Sunday, April 26, 2015

Awakening our wild nature

Dear Beloveds!

This has been a rather interesting and dynamic week with new arising feelings of deep Freedom. We have now entered into calm waters after a stronger wave of Solar activity, with increased Solar flaring. We will again be integrating this in our body. What else is new? Recently we had our Moon squaring Uranus, which means that new ideas will come through our feelings, and increased level of our subconscious will come into play, so we better watch out for everything that comes to us during the next few days, because it just might be that missing piece of the puzzle that we were looking for. Remember that all the "good stuff" usually comes in unexpected ways, so it's time to be open and flexible! We are building towards the Scorpio Full Moon, and I was getting constant "Scorpio energy" messages all week long.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Time for new beginnings!

Dear Beloveds!

We have entered through a portal of Freedom, so many of us! We are in a stage of completion of one chapter, as we prepare for moving into a new one. These are amazing times of the New! We might feel an increased state of flow, and things will fall into place more naturally by us simply allowing them to. We no longer feel the new to struggle and go against the flow. If there is movement and something works, it will be felt very easily, and if not, then we will learn to notice that as well. The key is always conscious observation and then learning to integrate what we are taking notice of. We are also in a creative cycle, for all this forward movement is bringing us a sense of beginning a new project, or simply finishing something we have been pondering on for quite a while. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time to integrate!

Dear Beloveds!

We are in intense integration times! This time is all about higher spiritual education, new learning/teaching, short trips and our neighborhood, and these are all ruled by the 3rd house. This is the Gemini house, and our planet of Love and value, Venus, moves into Gemini today, April 11th. Our energy focus will be shifting towards exchanging information, speaking or writing, researching and possibly developing new tools and methods of spiritual teachings. This is especially true for all higher spiritual pursuits, which are ruled by the 12th (Piscean) house of spirituality, higher causes, service and transcendence. We might even find new Love through the exchange and sharing of information, community or the online world. But we will definitely be using what we are receiving for serving a greater Whole.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter & Resurrection

Dear Beloveds!

This year's Easter happens right after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so the message of Resurrection is stronger than ever before. It also happens on a 5 energy day within the 17/8 Universal day, which is the infinity number, and the 17 is the Star card in tarot, so 5 the number of changes becomes inspired by 17/8 of new hopes and renewed faith. It truly is time to move on! The planet of expansion and spirituality, Jupiter, also goes direct this week, on April 8th, so it will enrich all of us in some way. We were in a culmination phase for quite a while, and this powerful Resurrection energy is leading us forward, especially towards the Aries New Moon that happens this month. April holds immense potential to advance and expand, so let's get busy with it! Here in our Mountain portal, we had some intense shifting weather during this whole Eclipse season, which amplified with the Blood Moon Eclipse, and we had our first lightnings of the year in the Mountains, with snow and very cold weather for this time of the year. Eclipses usually bring colder weather, but this was quite extreme, with strong winds as well.