Saturday, March 29, 2014

My body integration & higher expressions

Dear Beloveds! 

This has been an intense time of body integration for many of us. Please know that our mission begins with us. We cannot save a planet, and we cannot raise the Light in others until it is raised in our own temple. While we can talk about high ideals and awareness and guiding others into it, becoming the living example is always the greatest teacher. To show the way through our own embodiment is what we do as Ascension Pioneers. This is a Divine assignment that never ends, as we can always expand more, and so we are also able to assist more. The path of Ascension is a cyclical journey from Source into density in order to grow and transcend and back into the consciousness of Source in order to fill it with new awareness about itself as existing Creation. This is how we contribute as One. We expand, we serve on that level of expansion and then we report about it and bring our experiences back into the Whole of All That Is. It takes higher understanding to remember why we are here specifically, and then it also takes a great deal of humility, strength and courage ... to Be all that we truly are and all that we have yet to become in our constant and infinite expansion.

During this time, all of our Soul expressions are coming into Oneness/Wholeness of who we truly are. I recently wrote an article about this!

The intensity of April and the Grand Cardinal Cross alignment can already be felt Now, as we are gradually building up to it from within. We are preparing ourselves and our physical bodies to be able to hold much more Light. That is not just because of our own path, but to also hold the space for all those that are now awakening. We can feel it, and the intensity will come through the New Moon in Aries this weekend. This is the first New Moon of the new astrological year, so watch closely and deeply, in order to see what shall be reveled through its Magic and synchronicity. This Moon's awareness is also about the individual "You", the personal aspects and desires of our unique journey, so we also have to take note of that. When we take care of ourselves first, the Whole will always benefit as well, for it's all One. There will be lots of fast moving and hyper energy, so our expanded bodies will want to somehow channel that energy in a productive way; either through creativity or some form of exercise. Make use of it as You are guided!

How AM I going through this personally? It has been an intense week of body integration for me, and I AM guessing for a lot of You as well. This wave caught me off guard and kind of surprised me, as I was so hyper all this time. I needed to postpone some of the things I really wanted to bring into fruition for a while, as my body needed all of me, and it still continues to do so. Yesterday I saw a giant caterpillar outside, and she was climbing so fast. She came to this spot where she could either go around the wooden lodge, or climb on top of it. She chose to climb on top of it without hesitation, and I was watching her ... boy, she was going fast! This was a message of a strong climb upwards, being daring and bold to do so. We are moving up on the ladder of Spirit, increasing our Divine potential into a new octave of Being! Don't be afraid to turn it up a notch!

As I was returning home from my walk, I also began to feel very tired all of a sudden, which was in alignment with feeling empty (spaced out) all day. I can best describe this sensation by not feeling anything at all, just emptiness ... like You are on hold and waiting for a new influx of inspiration and flow. So as I was returning, I was told by Spirit that there are Solar flares that contributed to that, and it all made perfect sense, as I always feel this way if there is flaring present, as well as a bit "full" in my belly. I was not surprised when I saw a video of a Twin Solar Flare this morning, and I just silently smiled to myself, always trusting my inner Spirit guidance. Even if there was no external confirmation, the body already shows us everything through how we feel, and by that I mean all of our lower bodies.

All of this brings intensity, but we can do it. When the body is so highly activated, it's been literally bombarded with Light, but not in a violent sense. It feels more like a shower of energy, and although it can bring certain reactions that are not always pleasant, they are always necessary, just as the caterpillar will climb to a perfect new spot and get ready to become a beautiful butterfly. A new stage of metamorphosis is definitely here, and we have yet to find the perfect spot for ourselves to be the most comfortable and give that new birth. Trust your Self at all times and nurture the physical body during such intense times! Know that each wave of intensity only means the culmination of a certain experience, just before it moves onto something New. This is what intensity teaches us and how we are to co-create with it in perfect flow and Divine synergy!

During this integration I AM not feeling my "usual" hyper self. Today I went hiking, but I was so tired and exhausted, for my body just felt so heavy. This very unusual for me, and it only happens at very pivotal energy shifts. I was guided to stop at certain points to rest and just enjoy mother Nature. Since yesterday I AM having moments when I just fly off and I AM not even there. I get dizzy, I doze off and off I go. I was being shown how we are existing on different levels and dimensions, so at these intense energy shift times, we go to where we are needed the most, and we are assisting, having short "energy update meetings" with our High councils, etc. When I got home, my body became so heavy all of a sudden, and all I can do is stay in bed and rest. This is when the level of New needs yet to be integrated in the physical body. I know it sounds surreal and intense, but it's nothing random in a life of a Pillar. I AM still in between worlds at the time being, not yet fully grounded in the New ... so I rest and I patiently await what the New Moon in Aries will bring in awareness and Divine potential.

I AM also receiving repetitive messages about passion, Divine sexuality, pleasure and the sacredness of physicality again. Yesterday I stumbled upon this flower, and it called me to it. Look at how the flowers are expressing the Divine Truth. The 6-pointed Star represents the merging of two triangles, the Divine masculine and feminine in form, and this flower has her 6 petals opened in exactly such a position. Just before leaving for my Nature walk, I opened a page with a flower oracle, and I got a Cardinal flower, which was again of deep Red color. I love the way the Divine weaves its messages through symbols, color and Divine Truth of Creation! Know that sacred sexuality flows from within ... in a perfectly balanced inner Wholeness of the Divine feminine and masculine.

It's time to focus on our personal desires during this New Moon in Aries!

Lately flowers really speak to me. They always have, but I AM connecting to them more consciously, touching them and taking energetic pictures of their Divine messages. These yellow ones were just before blooming, and this is in perfect alignment with the current wave of body integration taking place. This wave is exactly what we need to push through the comfort zone and embody something new and innovative. Here is the thing! We are now opening up to higher dimensional forms of expression through Soul Art and Light language. We are shifting in the way that we are expressing ourselves and walking our Divine service. We are moving from linear forms of expression such as speech and written word and entering the realms of Art, dancing, music and light language. These are all higher dimensional forms of expression, and when our inner reality shifts, so does our living physical reality. We are just about to bloom into something New, and as we prepare to birth the potential of those new seeds, the Whole is birthing something new as well.

This is what I was drinking during my body integration. As I was waking up, my Soul showed me a bottle full of liquid green and some additional helpers that assist the body as it's shifting into a lighter form. I got up and the first thing I did was make this drink as guided, and then I drank it on an empty stomach, and the rest of it before each meal.

I put the following ingredients in it: some spinach, barley grass, a whole lemon, an orange, lemon (vitamin) water, cayenne pepper, ginger and some mineral (Himalayan) salt.

You can read my article about body integration here!

Spring is here ... and so is our personal metamorphosis. New waves of physical body integration await! We are climbing up!

If this caterpillar can do it ... we can do it!

I finally finished the creation of my magical Elven Tree of Life, which will bring in New Life!

Get ready for an exciting Spring ... starting with the New Moon in Aries! I AM wishing You a happy New Moon weekend! Take care of yourselves!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

 P.S. Here is my latest Ascension update about these higher forms of expression we are moving into: