Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moving into 2015 & harmonizing Unions

Dear Beloveds!

So far December has been intense but lovely ... and we are invited to celebrate more! There are such harmonizing energies all around us right Now, and as we tune deeper within, we may feel them in our own unique way. This is partially because of the Fire trine energy, which are all harmonious aspects between planets. This implies harmony in our personal reality as well, as long as we align ourselves with it, as nothing just happens ... we make it so! On December 6th we celebrated a Gemini Full Moon, which was able to bring so much internalized Love in our lives, if we only open up to all that is new, abundant, expanded, innovative and unifying. Remember it doesn't matter how big or small, as long as it implies progress in our New Self.  

Yes, the 12-12 portal of Light is near, and a lot of us are already being filled with another new sensation of the Divine that we are bringing into our Human translation. There are new emotional experiences that await us, and they first take place within, as we open up to our inner garden of Paradise, returning to the Garden of Eden. When we become fully honest and transparent, more Light can flow through us. We are opening up, and the Divine is bringing us all messages of some kind. They might be messages from Spirit, our loved ones, and they may travel across long distance as well. Is your cup being filled with new emotional experiences? If not, what can You do to change something in your reality ... to make You more aware of all the potential that is there for your blossoming?

Lately I began to connect to my inner tantric Self more deeply. I made a video with a very simple but profound exercise to cultivate our Soul Bliss in the body:

You can read the entire article about this here!
This all relates to the sacred Union. Here is my video about harmonizing and lasting Unions in the New.

Here is a short message about the internal balance of the inner feminine and masculine as One!

In 2015, we will have the last Grand square alignment. These were pretty intense for the last few years, and they represented one pivotal step of our personal Ascension journey. With the new astrological year next year, everything has the power to change and transform into something completely New. Imagine ourselves like Ascension babies, growing through adolescence and then through spiritual adulthood into Self mastery. These last few years of the "Grand square Era" were very transformational, and this all served a greater purpose.

Remember that as Ascension Pioneers, we are the wayshowers and bridge builders, and we are here to make things different. We are not here just to unify with ourselves and then it's all over. No, our journey in its Glory is merely beginning. For those of us who feel that we will stay with the Earth in these turbulent times of Great change, everything in our lives until Now served only as a Spirit initiation ... and there are yet many other preparations we are to go through. There are many experiences of the New that we have yet to experience. Earth is changing its density, and so are we.

We are moving up on the ladder of Spirit, and our Soul awareness is becoming deeper and more inclusive. The biggest shift that many of us have made is moving our personal sense of Self empowerment out into the world. In the past few years we have been working towards building an inner column of Light in deep Soul integrity and Self confidence. Due to this, many of us were guided to isolate ourselves a bit more than usual, in order to establish a stronger connection with the Self, which would benefit our Soul embodiment journey for the greater good of All. This journey served us to ground our Soul Essence deeply, for no real creation takes place without a proper anchor point. The phase that awaits us Now, is truly owning that power and moving out into the world with it.

What does this truly mean? Let me give an example. A lot of us have sort of "broken up" with our physical families and other people, because they did not choose the same path as we did. We needed that at the time being. They did not always understand us, and we also didn't always know how to co-exist with them. When we came into terms with our own unique path and the physical Ascension path that we have chosen, we have removed ourselves from many different scenarios and realities that simply no longer resonated with us, including all the drama and fear. With our stronger sense of empowerment, we made a stronger connection with our Soul through deep Divine understanding and compassion.

Once a certain level of compassion is reached, an individual no longer needs to protect themselves, for they own their Power in all of its majestic integrity of Spirit. They can master their reality, and at the same time walk in between many different worlds. This doesn't mean that they choose differently for themselves. It only means that they no longer have the "rescue/save" mentality/patterning of the old paradigm of separation, and neither they desire to fight/argue with another. They can fully co-exist as a neutral compassionate observer. With breaking through our own boundaries in full Self empowerment, we can Now also break through any kind of boundary that we have formed around dealing with others.

When we connect Now (in the New), it is going to be completely different. Our Power of Spirit and Soul as One will leave a strong energetic impression on others, even those that might not consciously embrace the same reality as we are. But we are the wayshowers, and we are the ones who are paving the way. We are those who master themselves in order to master their reality, so that it becomes impenetrable by anything that we are not. As we do so, we become pure Divine Love in Human form, and any other form of "Human" protection becomes unnecessary. We no longer fear the ways of others and what they are choosing, as well as we no longer take it as our own responsibility. Our sense of being an "empath" is changing, and it moves from feeling everything with a sense of full responsibility for it to feeling with great compassion in Divine neutrality. This is what true Soul freedom means.

On this phase of our journey, we no longer need to build walls, and we also don't need to limit our connections in any kind of way. A lot of the times we felt lonely because no one was quite like us. We missed sameness, because we didn't yet integrate full Source Wholeness from within. In the past, we were looking at most things through resonance, and Now we will be shifting into perceiving everything through the Beauty of Divine Love. With this newly embraced/embodied awareness, we will be able to connect through everything and everyone through pure Love, which is judgment and guilt free. This is Now our Higher Self in action, becoming Love in form. Our bodies no longer need to absorb things from others and situations that don't match our frequency, because we will no longer know separation.

This is what it means to be a Divine Human Being in form, and to spread our Love Essence to everything and all as it comes. There will be no more separation for those of us who will master this. This is what the new year of 2015 can bring us, for it carries that potential if we are only willing to do the inner alignment/Soul blossoming ... and if we are persistent enough to go the distance! It is really worth it, because the rewards will be immense. We will know ourselves as fully Divine, and there will be no more obstacles, shields, blockages and limitations. Remember, true Love is limitless. and so are we. Are we ready to finally live that Truth?

I got a very powerful Spirit message during the time of the Gemini Full Moon, and it's as simple as this: the Unity of Love, Wisdom and Power. We are working Magic with our Soul alchemy, and we are understanding the importance of our own conscious participation in the making of our reality. We can now see that knowledge is nothing if we don't have a deep understanding of it, because without it ... we can never fully embody it and apply to every part of our reality. When knowledge is understood, the process of Soul alchemy begins.

Recently I asked someone I know what would they wish for Christmas, if they only had one wish. The person said: "I would wish for an unlimited manifesting abilities, so that I would never run out of anything." This is how our expanded Soul awareness feels like ... it is vast and unlimited, it does not put boundaries or labels on anything, for it simply flows with all Life in Creation. There is such Magic in this kind of natural Being and living in the New. And guess what? We already have infinite manifesting abilities, we have just partially forgotten about it.

Manifestation takes place through Love. We simply need to allow Love in. If we desire true Love, we also need to cultivate Wisdom and Power and vice versa, as they always co-exist as One. Sometimes we want only Love, and forget about the fact that to know ourselves as Love also includes knowing ourselves as Wisdom and Power. When we embrace all of these main Soul Essences, we are ready to embrace our Wholeness and we step on a journey of magical co-creation.

There was also much communication happening with all the Gemini energy, which means that we need to speak out, communicate, share new ideas, meet new people, expand our way of thinking, as this is how the Gemini reflects ... through communication. Remember that communication is also a form of meditation, but only when we are deeply present in it, when we really engage with all of our senses, and listen to what another has to say. This is when we really immerse ourselves in sharing. And then we process it through our Soul's awareness rather than just the mind. This is how we are learning to be filter free.

When we try to understand another mentally, it's never going to work, because we will never be able to compare ourselves with another person or perfectly understand them on all levels. When we try to do something, we miss out on the experience that is already there, always shared through deep presence and intimacy. We are all multidimensional and very complex. What we are truly to do, is rather enjoy the Being of that individual and deeply engage in what they share with us ... and all that they have to offer to us, so that it contributes to our overall Soul expansion. This is how we are forming new unions without any resistance or separation.

In the old, a lot of individuals craved for someone else to fully understand them, without first understanding themselves. In the New, we no longer seek for an external understanding or belonging, for we first cultivate it within. We become Source infused and God/Goddess within always comes first, as we simply no longer need to please another or make decisions based on their reality. The key here is not self denial at the expense of others, but merging and unifying naturally, in flow. We can't force such things. This is where the source of all Soul intimacy begins.

Let us all take a few really deep breaths, reflect on all the connections that are currently in our life, and feel a deep sense of Gratitude for each one of them. Let us then let go anything that still limits those connections, so that they can expand and become fully natural and organic ... pure as they are in Soul! This is the source of our new found Soul alchemy! We have the Midas touch ... Now! 

The moment when we let go of constant self assessment and evaluation of the mind, and focus only on Being, which means being true to our authentic Self and being who we are without any filters, attachments, projections, hopes and constant goals, we can be free. As we do so, we suddenly realize that we have always been free. Our sense of self analysis and control is then replaced by Self acceptance and compassion in Divine Love. That is when we stop trying, whatever trying might represent for us. We stop trying to be good, to belong, to be something, to create and achieve something ... and as we do so, our natural inner Magic awakens. This is when we focus on just feeling Joy and creating whatever comes to us without any need ... only Divine inspiration. This is when Soul alchemy stars taking place, for we allow our Soul to lead out way. Being is not about being either good or bad ... it's about Being our true Soul, which is always Joy.

In this state of higher Being, we stop worrying about how we are supposed to feel, interact and share, and we don't wish to control our experiences or those of others. We simply begin to enjoy the present moment and all that this spectacular Now has to offer us. There is such beauty in sweet surrender, which already has everything for us that we will ever need. We are always held and nurtured by our Soul, which is never separate from the Love of Source. We are always protected and taken care of in Unity consciousness. We need to let go of our old Human ways, and we need to stop pushing against the flow. If something doesn't work, there is obviously a reason for it. We need to embrace the Magic of this Life that we were given, and know that we have the power to make it into anything ... which begins taking place the moment when we let go and accept that we are co-creator beings with Source, so how can it not be so? How can we not already hold the potential for everything, and to live as Bliss in Human experience?

Divine Love needs no boundaries, for it is limitless!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my video on unification of Spirit and Soul: