Monday, December 15, 2014

The 12-12 portal & Soul integrity

Dear Beloveds!

We just celebrated the 12-12 portal of Light. We are in another important cycle of our Soul expansion and Divine receptivity. Such times are also meant to honor ourselves, our own spiritual evolution and the evolution of the collective. The entire month of December is actually meant for us to take some time to reflect on all that transpired and how that made us grow. The more Gratitude we feel for that, the more we live in deep Self alignment. The true meaning of celebration is to rejoice in One Spirit and Heart of our Soul and Humanity at large, as One Family of Light.

Celebration is also about honoring our Soul's path and taking some time in deep humility to congratulate ourselves for how far we have already come in our Divine Human embodiment. Spirit reminded me of that, and so I AM guided to ask You to ponder on what You are most proud of at this time, in your own personal embodiment. Take some time to truly reflect on that, and allow yourself to receive from your own Self, moving deeper into Self honor and respect. You deserve it! The more You are in tune with your inner awareness cycles, the more You allow yourself to receive even more, for the receiving always takes place from within. 

We are moving through the "last" direct Grand square alignment (the dance between Uranus and Pluto) of this year, before this Cosmic theme ends in March of 2015, and we begin a new Cosmic theme. We always dance as One with all the stars and planets, and they are not merely influencing us, for we are all dancing and co-creating together. During this time there might be strong outbursts of energy, sudden frustrations, built up tension in any way or form, etc. This is all coming up for us so that we can finally see if there might be an alternative way of dealing with things and flowing through our lives more effortlessly, with more Grace and Self empowerment. Resistance is of the old world, and we all know that resistance is futile. We simply need to embrace a new way ... and our lives in the New! With greater Love in Human form, there will be a lot less need for confrontational reactions, as more will be done through conscious unification and mutual understanding in compassionate Love.

This week's Spirit guidance speaks about a new level of our personal Ascension as well!

The message of this year's 12-12 passageway was mostly about becoming masters of polarity, the inner Magicians of our own realities, who are becoming aware of what an impact each of our choices has for the rest of the Humanity and Life in Creation in general. We are not here to be passive, as we came here to co-create with Divine Love as our first choice. Whenever we still use things as an excuse, we are shutting the doors to our aware Self, which exists beyond any pride and resistance to expansion in Divine Love. We are really being called to examine every single detail of our life, and see how we are either feeding the reality of Self empowerment and Ascension, or fear and stagnation. When we exist as a fully pure and open individual, we always invite more of Light to enter our Being and bring new clarity and awareness. When we exist as closed off and trapped in the egoic perceptions that we already have it all figured out, new knowledge cannot enter our body. Without new knowledge, there can be no new understanding.

Here is a message of moving into our own Source connection!

With each passing phase and cycle, we are opening more to the fact that Divine Love that exists through and beyond anything, has a greater ability to create than only one fragment of our limited self does. When we open up to Divine Love, we allow the natural forces and rhythms of Love to naturally get things done through us in Divine creativity, and there is greater flow and wholeness in our life. We simply need to know and intend this to be so. We have all developed a sense of mistrust on this planet in one way or another, and it's time to activate this again, so that we may rise up on the ladder of Spirit and begin to create a new Humanity from our own Humanness. If there is anything that acted a common denominator to all the Great Ones, it is surely Faith. They all had different Divine assignments and purpose, and yet Faith has been their common experience, which took them to the sacred space of above and beyond, through all the peril and hardship ... into the great Divine unknown.

It is Now time to become these same Great Ones ourselves. It starts when we stop feeding the internal excuses, which always act as inner saboteurs, and enter a new sacred space of renewed Faith in the New. So what if we forgot how it is to love fully, freely and unconditionally, due to some old stories and circumstances? We can remember again, because it is already written right in the Core of our Divine DNA. It is the Essential program of Love that is common to all Existence in Creation, which we are all an intrinsic part of. It is time to begin choosing new stories with different choices, which exist in Divine integrity, the honoring of all Life in Creation and the program of Ascension, which is beyond death and separation. Yes, it is the program of our infinite and eternal/immortal Self! Is our focused on Self righteousness or Self Mastery? Truth will tell.

Here is my video about moving into 2015 and beyond:

The planet of spiritual expansion and Truth, Jupiter, went retrograde at the beginning of this month (December 8th) and it will be traveling this way until April 8th. This will be a time of more inner expansion, as we are preparing to finish the "last" Grand square alignment in March-April timeline of 2015. Our Self mastery of this current cycle is starting to culminate, and we will be reaching a climax point of our current Ascension experience. Jupiter is the master teacher, and we will all be receiving new internal teachings during this time. We may be guided to spend more time within, meditate with the Self, ponder and reflect, read spiritually triggering materials, or turn to Nature for guidance through Spirit in Creation that always speaks to us. During this time we might also be guided to revisit the spiritual contents that we have started off with in our awakening journey.

For example, I AM being guided to tune into "Bringers of the Dawn" material again, just as I did many years ago, and I know that this time I AM receiving from it in a new way, moving deeper into Divine triggers that I need on this current phase of my journey. It is also good to see how much we have shifted since a few years back, and how much of our internal knowing we have already integrated and implemented in our lives. If You notice a more inwardly oriented approach to things in your reality, simply embrace it as it is and enjoy this current phase, because we will all need it in the years to come.

We are moving through a very pivotal timeline at this time, where many dimensions and realities are meeting, and a lot will be available and reachable to us, especially those who know how and when to tune in and listen. Spirit will speak to us in so many ways, but we will need to know how to unplug from all the surrounding chaos and apparent confusion. In these sacred internal spaces, we will rejuvenate and find a new Vortex of inner Divine strength, which we will then radiate outwards, showing others a New Way of Being. These times of inner integration are very relevant for our personal Ascension journey, and much might come up for us during this time. We simply need to be aware of one simple fact by which we learn to live our lives in modest and humble simplicity; whatever is in our lives, is there for a reason, as we brought it into our reality to serve a certain purpose. Our mission is to figure out the nature of this purpose and to raise our awareness.

During this time, we will also be learning how to work with energy, how to master our own bodies through Self authority and Self maintenance. When we know how to do that, we can do anything, because we see matter as only the extension of our true Divine Spirit nature. When we master the sacred laws of polarity, we know how to navigate through our reality as a Master of the Self, and when we know how to create anything that we need for the Divine purpose to flow through us, we can assist so many other Divine travelers, and this is what we are in for as Ascension Pioneers.

Not everyone will always mirror perfect purity to us in our relations, and sometimes it's even people that we love and hold dear, because they might still hold attachments and projections, which can often lead to codependent relationships. This is always our own lesson of mastery as well! If we are not in our full integrity, we will start to play along, and we may not even be aware how we can start to feed those unbalanced ways as well. Whatever is codependent is not healthy, because it is not pure. When we are ego and lower desire free, we associate with others through full Soul integrity, but when we still have fears and projections, even if it's just false hopes, it may not be so. Even if it's not actually us, but it comes in our reality through another, we still need to be very observant and see how we can still give our power away by not standing in our Soul's integrity.

What is integrity really, and how does it relate to our personal Ascension? Integrity is the main Essence of Self empowerment and therefore it's key in our Ascension. Integrity is not the same as being a good person, because it does not have any external value system. Integrity of Spirit comes through our internal Soul value system. As long as something serves as our internal values, it will be aligned with our inner integrity, which is directly linked with our inner source of Divine authority. When we know how to be in our own integrity, we therefore know how to live only by our internal Source authority. When we know how to live our integrity, we also know how to live authentically. We won't have a hard time by speaking our truth and expressing ourselves through our Soul, even if that means not fitting in or saying things that others may not want to hear. Integrity means staying true to ourselves.

Integrity is all about our inner sacred space of discernment and it comes through feeling. When we know what we know for ourselves, we then also have to learn how to walk it ... how to fully express ourselves with integrity. As we do so, we will never mislead or manipulate others, and we won't be able to keep up with appearance in order to hold things "safe" on the surface. That never works, and it will always backfire on us. When we can be fully honest and act with loving integrity, we will never hurt others, even if they will not always fully understand where we are coming from, because we won't go against ourselves. Honesty is the best policy, and honesty always includes transparency and clarity. When we are not clear with our Soul's integrity, then how can we live it? How can we fully express ourselves with Self Love?

So yes, integrity has everything to do with our personal Ascension, which means our coming into utter Purity of body, mind and Soul. When we fully align with our Soul's integrity, we will no longer have the desire to "protect" others out of a false sense of security and love, which isn't really true Love. The lesson of Soul integrity begins within!

And to wrap it up ... Are You feeling something inside of You that wants to break free? Are You moving beyond the old patterns and finding deep hidden ones beneath the more seeming patterns? Are You shedding away layers of self imposed limitation? Are people from your "past" combing back to You and making amends? Are You suddenly meeting new people who resonate with your Soul and your Divine path? These are all various signs that You are shifting, and that You are breaking free from the old as You transition into the New. Sometimes we can't see all the patterns that lay dormant, and so certain conditions and circumstances need to happen, and as they do, they are always purposeful and they serve us greatly.

Remember the law of the higher perspective and the law of compensation, which means that when You let go of something, something new and more suitable for where we are Now will come. The challenges we might experience this month are not just here because the Holiday season can be stressful, or other external reasons that we continue to find and use for self validation. These things are occurring because a Cosmic wave of Divine Love is coming in and sweeping off anything that is not resonating in pure Love. We are currently walking through another Grand square alignment, which is the last exact one of this year, and so everything will be amplified during this time, and at the same time, the level of personal freedom and abundance will multiply as well, if we only release and embrace more of true Love.

Here is my video on Soul integrity:

And to share some more Nature awesomeness ... We had an amazing Pink sky right before 12-12, which was absolutely impossible to capture in a photo! What a way to celebrate the 12-12 portal of Light! Remember that each portal energy is always experienced in the Now, because the infinite Divine potential of highest expression in Divine Love already Is and always exists, and as we move through it at a particular date, we can more strongly activate and integrate its frequency by truly tuning in and creating the right sacred space to receive. May You always receive the blessings from the infinite!

I was out all day during 12-12, climbing my Mountain cliffs and catching Sun rays on this wonderful portal day! I recorded this beautiful Rainbow Pillar of Light activation:

Spirit also gifted me with this magnificent golden-white pair of shells which I found one after another right away. Spiraling shells always speak to me about the Spiral of Spirit. The golden-white Light speaks of the masculine-feminine nature of Christ, through the Golden Ray of Father's Light, and the White Mother Flame ... a clear message about an integrated Divine Human Being living in the Essence of One.

What gifts and messages did You receive?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn