Monday, January 27, 2014

The Year of the Horse

Dear Beloveds!

This week, we are moving into a Chinese year of the horse, and at the same time there will be a New Moon in Aquarius on the 30th of January, plus Venus going direct again on 31st. This ushers in the potential for new beginnings in a big way, with more freedom and clarity of the "big picture". The month of February will be a fast forward moving month and the first one to begin this trend, and so this is when our year will actually begin to unfold in greater ways. Until then, we are still preparing with whatever we need to adjust and assimilate until a faster pace begins. Even some astrologers are saying that the month of February will bring in a new speed and intensity. In order to be in alignment with the New, we have to be New from within. What does that mean? It simply means that we need to be as authentic in our Soul as we can. When we reside in Soul, we are well prepared for Self mastery and attainment.

How can we better prepare from within? I would say that the best preparation is to declutter anything that is not authentic with our Soul and anything that is non aligned from without as well. If there are still any inauthentic energies present around us, like situations, time investments or even people (especially those wearing a mask and not being true), we need to let that go. This means that we then bring more focus to our inner Core, where our personal truth resides. No more scattered energy and wasting our precious devotion on something inauthentic! The horse energy also brings integrity, clarity and revelations of the hidden. If we will not clarify things in this preparation time, we will still be asked to do it after, but due to the speed of the energy, it will be more natural and easier to do it now. Personally, I AM already making more room for the New, by clearing the old and that which no longer has any purpose in my life.

This is what I found online about the energy of the horse: "The Wood Horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory. But you have to act fast in a Horse year. If you are not 100% secure about a decision, then don’t do it. Events move so quickly in a Horse year that you don’t want to gallop off in the wrong direction."

It was completely in sync that we were working on a puzzle with two horses recently, and we bought if before we even knew that this will be the year of the Horse. We finished it yesterday ... and so the puzzle of the two horses was finished before the beginning of the year of the Horse in Chinese astrology. I AM wishing You a beautiful start of something new and exciting! May fun and pleasure guide your life through the Joy of the Soul!

This will also be a year of possible sudden luck (a twist of fate), where we will benefit from long terms personal investments/devotions, and destiny turning full circle. It will also be a time of new travels and spending much time in nature, because we often see the horse galloping through the vast landscape ... always rushing ahead with great courage and conviction. Spending as much time as Nature as possible is key point number one on our Ascension journey! Gaia nurtures us, and it gives us many messages about Principles of Creation. All we need to do is listen to it and make love to our planet and Creation in every moment, through the depth of our Being.

We need to love Gaia every single day, and every single Now moment. We need to love Gaia, even in the winter, when she seemingly rests, because in Truth, she never does. Her heartbeat always pulsates, just like our own. Remember who You are in Truth, as a Divine child of purity ... a beautiful child of Nature. Reach for your inner innocence, it is right there. Breathe deeply and bring your whole Presence back into your body ... so that no one or nothing can govern your energy but You. Ask Gaia to help You bring all your Soul fragments and parts back, and claim the wholeness of who You are in Illuminated Truth. Know deep Oneness with all Life in Creation by deeply experiencing it. The Divine Mother that flows through all of Life in Creation will show You the Divine Principles, and they will come through your inner Core, as whispers of Holy Spirit. Feel the sacred Truth ... and then become it yourself!

I AM a wild Nature being. What about You? Do You know how to get your hands "dirty" with the beauty of Gaia? Do You know how to sit on the floor, and deeply connect with the Mother? Do You touch the water and feel its natural cleansing ability? The Gifts of Nature are infinite and the Divine Mother lives in all of us!

The reason why I AM guided to share only my personal and authentic images on my journey of the Soul and my path of Divine service, is because I show the way of a simple and natural life, and photos speak louder than words, because they show the energy that emanates from them.

For me, everything continues to be about Purity, for this is my main purpose ... to embody the White Ray of Purity and the Ascension flame. The images speaks of the sparkling white of Purity and innocence, mirroring the reflection of our I AM in the softness of first snow. I AM radiating waves of pure Divine Love from our sacred Mountain space. May it ripple out in waves of gentle devotion and care for all that is alive and may it help it reach its fullest Soul expression and potential. We don't need to send Love ... we just radiate it out from within!

Yes, this weekend we finally got some snow. I was looking through the window and watching the falling snow. The weather predictions came true, and we finally have some snow. It felt so peaceful, and the energy was so smooth ... so gentle. When it snows, it feels like the whole Nature slows down and rests, and we should also learn to play along and follow this notion. It is a time to just Be, to observe, and watch our thoughts as they come and go. There is magic in watching the beauty of each falling snowflake! Each one is precious and unique ... just like us!

This is me, enjoying the first snow! I love the purity of White, my Soul Ray! We are all so innocent in Truth!

Before the beginning of the New, we are still dealing with some "leftovers", processing previous ideas and thinking of ways how to implement them. We are also following the constant waves of integration and change. When the energy slows down, the physical body always follows. After the new influx of energy this weekend, yesterday feelt like a day of physical integration. The body often has a will of its own, and we continuously have to listen and take it into an account. The body has its own natural rhythms and waves of integration, so tuning into Soul guidance is best. The flow is as it is, and remaining a detached observer is best! This will be especially important to obtain in such a fast forward moving year!

Taking as much "offline" time as possible and moving into a slower rhythm and respecting natural cycles of the body cannot be stressed enough!

This weekend we were experiencing another influx of energy. You probably always feel it in your own unique way, but there was a lot of integration present in January (the preparation month), so we need to ground ourselves and be anchored in the Now moment. We most easily do that by doing what we love and what inspires us in the moment, even if that is just "daydreaming" or relaxing. We are getting used to this energy dynamics and how it works by now, aren't we? It doesn't feel that intense anymore, although our bodes can still experience some Ascension symptoms and we are craving more downtime. When we are integrating more of the New, we can feel more fatigue and heavy or shaky body limbs.

Personally, I love spending time in Nature no matter what, even if my body feels pretty tired for no good "reason" afterwards. This simply means that my body is assimilating the new energy and that a lot of energy goes into that process, so the body can feel more tired during. It is fun to observe that my mother and I are now beginning to notice more synchronization in our body experiences, and this happens quite often lately. This shows us that we are riding the same energy waves, although each one of us still benefits from them in our unique way. What is best is always going with the flow, and although we like to say this saying often, we don't always follow that simple Truth. But we can and we will ... more and more! 
May You co-create your reality with inner Spark, personal empowerment, the Joy of Life and the Wisdom of inner experiences!

I captured the White Light of Creation/Purity beautifully last week!

Never forget about these important decrees:

"I AM sovereign and I AM free, and only I can govern me."
"I AM the White Light of Creation."

Beloved Ascension Pioneers! Ready, set ... Go!!! New adventures await. Can You feel it?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn
P.S. This is my latest video update with the Light activation for the New Year of the Horse: