Monday, February 10, 2014

What is true Love? My Valentine's message!

Dear Beloveds! 

With the Valentine's week, there are always a lot of expectations coming from people, so we will be asked to stay strong in our power this week and hold a space of Divine Love for everyone who still perceives Love as coming from outside of them, or live in the illusion of separation, which can bring a sense of loneliness, isolation, desperation and even despair. We are asked to do this because we can, and because we are Ascension Pioneers who live in alignment with Universal/Agape Love from inside out, from our sacred space within ... emanating and radiating it out. May our Love touch the Hearts of all those who still feel alone and wander in lack of Faith!

We will also have a Full Moon in Leo that falls on the Valentine's day, which is a fire sign that can be very driven and outgoing, but the message of this Full Moon is mostly about transcending limited expectations from the external and focusing on the internal, moving from personal to Agape Love and embodying and becoming our own best/highest partner while focusing on Self Love and what it births through us in infinite creative pursuits. There is a powerful focus week ahead of us for sure, and we may even be inspired with new ideas. The Key is to keep them in balance in a grounded way, and not to get lost in too much all at once. There is lots to create and work with energetically! Ideas will come and go, so observe which ones are true and in alignment with your authentic Soul!

Last week there was a new wave of powerful new birthing energy, emanating from the Divine womb of the Central Sun of Creation. It felt very Divine feminine in energy for me, as we are all being embraced by another pulsating wave of the Divine Mother, the Cosmic womb of All Life in Creation. She/Divine Love is calling Her children back into the consciousness of One. One night I went to bed by affirming to myself the following prayer/invocation/decree: "I AM a child of the One. I serve only the Law of One ... the Law of Divine Love. I AM sovereign and I AM free, and only I can govern Me." I called in all of my Ascension team and Family of Light from Pleiades, and I slept like a baby ... wrapped in a bubble of Love. I cannot explain this feeling with words, but it felt so good and comfy. I never go to bed without this decree anymore!

Lately I AM finally receiving messages that it's time to get some things done and bring more action into my current passions, which is my Soul Art. Of course, nothing ever gets done on its own, and this is where our center of Self empowerment lies. This guidance doesn't just come from people who are asking me about my Elven jewelery, but mostly from my own Spirit guidance. I never respond to the expectations of others, only if they are bringing additional confirmation to my current Spirit guidance. As always, I make choices from within and my Soul's natural authenticity. This Full Moon in Leo falls exactly on Valentine's day, and it's funny that my Venus is also in Leo. My Soul Art is the expression of my inner Venus, so what I love and value, and how I create tangible beauty through awareness in this world. That is why my current intent is to officially launch my Soul Art Blog this week, for the Valentines day!

With the Valentine's week and Leo energy, we are also working with the color Red ... with awareness! Here is an example of starting your morning with deep red to feed and energize your root ... the base of your physical existence here on Earth! Red invokes our passion for life, so that we don't just dream through life, but we also dance through it with full enthusiasm and excitement, while being fully grounded and present. On our Ascension journey, this is vitally important, for we need to practice full presence in order to raise our awareness and vibration. There are many who get lost in the realms of non embodiment, but this is not why we are here. We are here to anchor the Higher Realms of Existence here on Earth! And unfortunately, we can only do this when our root is fully activated and shining in its authentic Purity! P.S. I made this organic smoothie with: beetroot, pomegranate, apple, orange, Goji berries, and some organic vanilla to taste. The red crystal on the image is a red ruby gemstone.

Here is my weekly Spirit message for this Valentine's week! 

Emotions are running deep now! On our walk last week, we have seen our little friends the ducks, and they mostly came towards the land, while some meditated on an icy lake. Ducks are a powerful archetype of being emotionally stable and soothed, so it looks like they are showing us to make ourselves as comfortable as we can, with all the coming changes. They also represent going through an emotional stage of our journey as easily as we can, with comfort and care. And despite all the snow, they looked really cozy, actually! All Nature creatures are completely tuned into the Creatrix (Divine Creation) and they know it's always good to be prepared. Always observe Divine messengers in Nature and see what messages they have to share with You in the moment!

So ... what is true Love of the Beloved? So many speak about it, but very few truly know what it is and live it. To taste true Love, we need to become the purest embodiment of it. Great Love life requires intimacy, trust and the ability to share our feelings, always in complete openness and flow. We need to be able to express all that we feel, including our fears, our likes and dislikes. This doesn't mean that we will compromise anything ... we will only share and therefore we will expand our perspective. We need to be able to talk openly, listen, and be present, with an open Heart and mind.

Through Heart to Heart connections and conversations we deepen our intimacy, which always derives from Source first. How can we be fully open with another, if we haven't found the sacred space within us to always feel connected to Source ... All That Is, which is all Life in Existence? How can we share with another and give our all, if we haven't yet discovered that "all" inside of us and brought it to surface with Soul embodiment ... in our full authenticity. We cannot. That is why we need to continue to open and expand, and drop all of our defenses and move into healthy and harmonious partnerships.

These don't just include our intimate partnership with the Beloved Divine partner in our lives, but being grateful about all those we dearly love, and who support our Soul path in its entirety. This is never about quantity, because in Truth it's about the quality ... which means depth and perception, seeing the bigger picture. Don't You feel how You are rather by yourself than with someone who is not at your level of Soul awareness? Then if that is your choice, You have nothing to complain about, for You need to follow it in Divine integrity of your Spirit. There will always be someone who will be there for You and who will be your Divine companion, no matter the nature of the relationship or bond between the two of You. We were never meant to be alone, and people never leave us, they just move on with their own lives, and so we need to do the same for ourselves and follow our highest Soul path! 

This process is all about raising our awareness. We have the potential to be one of those who taste true Love, but we all need to attend to inner "wholing" first, which means coming into our own. When we become our best partner, and we are already creating the life of our Soul dreams, a partner in Love who will be our vibrational match, can enter as well. We need to create the right kind of circumstances for this to become ripe, which means holding the sacred space of true Love, so that true Love can enter. With true Love, we first need to create it from within, and that means unveiling all that it is not ... and then it comes ... invited ... for it never comes uninvited. We embody, and it comes. We feel, and so we generate it! We need to become our ultimate mirror ourselves, by walking in our Soul authenticity, and then all the rest will come in Divine timing, and it will be worth waiting for. Don't be impatient and despair ... instead just relax and enjoy your Life, by continuously holding the Beloved in your Heart!

When I was not yet awakened into my Divine Love Core, I also used to complain sometimes, asking myself why I AM not yet with an intimate partner who mirrors me perfectly, sharing my path with my mother instead. Then I saw how this was so deeply healing for the both of us, and how my Soul came to serve her, as She also came to serve me, and as we both activated our Soul's authenticity, we became the best mirrors for each other, in honesty and Divine integrity. From there on, I saw everything differently and embraced our journey together until it would last. Perception (which is awareness) changes everything! Living with my mother made me become the best version of myself, as we both activated each other in the highest possible way, and this in the end, is preparing us ... by opening us up to the potential Divine partner who mirrors us best. We are not attached to any ideas or anything as such, for we just live or lives in the Now!

On this path, I have learned from many experiences, that just because I would share a part of my path with a certain man who entered my life, it wouldn't be as pure as a bond that I have with my mother, for we are Soul mates. And when we embrace the connection in the Purity that it was created, then everything changes. As for other relationships with the opposite gender, I just knew deep down, that such a Soul has not yet entered my life, although I myself wanted to "be there already" many times before. This was not Self empowering, but it brought so much awareness and wisdom into my life. Well, this is not so anymore, for I have transcended the lack of ego's understanding of our higher path. Now I AM only devoted to my selfless service and committed to make my Soul dreams a living reality.

Like I said, we are the ones who create our reality, and this is what I choose to create and I choose to be happy and whole, and therefore I AM, in every moment. I no longer look for Love outside of myself ... I generate Love from within, through my Soul spark and the Soul Essences emanating from it. If You want romance, generate the feeling of romance from within You. It is so simple in Truth, we are powerful feeling Beings! Whenever we generate a certain Soul Essence, we amplify it and bring more of that into this world and this is already a part of our planetary service to all Life here.

So many people still complain to me how they feel alone, how they are waiting for a Divine companion "forever" and how they are almost giving up. Many use these as an excuse to not fully enter into their Divine service. They rather wait until someone joins them on their path. And so they wait and wait. Well, what do I have to say that, in all my loving honesty? It is time to wake up and stop dreaming through the puffy clouds of illusion, step into a true reality and create our living dreams instead ... by embracing our highest potential and create our own destiny, instead of believing in some sort of fated reality. Don't give up ... give in and surrender to what Is and create what You desire from your Soul, not the limited/powerless ego. The Soul is powerful, so remember that as You walk your journey ... it can create anything! Ego, on the other hand, cannot, for it is not always aligned with the Highest expression of our Divinity.

We need to stop all the waiting, wishing, wanting ... and embrace the Cosmic Love that is always inside of us, and that is how we truly step up in our Divine service. Besides, like the Beloved poet already said, "True Beloveds don't just find each other ... they live in each other all along." So there You go ... enough said. Those who are truly connected to Source and their Beloved within, the One Whole Soul of our Twin Soul nature in Creation, know this, and they always feel connected, never truly separated. We feel so alone in this world sometimes, and so many people want Love. But only those truly empowered individuals are aware that they are here to become/embody Love, and then the Love from without will find them as well, in its own perfect Divine timing. Source doesn't give time limitations and predicted events ... only the lower mind does, and the mind can often play tricks on us. 
So wake up, and begin to live your best and highest possible life, full of Joy and Bliss. Stop constantly waiting for something and embrace the Beauty of Life right here and Now ... as perfect as it is! We have been so conditioned for eons and eons of time, and now it's time to transcend those and move into the New relationship paradigm which knows no labels and limitations ... only Love, and Love is always open, only fear isn't. How empowering is that! Our Higher Self only wishes that for us, and there is no Divine Reunion without that inner Soul Union/Unity/Wholeness first.

That is a great Spirit initiation that we all need to pass eventually. And with that done, we will always be asked to assist others who are still struggling and battling instead of surrendering to Source ... the Almighty One! You can embrace Divine Love Now! It beats strongly in your three-folded sacred fire ... the Flame of Creator's Unity! Embrace your Self! Be All That You are!

Happy Valentine's day! This is a little Valentine's day preview from us, to show that giving/generating and receiving/experiencing Love can be shared at any time. This Full Moon in Leo is in a very passionate Fire sign, which is going to bring up a lot of inner passion and emotions to be experienced and expressed. Why not? We need to allow things to become fully ripe, as we live in a fully opened state of awareness and receptivity. Let us create away! Beauty awaits!

Oh, and this is my latest Elven circlet creation, called the "Swan Queen". I AM sharing this because the symbol of the Swan is often associated with the Beloved energy as well.  

The message of the "Swan Queen" is that of Purity and transformation through our very Core Divine Nature and Beingness.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my latest video about the power of our Self/Source empowered co-creation with a Light activation: