You just love it when Spirit sends You unique messages through random items that You find? This happens so rarely, and it feels so sacred. This week I was spending my day on the Mountain beach, and I noticed something shinny in the sand. I was never the one to actually find a lost item on the floor, and it made me so happy, because of the personal message that the ring carries for me. The ring is nothing special, but the message is, and that is what truly matters. I also found some amazing crystalline stones!  

Rings are symbolic for marriage; either sacred marriage or a literal physical marriage. I speak about the Truth of the Beloved Love in this video:

I want to share one quick "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see" item, before I leave for my Holiday. I stopped by the post office before enjoying my daily hike, and they had this crystal magazine with a box and a special mineral. It is quartz with malachite, and it has a few silver dots, so it's a very fine specimen, which I chose to put on display by the water. I was meditating with the crystal on my third eye, and it brought me this calm feeling of inner/outer harmony. Malachite is also a manifestation stone, so we can attain our Heart desires here and Now.

What a blessing it is to always be able to create outside, surrounded by the Presence of the Majestic Mountains! So everything that I do comes from the higher perspective, in a literal sense as well!

I wish You only purest awareness in deep Presence!

Be open to adventures! I AM sending You blessings of our magical Alps ... until You meet them yourself!

I AM wishing You the most magical journeys into the New and magical Soul alignments from inside out!

I will be back as always ... in perfect Divine timing!

There is nothing but complete Trust awaiting Now!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I AM looking forward to this Summer of Divine Love embodied and true freedom of Being in simple Life!