Friday, November 29, 2013

My imaginative pursuits

Dear Beloveds!

When we finish a huge chapter in our life, we master all the lessons and experiences on that level, and then it's time to move on to something new and more meaningful. Like I have shared this week, I will have a slight pause from Facebook ... in order to enter deeper into another shifting process of mine, because I continue to receive such messages. In shifting towards something more meaningful and fulfilling, we must turn away from the old and familiar. We can get into habitual living so fast as Human Beings. It's good to balance our daily routine with new things, which will therefore bring in new energy ... of freshness and renewal.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Core Self

Dear Beloveds!

Today I've seen just how badly I've missed it ... spending time with my Nature all day long, and receiving messages of Spirit everywhere and in everything. Sometimes I get so pulled by everything in the external ... what I do and all of the communication with others that come to me. But ... Life is so simple in Nature ... it's only Humans that can still make it so complicated. But why not use all that excess energy in order to just Be and really tune in through the deepest of depth? Why not channel all of that energy into something really creative? This is how I live ... a simple Life of purity and devotion to serve All Life. It is so beautiful to rest in my Nature sacred space and Be with all that is simple and natural. If there is something You need to know about me is that I love simplicity and all things simple. Love is Divine, and Divine Truth is always simplicity. Divine connection with Source is not complicated. It is pure and simple. So I don't like analyzing things, I don't link endless debates, long exchange of words or concepts and opinions. I love the simple Truth that resides in my Heart space, where I commune with my Soul ... and where I connect with Source.

Monday, November 25, 2013

My expansion into Star Wisdom

Dear Beloveds!

My path is slowly but steadily expanding into more of my real Cosmic Self and sharing the Wisdom of the Stars ... the most benevolent and evolved Beings of Light and their knowing and embodying of the Principles of Creation. I have been on this path for a while now, and I have often shared about Principles of Creation, but I feel the activation going deeper Now. A lot of us are Now connecting with our Cosmic Family more and our latent DNA is coming to life. We are in communion with Star Beings, and the benevolent guidance from the higher dimensions/planes of Existence and connecting to our own Star origin/Home, which is where our Soul first began its experiential journey of expansion and evolution within Creation.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My path of vibrational "art"

Dear Beloveds! 

We just had the Full Moon in Taurus this weekend! This sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which is all about Love, passion, creativity and physical pleasures. How are You activating these aspects of You and your physical experience at this time? I AM doing it through my Soul art ... creating a unique expression of my inner beauty on my journey of Soul embodiment. Our Souls are pure Divine Beauty, and whoever is Soul embodied sees beauty in everything, even the most non obvious of things. Soul embodied individuals also want to create beauty wherever they are. I AM currently doing this through something completely new ... something I have never done before. For me this is beyond just creating beauty. I AM currently working on something which is so big and completely guided by the Divine ... and it's all about vibrational art, if I can even call it art. It is something very Cosmic and through it I AM anchoring my own inner Wisdom of the Stars. And through this, I AM planting the seeds of new frequency here on Earth.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My flow of creative balance

Dear Beloveds!

After the 11-11 Gateway of Light/Oneness, there was an immense opening. This week we had a special 11.12.13 numerology day, and it's so true ... it was such a magical day following the 11-11 Gateway ... with the flow of 123, which usually brings in the Angelic energy and the energy of Divine synchronicity ... being in the flow of life. I have just been reading about the term "Life can be as easy as 123" when I noticed this and it resonated deeply in my Heart. Divine synchronicity! But what else is in the "air" at this time? After this opening, I AM so guided to exercise and create new paintings, as my Soul just longs to express itself creatively through new inspired ideas and action. I have noticed that I used to be in a lot more masculine drive, as I was used to always being in the role of the one who is always be there for others, taking care of them and "helping out," so my personality kind of adapted to that role. This was not just in my family, it was also with the people I met ... and eventually even within Ascension Pioneers when I began with it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My path of humility

Dear Beloveds!

Our Mountain portal here is covered with snow now and it feels so refreshing. This will be my first Winter in my new Mountain home, and it does feel very new ... challenging and exciting both at the same time. Looking into these great walls just across my apartment always makes me feel so humble. Whenever we feel like we don't like our own life or a certain aspect about it, we need to come back to humility. And for me, there is no better way to be humble than to remember the Greatness of the Majestic Mountain and to have the Mountain mirror that Greatness back to us, as it is also inside of us. Only Humility will bring us true Gratitude. So whenever You can't feel that Soul Essence, just bring yourself to your natural state of awe and appreciation for all Life in Creation and feel humble. To be humble is to fall on your own feet, but not to be a slave of the Divine ... but to be so charmed with Divine beauty that you become extremely vulnerable by feeling this Grace ... and your knees might even tremble for a slight moment or two. This is that space ... welcome it ... become it! The sacred 11-11 Gateway is the perfect opportunity for that!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My New birth

Dear Beloveds!

Lately I keep seeing golden-white energy everywhere and in everything. There are constant messages of New birth/beginning coming through, and I feel that some of us have moved into a completely New and higher frequency. This means that when we shift, our purpose therefore shifts as well. I don't entirely know what this will mean for my path yet, but I know that there is a definite change that will be more obvious and apparent than any other changes I have been making before. Becoming a Golden-white Master of pure awareness is something that I AM devoted to, and I wish to serve All Creation by bringing messages of even higher awareness, so that we can shift together as One. I AM being guided to bring through the Wisdom the Stars even more deeply. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Divine Mother Self

Dear Beloveds!

The Solar flares in alignment with the Eclipse that we just had, are all bringing us a New wave of energy. With this current Eclipse, the New is mixed in with the old, so the shadow and the New are kind of mashed together. It is up to us Now, how boldly we will walk into a new life cycle. For the past couple of days, I AM going deep within myself and I AM seeing which parts of me were most deeply suppressed. This became more obvious after the Eclipse took place, and with each realization also comes a powerful release. The key here is to allow ourselves to really feel those feelings that come up with the release. And how do we know what part of us is still somehow suppressed? It is usually the part of us that we like to defend, that makes us reactive instead of responsive, and it makes us believe that there is only one way, which prevents us from being open to all. What is neutralized and whole, we never need to defend or deny. It just is and we always go with the flow of life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My personal freedom

Dear Beloveds!

During this Eclipse gateway and culmination of a cycle, I was guided to look back at the previous Eclipse season back in Spring. Yesterday I randomly opened my personal planner book on the page with a date June 8th, and there it was written: "End of the Eclipse season." The guidance was to look at what I have begun back then and what energy was coming through, for this is what is culminating Now in the current Eclipse season. There was also a blog that I did not publish back then and it remained a draft until Now, which is a definite message that those words I have been writing are perfect now, and they have come into a completion. This is this blog Now!

Friday, November 1, 2013

My plunge into the great void

Dear Beloveds!

Are You still enjoying the void between the Eclipses? It sure made me very spacious. Do You know that during the Eclipse, the Sun's light is hidden by the darkness/void of the Moon, and that this void is exactly what we need before giving new birth. It is the birthing canal ... the womb of Divine Creation. It was strengthened with the recent Solar flare activity. During this period, the Earth's magnetic field is weakened, and so are we. That is why we feel the void in the first place. When we are in this period, we are actually invited to fill in the creative void with more of our true Self. To be the true Masters of energy that we are requires us to know that we are the ones creating the circumstances around us, not the other way around. This is because we are intrinsically connected to All Life in Creation, so this void is actually a Gift from the Creator and our personal I AM Self, to step deeper into who we truly are, to take Divine action and carry the responsibility for our own life and personal reality that we are creating as Creator Selves!