Friday, June 28, 2013

My crystal grids

Dear Family of Love!

This is my recent creation ... the crystal grid/mandala representing the balance between the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine. There is a pure crystal-diamond Core of Twin Soul Essence in the middle, spreading out with the Divine masculine (purple crystals) and the Divine feminine (pink crystals), surrounded by a circle of balance and harmony ... also representing wholeness and completion. There are four grounding stones in each corner as well, representing physical manifestation and maturation of this sacred Union in the external reality ... created from within to without!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What is retrograding?

Dear Family of Love!

There has been quite a huge shift in energy today. Do You feel it? There was such pressure "in the air" lately. Not to mention the heaviness of the Full Moon in Capricorn that was accompanying us at the beginning of the week. But I felt a huge relief after yesterday's release. We are moving inwards with our intentions and Heart desires, to refine our needs. Mercury went retrograde, Jupiter changed signs for one year, plus we have a huge coronal hole on the Sun right now with strong Solar winds ... so it's all quite a rush and all occurring at once. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Pink Universe

Dear Family of Love!

I live in a rainbow world, but I have to say that my favorite color is probably fuchsia Pink! You can see this in many of my photos. For me, it represents the Ray of Divine Love. You can also associate this with the Magenta Pink Ray, which accompanies me on my pictures a lot lately. Everything that I do needs to have a bit of Pink in it. The official Ascension Pioneers webpage is Pink, this Blog is Pink, a lot of my clothes are Pink, and it looks like I AM creating my own Pink Universe. If You don't know this yet, the color of fuchsia Pink represents Christ consciousness and the Higher Heart. According to "The Healer's handbook: A journey into hyperspace" by Stewart Swerdlow, Pink is about: "Love (unconditional love and acceptance), New 8th chakra between throat and chest, located in the thymus gland. Feels warm, soothing, good for depression and upsetting news. It can refer to feminine energies, used in visualization to balance male and female. Used with elemental body for healing and reshaping."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creating my reality

Dear Family of Love!

This is me looking at my Beloved Mountains. The view below me is a fantastic and majestic one. I AM focused on my targeted intent and I stand my ground until the very end. I do not leave its sight for one moment, as it's always within me. It never leaves me. I AM one with it, as my Heart's desire is who I AM. There is no separation between me and my Heart's desire. A Heart desire isn't about the goal or a destination. It is about an utter and complete wholeness and Soul alignment.

We are nothing without infinite trust, so we need to trust that we are always on the right path, as the word "wrong" simply does not exist in Divine Love. Lately I was hiking in the Mountains, and I received all the guidance that I need on the next step of my journey. I AM on target, I AM aligned and I AM receiving everything through great clarity. How do You know that You are within clarity? Well, for starters ... You will feel electric, ecstatic, and in great feeling of magical joy. There will be synchronicities everywhere and You will see how all life speaks to You through signs of Spirit and deep Heart knowing.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Spirit messages & synchronicity

Dear Family of Love!

The means of Spirit communication are endless and come through everything in our life ... physical and non physical. The Divine speaks to us through numbers, patterns of Light, symbols, angelic feathers, coins, songs and melodies, repetitive words, etc. Everything around us reflects our state of awareness back to us! Because I spend most of my time outside, I often see interesting things everywhere.

My Divine companions

Dear Family of Love!

So many are speaking about how to know "God" and about ways how to get there. Well, in Truth ... we are always there already. We are direct descendants of Source ... we are each a unique Source spark, so how can we not know "God" by our nature? We are never separated. This experience is natural to all of us. It is merely the perception of this separation that keeps us from experiencing it. True Source can only be felt ... it can only be experienced directly through our own individual experience of Divine Love, which is always personal. There is just One Source Truth of Creation, but endless ways of how to remember it and how to come into our own Self embodiment.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Solstice experience

Dear Family of Love!

Happy Solstice, everyone!!! The Summer season has officially started in the northern hemisphere yesterday, although "Summer" is just energy, and I have felt it for the whole week. It was amazingly hot here. Solstice is the longest day of the year on the northern hemisphere. As an Ascension Pioneer, I always celebrate the June Solstice and the energy was just incredible ... all week long. Remember that this is a Galactic doorway. I could barely fall asleep the night before the Solstice. I was watching the Moon on the balcony, and it was so bright. It enchanted and hypnotized me with its Magic, as I just felt something really profound and not explainable with words ... like it's the start of something new and beautiful. I was retreating to Nature for the rest of the day and celebrated my Solstice this way. I always celebrate in Nature, just by being aware of it and sitting in Gratitude.

Friday, June 21, 2013

All about Magic

Dear Family of Love!

Besides my Divine task of being an Ascension guide, a huge part of my journey is to share myself and my Soul travels in a very personal and intimate way. Lately I AM seeing an even deeper meaning in sharing ourselves through true Source intimacy, not just generally addressing different things and subjects. That is what creates a tremendous ripple effect, as our authenticity actually is intimacy in daily expression. That is why I feel like I AM entering a part of my life, where I need to share in an even more intimate way, and a huge part of this is sharing my own inner Magic. I was always this way anyway! I always lived a simple, but very deep and profound internal life. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Soul journey

Dear Family of Love!

Many times in my life, I have experienced people idealizing me. Many times I have seen them put me on some kind of pedestal. Why? Separation, of course. Because of such awareness, many times people have thought that I have it easy, and it's such a privilege to live like I do. To be free and to live as I choose to, not being trapped in victim consciousness. I have also heard the statement: "Lucky You," so many times. But this is simply not the Absolute Reality. How I live, is being created by me ... and through me. There is no other way! Nothing is a given in my life, and I have worked very "hard" to be where I AM now. I have "earned" my freedom through becoming Self empowered. I still experience challenges, and I always will. This is what always brings us to the next level of our expansion. What is important here, is the way I go through them (as passing my Spirit initiations). I have always been a very strong and persistent Spirit, and many people in my life have admired me for that reason. But in Truth, I did not come here to be admired ... I came to inspire ... to uplift and to show the way!